Beyonce - Soldier (Homecoming Live) Lyrics

(With 'Chelle and kick it with Kelly, or holla at B)
(Ya gotta be G's, you way outta your league)

We like them boys up top from the B.K. (B.K.)
I like them boys over there, they lookin' strong tonight (Strong tonight)
(California Love)
We like them boys that be in them 'Lac's leanin' (Leanin')
Open their mouth, they grill gleamin' (Gleamin')
Candy paint, keep that whip clean and, sing it y'all (Clean and)
(They always be talking that country slang we like)

We keep the beat that be in the back beatin' (Beatin')
His eyes be so low from their chiefin' (Chiefin')
I love how he keep my body screaming (Screaming)
A rude boy that's good to me with street credibility

If his status ain't hood
I ain't checking for him
Better be street if he looking at me
I need a soldier
That ain't scared to stand up for me
Known to carry big things
If you know what I mean

Need some soldiers in here (Where they at, where they at?)
They wanna take care of me (Where they at?)
I know some soldiers in here (Where they at, where they at?)
Wouldn't mind taking one for me (Where they at?)
I know some soldiers in here (Where they at, where they at?)
They wanna spend that on me, haha (Where they at?)
I know some soldiers in here (Where they at, where they at?)
Wouldn't mind puttin' that on me (Where they at?)
Let's go!

I need a soldier

Please give it up for Destiny's Child
Give it up one more time for my best friends
That's my best friend

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Beyonce Soldier (Homecoming Live) Comments
  1. Dead Lykan

    Name of the song at 0:16?

    Vasiliki Spyropoulou

    Dead Lykan california love

  2. Héctor Beteta

    Kelly and Michelle killed it!

  3. Jada Jones

    Anybody know the song that start at 0:06 ?

    Juan Angel

    The beat? I’m pretty sure that’s Jay Z - U Don’t Know

    Gabrielle Buetusukina

    yessss someone ???

  4. Empyrean Tendencies

    So we’re really going to ignore Michelle saying “My knees hurt” at 2:09? 😂

    Ana Pricope

    Empyrean Tendencies she didn’t, it’s a symbolic reference to the game the two sisters from The Color Purple movie played

  5. Perris K. Fortson

    Yo Beys voice got deeper and I'm here for it

  6. Rita Varli


  7. Anonymous Lover 6215

    1:40 doesn’t that kinda sound like dancing machine by the jacksons or is it just me


    Anonymous Lover 6215 it is lol😂

    Kennedy S.

    I think that’s from the movie Drumline

    Anonymous Lover 6215

    Kennedy N I dunno skip to 1:03

    Adrienne Allen

    Good ear lol

  8. Lady Pearl

    My girls DC3 forever!!!!

  9. China Johnson

    Was she talking about kelly when she said her Bestfriend or both

    Dark N’ Lovely

    She was talking about kelly they like sisters

    KNG N

    China Johnson Of course she was talking about both of them and even if she is more close to Kelly she will talk about both to be polite.

    Perris K. Fortson

    Both. She sees Kelly AND Michelle as her sisters


    I didn't hear the s at the end so...

    A'mari Nicole

    She talking about both but she's closer to Kelly because they are cousins

  10. Bianca_Janell

    If you diss Michelle you not a true destinys child fan

    Annie Maye


    DeAngelo Webster

    Agreed asf

  11. Dark N’ Lovely


  12. Elvis


    The Legendary Muva

    That growl had me SHOOOOKKKKK

  13. peace Harmony

    Beautiful voice

  14. Johnny Smokes

    Queen 😍💖💖❤️💯👑👑

    Mckaela Jones

    JOHNNY SMOKES yaaass

  15. Signal

    I like this