Beyonce - If Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
He's always laughing
And flirting with me
And you act like you don't even care
As a matter of fact
You've been real distant lately
Acting like i'm not even there
He says that you
Don't deserve a girl like me
I'm starting to think that he's right

If you let him take me from you
I guess i finally see
If you let him take me from you
You never wanted me
Let this happen and it proves
That your love was never true
If you let him take me from you
If you let him take me from you

[Verse 2:]
Why is that when we go out
Out together as one big crew
I try to chill with you
Dance or whatever
And your homeboy's more interested than you
He pays more attention to me lately
I'm tempted to pay attention too

If you let him take me from you
I guess i finally see
If you let him take me from you
You never wanted me
Let this happen and it proves
That your love was never true
If you let him take me from you
If you let him take me from you

Boy when i try to show some affection to you
You act like you got better things to do
When you want some loving
Thats when its cool
But baby boy i'm not a fool

If you let him take me from you
I guess i finally see
If you let him take me from you
You never wanted me (wanted me)
Let this happen and it proves (no no)
That your love was never true (no no)
If you let him take me from you
(how could you let him take your woman)
If you let him take me from you

If you let him take me from you
I guess i finally see
If you let him take me from you
You never wanted me
Let this happen and it proves (just let me go)
That your love was never true (let me go)
If you let him take me from you (just let me kno)
If you let him take me from you
If you let him take me from you

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Beyonce If Comments
  1. hari poejakesuma

    i still can see the "pain" in my mom eye's when my dad was cheated on her and on us.

    this is a reminder song for me to be a gentlemen for my wife.

  2. Emilia Bila

    U are just a boy ..u don't understand

  3. Susann Emvula

    listening to it in 2020!!!!

  4. Ida Lau


  5. Excellent Blog

    2020 anybody?

  6. IEA10

    Everyone needs to go hear the original from bc jean. Imo better than beyonces cover

  7. Landen Crawford

    2020... new years day still listening to this song

  8. John Thang

    That twist thought
    That twist makes the song more meaningful. ❤️
    Beautifully directed.

  9. Itamar Brooks

    Anybody listening this song in 2020 its new years tdy🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


    Me a male: *blasting this song* "if I were a boy"

  11. Shalom Mutendera

    Anybody 2020?

  12. Gabby Manley


  13. Weststiger123

    Still relevant in 2020

  14. AFTER 100 000 SUBS GlVlNGAWAY THREE Mystery Boxess

    im gonna tell u a secret

    no one cares which year u r listening

  15. daniel nunes

    essa musica me encanta

  16. Wesley Verch

    I am from Brazil, despite being from here, this song is a wonderful thing for our ears, I love the United States, beautiful country♥️🥰😍

  17. MNRP

    I wish I was a boy lol

  18. Truth Eternal

    Not feelin' the "Imagery."

  19. Karrie-ann Lee

    Such a powerful video

  20. carita ng

    When you grow up and now relate to this song 💔

  21. Somali artists

    Very beautiful woman and her voice is so beautiful

  22. Nia Janell

    Dam this song hits different now!

  23. Bruce Wayne

    Penis envy

  24. Bennett Solay

    Come on, *Jay Z.*

  25. Brid Murphy

    I don't see why people hate on lesbians like how smart are they really think about it



  27. Daysha McCaffrey

    I would let her run me over

  28. Daysha McCaffrey

    I would let her arrest me

  29. Daysha McCaffrey

    When mom shuts the wifi off:

  30. Lala Plascencia

    One of my all time favorite songs! ❤️

  31. MHA

    I remember listen to this song as a kid and thinking how nice it would be if I were a boy so I could have a girlfriend who I could give the world to and I would always be upset because I wasn't and so of course that ment I couldn't have a girlfriend god I hate kid me I really wish I could knock some sense into her

  32. Rose Fries

    DEC 30, 2019💓

  33. anderson dos santos

    Vendo esse clipr pos sexo... se arrependimento matasse

  34. 1MRN

    Nenhum Br no vídeo??

  35. Patrick Clayton

    7 years ago you could not get the ancients on the net now u can Beatles,Stones ,Temptasions , Stevie W,onder, This 41 million , Heard it through the graevine 3 million. In 10 years time music will be great cause the classics are now on you tube. Drink deep and reinterpret. Graeat song .Great artist. Great video . Great singer,Oswadldtwistle anyone?

  36. Jajaa07

    Dec 30, 2019! ❤

  37. Josemar Dantas

    Beatiful 2019 Brazil

  38. Festin Eric

    Beyoncé hahahahah idol

  39. J Whien

    The twist goooosh <3

  40. benno indra

    10 years and still jamming to this song

  41. M Bilal Butt

    She sang that song from her Heart♥️♥️♥️

  42. DeadInside / AliveOutside

    Bretman Rock brought me here

  43. ᴀɴᴛᴏɴɪᴇʟ ᴀʟᴇxᴀɴᴅʀᴇ

    E a minha preferida da Beyoncé 😎

  44. Alexia Marie

    this song hits different in the shower no cap

  45. Revdrian Invian

    Beyoncé ain't nothing but a Taylor Swift rip-off.

