Beyonce - Otherside Lyrics

If the storm comes, if we burn up
If the wells run dry
You're my reason to believe in
Another life

If it all ends and it's over
If the sky falls fire
Best believe me, you will see me
On the other side

If we wake up, lose our patience
Or even lose our lives, oh
I feel lucky to say that you've been
A friend of mine

Best believe me, you will see me
On the other side

Sokale sokale
Solake wa
Wa o wa o
Wa wonu okan mi lo Oluwa
Mabavu katika mawingu,
(sokale oluwa)Mabavu katika mawingu,
(sokale Oluwa) Mabavu katika mawingu
(sokale Oluwa) Mabavu katika mawingu
(sokale Oluwa) Mabavu katika mawingu
(sokale Oluwa) Mabavu katika mawingu
(sokale Oluwa) Mabavu katika mawingu
(sokale oluwa) Mabavu katika mawingu
(sokale oluwa) Mabavu katika mawingu

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Beyonce Otherside Comments
  1. Last King vevo

    Billions in the makeing..

  2. Phil P

    See you there.. I miss you 💙

  3. Sarah Stanford

    This could be a really nice gospel .wow

  4. Chi Non

    Rip Kobe and Gigi

  5. Kennard Jackson


  6. Armoni Evans

    rest in heaven Kobe and Gigi Bryant. ❤️

  7. Gael Luta

    I’m here for Kobe 😢🙏🏾 this hurt deeply

  8. Jeremiah Sangs

    Alrighty Basses,Baritones, and Contraltos this is your MOMENT

  9. Ivory Williams

    1:39 - 2:06 ANGELIC

  10. Mary Elizabeth Price

    Thinking about Kobe and Gianna while listening right now.... R.I.P.

    Julie Johnson

    Mary Elizabeth Price me too and started crying

  11. Jen the Galaxy

    RIP MAMBA 🕊🥺

  12. Zoë Ruiz

    RIP Kobe Bryant

  13. TG RED

    Please release as a single and dedicate it to Kobe Bryant!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @beyonce

  14. Llanera Stringer

    Wow just wow.

  15. Kahlaya Dawson

    Rip Kobe

  16. loskitos _

    RIP Kobe RIP Gianna.

  17. Jojo Alsinashe

    R. I. P KOBE BRYANT😪😭❤️

  18. Jess SAY

    This song 💥

  19. Sweet Riame

    Could someone tell me the name of the singer of" Sakalè sakalewa. Thank

  20. Everything Is Love

    This better be me funeral song or everyone is uninvited.

  21. Loli.

    The way the bass of her lower register just filled my soul. Chills right now.

  22. Vincent Mabate

    3:23 I can't breathe

  23. Gilceia de Freitas


  24. Junior Santos

    Essa música deveria ser tema de Lion King ao invés de Spirit. Ela é deliciosa demais cara. A recepção do público seria melhor, eu acho!!!

  25. Arthur Aaron


  26. girlgreenivy

    my favourite part is from 2:50 on. That's so beautiful

  27. Akeyla

    The lower register is so RICH!

  28. James Blonde

    Yoruba language
    Só kalé só kalé só kalé wa
    Wa oh wa oh...
    wa wó inu ókán mi ló...oluwa

    Kiswahili Language:
    Mababu katika Mawingu

    Sókale: COME DOWN

    The combination of the yoruba and kiswahili at the end is basically CALLING ON THE SPIRITS OF THE FOREFATHERS TO COME DOWN INTO OUR HEARTS. Powerful suff!

  29. Cely Forny

    So deep

  30. Kev E on

    Full Bodied Music taste amazing

  31. Jordan Brown

    This is easily my favorite song on the album. It is so emotionally moving and symbolic. The range is BEYOND me and it makes me cry.

  32. Gabriel Talavera

    This is sublime tender and beautiful.

  33. Arthur Aaron


  34. Elena

    Her voice is so deep and I live for that

  35. Joy Mechell

    Her low register can bring the dead back to life 😩 it caught me off guard when I first heard it
    Does anyone know the notes ?

