Beyonce - The Bzzzz Drumline (Interlude) (Homecoming Live) Lyrics

We got snares, cymbals, quads and bass
It's time for you to get a little taste
Of the only drum line certified by the Queen B
Guaranteed to show up and show out on yo ass
Any time, any place, anywhere
Introducing; The Bzzzz

(We ready, we ready, we ready, we ready)
(We ready, we ready, we ready)

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Beyonce The Bzzzz Drumline (Interlude) (Homecoming Live) Comments
  1. E Wood

    HBCU's are the best bands. Everyone can agree

  2. Jenny Oyster

    WE READYYYYYYY and hey, in the middle of the barn. My band plays both 😍😍😍😍😍😍!


    Boy is this her own personal band cuhh?? If so... Put me on yo dance line suhhh

  4. Mary Atkins

    Why don’t you love me ..tell me baby why don’t you love me , when I make me so damn easy to luv

  5. Akira

    Playback speed 2x

  6. Mary Atkins

    Beyoncé has never forgotten her roots !! I love you bey and black history STILL DOES MATTER

  7. KeeKee Flowe

    Smoking on Yaah momma‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  8. Mell Bee

    Yoooooo theyyy ateeee ❗️❗️❗️

  9. Akira

    Majorette dance bout to be amazing 👏🏽💖

  10. Phxiaa :•

    I got assigned to make a dance from 0:00 - 1:08 with my mom and we KILLED IT

  11. KrypticX

    Just played this at our football game snare gang 0:22 - 1:07

  12. Taylor Berry

    What song is at 2:56?

    Gissele Rivera

    Taylor Berry why don’t you love me

  13. Kendall Love

    2:56 OMG!!👍👍👏👏

  14. life with yana

    What is the real song ??😭

  15. Brylle Nall

    1:16 what this cadence?
    I heard this from drumline


    Not sure but my High School band says it

  16. Zay 2Zooted

    This the first time I seen her video get under million views

  17. Karri To Funny

    I wonder where can I get this music from

  18. Anthony Davis

    What were the titles of the songs?

    Jasmyn Holland

    Beyonce - Ego, Drums, Pastor Troy - We Ready, Crucial Conflict - Hay (in the middle of the Barn), then Beyonce - Why dont you love me.

  19. nigerian_ empress

    Makes me want to rewatch Drumline and Drumline 2: New Beat!!!

  20. Osoyoujay

    Inspired Queen 👑....

  21. She_at_it_again Oof

    They played the FUCK OUTTA EGO

  22. Rafael Silva

    Queen B 👏👏👏👏👏👏



  24. Dana Berry

    This drumline cadence is from the Drumline movie, right? It sounds so familiar! It goes so HARD!!!!!!


    My dance company is dancing to this and some other songs

  26. Lauren

    Holy crap YES

  27. frozen raven

    This shit 🔥

  28. NoraCarmen

    obsessed literally obsessed i get so hyped listening to this UGH

  29. Davon Anderson Empire

    she do that yall go subscribed to my youtube I'm gow to make a dance of it

  30. Topaz Rose

    So we are just going to ignore 1:56 ?

    Tottie Vision

    Not ignored 😝

    Shiloh Quebedeux

    what song is that

    Tottie Vision

    @Shiloh Quebedeux we ready !!

    Ratasha Williams

    My favorite part out the song gave me chills❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Shiloh Quebedeux

    found song: Pastor Troy- No Mo Play In G.A.

  31. Audrey Love

    Y'all see how she payed homage to Crucial Conflict 😁 gooooooooo on with ya bad self Bey 😍

  32. Yashar'els Crown


  33. Kirsten Breaux

    I’m laying down and I’m moving that’s how awesome this is and you can here our people being happy and that’s just amazing

    Tea Infinity

    Lol doing the same thing

  34. langGang

    The band made this whole show 💯

    Decebian Hunter

    Jasmyn Holland Exactly, this is what she wanted

    Ofentse Fefe

    Jasmyn Holland But we have to also give credit to the band. I know one thing for sure that they might have added some ideas to make her version better.

    Slim Gem

    @Jasmyn Holland chill out, I'm a musician so that's why I gave the musicians credit 👍🏽 Beyonce ain't come up with this show by herself.

    Jasmyn Holland

    @Slim Gem girls Beyonce come up with it! It was her idea to do and she also directed the show to her vision. Stop trying to take someone credits away from them. You sounding like a hater. Poof, be gone.

  35. Maddygurl12304996

    What’s the name of the song that they play after the guy introduces them?

    Queen Denay

    Maddygurl12304996 ego

  36. KayyDUBB

    This my shit!!!!

  37. Bruno Lourenze


  38. Lakita Richardson

    Awesome.. Amazing.. Flawless

  39. Dez Hester

    I don’t know how you can listen to this and not get the chills. Such a celebration of black culture on the country’s biggest stage. I can’t imagine how electric and out of body it must have felt for them to perform this

    Trevyy Nicole

    Xavier Odom what?🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    Dez Hester

    Xavier Odom how am I hating on black culture? Please explain?


    Dez Hester they didn't say you were. The only time I got chills was during the black anthem I was fucking living but everything else maaaan my ass off my couch rockin with it

    Jon Oslo

    I am mexican 💁lol... I love beyonce music she is my god

    ya mama

    @Xavier Odom it took me six months to try and figure out how he sounded dumb and I'm still lost

  40. Jordan Morton

    #GramFam #WorldFamed #GSU #TigerMarchingBand so proud of Grambling State Marching Band. Honored to have marched for such a great band!!!

  41. Brian Lyles

    As a Band Director, I am definitely vibing to this with a much bigger admiration and appreciation for Beyonce. Nice work!! Thanks for shining the light on HBCU bands. I actually know a couple of people that played in the band on this recording.

  42. Rotterdam

    Whats the name of the original song? 0:41

  43. Tee Mitchell

    I fucking love you Beyoncé I watched homecoming and it truly was amazing and what you went through was amazing I wasn’t at Coachella but it sho felt like I was

  44. Tiffani Monroe

    In love

    Tee Mitchell

    Tiffani Monroe right

  45. Caroline Vivona

    we are not ready for this!!!! #iconic

  46. Larry The Photog

    Make me wanna get my 90s high and mug......and I wasn't even in the band......Behold....The Green and The Gold!!!


    Red and white lol😁✊

    Willie Warner

    Green and gold 🔰

  47. Madeline Wilson

    What song starts at 0:22?????

    Thiago Stehling

    Ego - Beyoncé.

  48. Johnny Smokes

    Bad bitch Beyoncé 🐝🐝❤️❤️💯💯

  49. Georgina Sapphire

    Slay bitch

  50. Kay

    What song is that starting at 2:18? I cant think of it lol

    Chance Ussery

    Crucial Conflict - Hay.

    It's Kez !

    We ready by pastor troy

    ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ

    Rara B its not ego the song before it was

  51. porsche darville


    Alyssa Simms