    Tropical Jewel

    Dang lol


    So Mia leon? Duh I can play mobas vs well I knew a female she love to ride horses gg meows hey its mommorpher that's life

  47. Pinky Johns

    One of her best songs ever!

  48. Kereykhan Ismagulov

    30 December 2019
    10 years have passed😫
    Happy new 2020 year
    Ааааааа 10 лет прошло🤦🏻‍♂️ время куда ты так.
    Песня супер 28 декабря 2019

  49. Zeinab Ahmed

    If you allow me to enter my simple channel to see my art, thank you

  50. Erin McDonald

    She work in that uniform lol

  51. Alex Pochesyuk

    I had always thought that only a chorus can be the best part of the song. But now I'm sure I'd been wrong. I even don't know how to describe this bridge 3:12. When I listen to this little piece I feel hopelessness and despair though I've never been in a relationship. I just want everyone to find him soulmate and be happy.


    Bridges are the best part of most songs

  52. Joanna Rzepka

    kobieta pozwala sobie na zbyt eksternistyczne teledyski....niepotrzebnie......................najlepiej niech śpiewa mądre tekstowo, , subtelne teledyski. To wystarczy przy tak pięknym i czułym głosie... NAPRAWDĘ

  53. Nishimiya

    *December 27, 2019?*

  54. TAEtops KOOK

    The 70k dislikes are from boys cuz the song reminds them of who they are

  55. jones alps

    December 2019? Anyoneee❤


    I wish I was a boy because then I may parents would listen to what I had to say. I’m a girl and my parents don’t listen to me or think about how I feel when they keep inside all of the time on the weekends. All I do is go to school then home and that’s my life every day. I wish it would change but because of this song it shows me that boys can feel the same way girls do.

  57. Russell Miller

    I love this song

  58. Spoof yt Official

    I'm a boy but when I listen this song tear drops on my heart.
    How many times I hurt you baby sorry 😭😭😭😭 but I love you so much.

    Erga ditano

    Then you are a child

  59. Sue-anne Christopher

    If I were a boy I would have done that same thing

  60. moses xxx

    This guy hot 🥵

  61. Halima Ahmad

    If i were a boy I would be glad that i dont have a period or get pregnant btw both are very painful 😣

  62. Remy Kush


  63. Reaobaka Monchwe

    I hate y'all who disliked.

  64. Eric Picord

    Cette chanson elle est trop belle

  65. Monique oliveira

    Viajo nessa música muitas lembranças crlho😐

  66. Mwamba Banda

    Who's still watching this in 2020

  67. paulo emilio Emilio

    2020 like!

  68. yamil jose collazos lozada

    First time I watched this videos I didn't undertand English too much. I just translated some words and the whole video made the works to make me get it. At the end of the video cried out. I want to be a better man that's why I don't want to envolve in whatever relationship that I will be regreating. For not getting women hurts.

  69. xnixrixx

    A man understands a boy doesn't because he only cares about himself.

  70. Lenti imsong

    I swear I’d be a better man if I’m LUCKY enough to get a girl cuz now I know how it feels to lose someone w
    We wanted

  71. skbfilm

    her best song, in my humble opinion.

  72. Rodrigues Silva

    Cadê os brs com a tradução?

  73. Jean Domingues

    Sua linda

  74. Brookyln Cook

    anyone still listening to this in 2019-2020

  75. The Gamer Cat

    i dont understand the music video can someone explain to me? sorry for being dumb

    Namronnomolos Ubiquitious

    Shes Putting Him In Her Place.

  76. Lisa Martinez

    What's the name of this again👂👂👂👂👛👜🗯👕👚🧤🧤🧤🧤

  77. muneera khalil

    if I were a boy, this mean a lot to me

  78. Aiden Scobie

    Beyoncé: spend millions of dollars on a music video

    Also Beyoncé: wears captain collar pins with normal uniform

  79. Amanda de Santos

    Brazil Alguém ?

  80. Gisele Leal

    Amei essa música!

  81. 1,500 Subscribers With 0 Videos

    Who is better?

    Like: *Beyoncé*

    Comment: *Ariana Grande*

  82. Khadija Kebe

    My fav 😍❤️😭

  83. Jasmine Brown

    WHY AM I EMOTIONAL?! the nostalgia is real tonight.

  84. Bunny uwu

    this video hits different-

  85. Lena H.

    This song was in my head all day...I had to come back to see this icon

  86. Music M

    Que exelente tema!! Me fascina la temática del vídeo

  87. *{Pästeł Hïgh*} Watermeloms

    This sounds like if I were a toy from smyths toys super store
    Like it’s so good like if u agree

  88. Sarah Botticello

    Beyonce look good in a police uniform

  89. Realmoney Quan317

    I love u

  90. BWEL Foundation

    The sad thing is that, Queen B is still with the wrong man, who cheated on her. Jay Z!!


    1:23 💙🧡

  92. Mara Gerrard

    I love it

  93. Sumayyah Hussain

    Beyonce was in 2019 in 2009

  94. Esmeral Bunn'

    This song be hitting different.