  36. Nthabi Moqethe

    Rest in peace uyinene

  37. Melissa Griffin

    This is my first time actually sitting down listening to this CD and I over it! Go to counseling girl!!! Don't nobody here and listen to this therapy session. NEXT!!!

  38. Suten Couture

    nigeria to the world africa to the universe 💪

  39. Latoya Small

    I love this song

  40. Theo Rich o

    She kisd mi

  41. Theo Rich o

    Yonce a div

  42. VVJJ Nn

    Can you stop making me cry while listening to your music? Thank you

  43. Rashonna Hall

    When a songwriter writes a good song that makes you cry and then they sing it beautiful,that's when you know they're awesome.Beyonce this is just teardropping beautiful.👑💛😢🐝

  44. Jesus Alejandro Garrido Cordero

    le encanta a mi novia jeje

  45. Natalie Ava

    How beautiful is her voice? Especially at the end. ❤️

    Nomonde Momo Dyamara

    What language is it at the end?

    Matinara Rabelais

    @Nomonde Momo Dyamara Kiswahili

  46. Jazmine Gaines

    So NO ONE gonna give SYD from the group internet credit for writing this for Beyoncé ?

    Denise Williams

    Jazmine Gaines why?

    Jazmine Gaines

    Denise Williams because she WROTE THE SONG !

  47. Neve Burness

    Remembering Uyinene 🕊️💔

  48. Michael Galbreath

    Everything about this song is BEAUTIFUL. ❤️

  49. Phillipah Santei

    Did she just say "katika mawingu" ...oohhhh Bey speaking Swahili...I love youuuuu

  50. Lauren Cooks

    Am I the only one that hears Eric Clapton's Tears In Heaven on this track???

  51. samuel peter

    Kiswahili ni fire from Tanzania

  52. Theo Rich o

    My sister vanessa met Kelly Michelle and Beyoncé before

  53. 7th Orisha

    Oluwa s'okale!!🙌🏿 Almighty come down! - Yoruba at its finest

  54. kayla ramirez

    Lolololol Lolololol

  55. Anitrice Downing

    Someone on Twitter said Beyonce been giving us funeral bops and I been weak ever since 😂

    Ephraim Beleke

    Anitrice Downing 💀💀🤣🤣

  56. Maliviwe Ndikinda

    This song will forever remind me of that tribute video that was made by Sino Norman for her late friend, a 19 year old the first year UCT student, Uyinene Mrwetyana, who was raped and bludgeoned to death at a local post office. Continue to rest in peace, Nene!

  57. Brenda Nyawara

    The Queen spoke Kiswahili. Bye earth!!!!!!

  58. AGloverr fan

    I see a lot of people saying that yourba is being sung at the end only. For anyone confused about the end of the song: There are 2 languages being sung here. The men are singing in youruba, and at the very end Beyonce is singing in Swahili.

  59. Dominique McQueen

    Finally she sang a song without belting in my ear. I've always wanted I Beyonce song I could go to sleep to!

  60. Karrina Brown

    This will be playing while I give birth to my first born son. In memory of my daddy and grandparents. REST IN PEACE till we meet again

  61. L. Hill

    This song is gorgeous!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Sparkle Black

    You are forever my favorite ❤️❤️

  63. Bongaful Peeps

    One of my best songs yet

  64. Murillo Carter

    That give me goosebumps every time i hear.

  65. catrionaakacat

    Oh wow ...this reminds me of a Mariah Carey song... it's lovely

  66. Alayjia Stone

    I want this song to be played at my funeral💜

  67. Handsome Mahlambi

    I love the love on these comments❤️

  68. toni bee

    Who else are here after watching the TV special: The Gift✋👊

  69. Nondumiso Nxumalo

    And it IS because of Uyinene that I fell in love with this song. #ripuyinene.

  70. Teddy Bear

    the gift was masterpiece

  71. KUDZIE

    Wow 😫❤️❤️

  72. Milø

    Spitfire Labs

  73. Yves Yvie

    That part Bey sings in Swahili " Katika Mawingu Mababu" got me like, Holy Shit! She says it so well...

