Beyonce - In This World Lyrics

In this world
Of ordinary people
Extraordinary people
I'm so glad there is you

In this world
Of all the rated pleasures
Of underrated treasures
I'm so glad there is you

I live to love
I love to live with you beside me
This world so new
I'll walk you through with you to guide me

In this world
Where many people play at love
But hardly ever stay in
I'm so glad there is you
More than ever I'm glad there is you
More than ever I'm glad there is you

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Beyonce In This World Comments
  1. Teddy Bear

    i love this song

  2. Teddy Bear

    beyonce i love you baby #1 beyhive

  3. kiara brinkley


  4. loko Moko

    This sounds like it was recorded for B'Day by her voice and I could see why it didn't make the final cut because it just didn't fit in with the other tracks but I feel she could have used it for a Disney soundtrack which would make a hit.

  5. liuxgirl

    her voice is so beautiful<333

  6. Corey Siebert

    This is a cover from lena horne

  7. Rafael Rodriguez

    Beyonce deberia cantar la proxima cancion de la nueva pelicula de James Bond,estga cancion me recuerda a la gran Shirley Basey

  8. Sasha Yee

    love it

  9. coortje45

    yeah all her songs, those who are released or unreleasd are to beautiful. :)

  10. Rj Ducksworth

    @PackerPride121 What the fuck are you talking about I never said she wasn't read the damn comment and see who the fuck it was directed to dumb ignorant bitch!

  11. Mo Chambers

    beautiful melody :))) warms ma heart

  12. xemx22

    :D woww.....glad that I've heard thiss now! ;)

  13. Rj Ducksworth

    @Fifichanchil you so stupid you races bitch

  14. Island Girl

    @Fifichanchil ummm why?

  15. kagomedessy

    @Fifichanchil why would you want to be something you're not?

  16. Darain Ginyard

    The clarity of her voice is really good!

  17. Fifi Chanchil

    I wanne be white! I wanne be white! I wanne be white! PLEASEEE!

  18. jaila brewer

    i loooveeee beyonce...!!!!......shes the best person ever! peacefulll and sweeet

  19. iLEEKY

    I love Beyonce with ALL my heart!

  20. wuya56789

    @dxgirlmaster she always looks hot

  21. 1234kwami1234

    i like b but dyme she can be really boring sometimes

  22. dxgirlmaster

    she looks hot in that pic

  23. -lion91leo

    people do know that a lot of artist cover people's songs right? boyz II men have done two cd's doing other people's songs. its funny that people go after one person, but love other people who do the same thing. I believe she has more original songs than covers for the record.

  24. RendezvousTrek

    a girl and her family went to a movie. when they reached home the girl saw the guy and the murderer. when she was sleeping, the murderer came and cut off her legs. then she was thrown off a cliff.if you dont commen this to another 15 videos you will become just like her.

  25. kagomedessy

    Agreed! :)

  26. Maiko Martin

    love tthis song, so soothing.

  27. Julia Johnson

    This is not her song...It's a remake of a Frank Sinatra song called "I'm glad there is you".

  28. Wally Sims

    thought i heard all of her songs until today

  29. MrsBoo Mack

    thanks for posting this song

  30. Hasan Badr

    its disgusting

  31. xxmuzicchickxx

    wtf?!?!?!?!? how did i miss a beyonce song? i thought i had heard it all. thanks so much for posting this. its so beautiful.

  32. Jadah Henry

    Where did you find this song? I love it.

  33. Reggie Hampton


  34. Nacherylyn Crown

    Sounds good Bee!!

  35. Sara Bee

    does anyone know where i can get this song?

  36. Leon Calliste

    It's a Beautiful Song and Lovely Singing!x Leon

  37. tshiama

    luv the pink bathing suit she wearing when she layin down!!so cute nd sexiiiii!I want d same!!!!!!

  38. shadowblackajey

    Sweet song!! <33

  39. lenucha

    omg it makes me cryy, beautiful!!!!! B' love you

  40. BriceY BrycE


  41. beyonose

    DID LIKE IT !!!


    love it as usual..sounds like a good interlude

  43. Lakiro Paragon

    this song is alittle everywhere it kinda sounds more like a freestyle than a song but it does still prove she can sing

  44. hannabeyonce

    so beautiful

  45. memematthew

    dont really like it... there isn't really a tune, i guess its just about the words... but love ya bee!!!! i love that she makes so many songs. just wish they were easier to find!! haha.