  74. Chris Lewis

    Singggggggg bihhhhhhh i liveeee and loveeee😍😍😍😍

  75. Usanda Mtwazi


  76. Aniyah L.

    the fact that this song doesn't have that many views bother me ... like okay this generation is spiritually amuck

  77. Zusakhe Khayise

    Uyinene Mrwetyana brought me here😓😢

    Rest in peace Uyi-Uyi 😭😭😭 your spirit is so strong has shaken our country 🇿🇦💔


    Mila Smith

    Brought me here, hope she rests in peace.

    Abisola Abiodun

    What happened to Uyi in South Africa? I pray she rests in peace...😢

    Mila Smith

    She was lured to a post office after hours by a staff member there claiming that she can collect her package at a specific time only to go to the post office to get r*ped and then killed by him. ❤️ #enoughisenough #justicefornene

    Abisola Abiodun

    @Mila Smith Wow, so sad. I never knew. So much evil everywhere. God have mercy on us all...I pray she keeps resting in peace, amen.

    Khazi Mapi

    For a while this song made me cry

  78. Arcanjo Miguel

    The song everybody will be playing when she passes away

  79. Mamvelase Ngozi

    Rest in Heaven, Uyinene Mrwetyana. 🕊️🙏

  80. Olive

    Sikhalel Uyinene. ❤️🌹

  81. OmegaTheWarrior

    I dedicate this to #whitney Houston
    And my mother RIP

  82. Tumi Mosane


  83. Bright

    rip uyinene

  84. dineo

    rip uyinene❤️💐

  85. Candice Moore

    Sheesh....I can’t get over how wonderful this is😪

  86. Ashley Wildeman

    rip nene💔❤south africa will forever remeber you

    Ashley Wildeman

    for those who dont know nene was a university student who went to the post office in the middle of the day fully clothed but got raped and killed by a man💔

    jolene adams

    Honestly heartbreaking💔

    Xiletelo Mabasa

    tiffany babes Wouldn't have been her fault even if she was not "fully clothed". There was no reason to add that.

    Ashley Wildeman

    Xiletelo Mabasa i know but sadly there are some people who think if you wear flashy cloths you are asking to get it so i had to put there fully clothed.

    Lama Dagada

    Xiletelo Mabasa so True

  87. Anouhk Tauhirah

    RIP Uyinene Mrwetyana 💛✨

  88. Cecil Siyabonga Lali

    Uyinene 💔😭 RIP baby girl

  89. ighall19


  90. Joy Mechell

    Rest easy Big Shiz who passed away today on Bey’s bday 🙏🏽 “I feel lucky to say you’ve been a friend of mine , you’ll see me on the other side “ - Beyoncé

  91. Scholastica Syombua

    People come and witness this: Beyonce sang Swahili, anaimba na kiswahili💥💕

  92. Jadajha Greenwood

    Omg love this

  93. Jeanne Stringham

    Happy Birthday QB XD

  94. Daniel Tilda Moro

    This is probably one of the most underrated Beyoncé songs of all time. It flopped. People are not even aware of this song and hasn't been played enough. And it breaks me bcoz this is one of her most beautiful songs and videos of all time. The feeling, the heart, the representation, the power, the soul and the spirit. It's just breathtaking. It probably won't get any awards or recognition which is just criminal. But I sure hope they give this song its dues

    king popmj

    She doesn't care about radio hits anymore she just wants to make music that makes her happy .

  95. Ian Mwangi


  96. Karrina Brown

    I'll see you on the Otherside daddy. R.I.P 😪

  97. s morales

    So dreamy and emotional, this song is amazing to listen to with your earbuds on full blast. Found my new favorite song. The way the Swahili and yaruba flow into my ears is gorgeous. 🤩🤩🤩

  98. Emmraze Genre

    I just released my own cover of this song so guys go check mine out

  99. Kianna’s Time

    Sooo smooth ❤️❤️❤️