Beyonce - After All Is Said And Done Lyrics

Here I am
Looking in the mirror
An open face, the pain erased
Now the sky is clearer
I can see the sun
Now that all is, all is said and done, oh

There you are
Always strong when I need you
You let me give
And now I live, fearless and protected
With the one I will love
After all is, all is said and done

[Beyonce (Marc)]
I once believed that hearts were made to bleed
(Inside I once believed that hearts were made to bleed, oh baby)
But now I'm not afraid to say

[Beyonce & Marc]
I need you, I need you so stay with me

[Beyonce (Marc)]
These precious (precious) hours (yeah)
Greet each dawn in open arms
And dream, into tomorrow

[Beyonce & Marc]
Where there's only love
After all is, all is said and done

[Beyonce (Marc)]
(Yeah baby) Oh baby
(Inside I once believed, that hearts were meant to bleed)

[Beyonce & Marc (Marc)]
(I'll never)
I'll never be afraid to say
I need you, I need you, so here

So here we are in the still of this moment
Fear is gone, hope lives on

[Beyonce & Marc (Beyonce)]
We found our happy ending
For there's only love (only love)
And this sweet, sweet love
After all is, all is said and done

[Marc (Beyonce)]
Yeah baby after all is (all is)

[Marc & Beyonce]
All is said and done

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Beyonce After All Is Said And Done Comments
  1. Robin LeAnn

    My ❤️ and I are getting married in just a few days (Valentines Day 2/14/20)... walking to this song. I’m beyond excited 🥰🥰🥰

  2. Nicka Jones

    Still in love with this song.. And its 2020. 😭😌😄

  3. Mario Gordon

    I got married to this song 7/29/2017

  4. Lateshia Childs

    I absolutely love this SDTK beautiful duet. I love when Beyonce does duet I hope she go back to real r&b.

  5. Chantel Reid

    I’m so emotional listening to this song. I really want true love. I got my heart broken n it’s not a good feeling. All I want is to be truly loved n to to truly love someone with everything. Hopefully god hasn’t turn his back on me

    Son Goku

    No you'll find true love just believe

  6. Brianna McElroy

    I wanna get married to this song I love it .

  7. Phili Aaliyah

    I haven't seen my love for almost a year now and I miss him very badly. When the universe bless me with him in flesh, I will definitely play this song

  8. Ciara Simes

    Still my wedding song if I ever get married. It always makes me cry. Listening in 2019

    Son Goku

    It will happen

  9. Lashundra Johnson

    I caint wait until god clean up this wicked world full of evil and derespectful people who are controlled by satan the devil and his demons

  10. Kiera McQueen

    Wedding date April 5,2020...debating on this song

  11. Lateshia Childs

    This is a beautiful SDTK I'm so glad I brought it back in 1999.

  12. love rirst

    This was one my wedding song my bridal party walked down the aisle to ❣ jus reminiscing as we approaching our 3rd wedding anniversary on new years eve pls god❣❣

  13. Calvin Soafo

    thats my jam

  14. Lowkey Cutts

    The Best Man is my favorite movie of all time.

  15. Lorraine Johnson

    He who finds a good wife obtains favour from the lord

  16. Melvin Tejera

    Classic!!! Bey is the greatest

  17. Kapri Givens

    This the song i was gone walk out to, but my husband end up singing Jamie Foxx wedding song when i walked out total surprise 😍

  18. Tamara Williams

    June 6,2020 I'm marrying my Bestfriend, couldn't have chosen a better song to walkin ❤

    Shantel Dickenson

    Tamara Williams congrats to u n love of your life wish u the best

    Debra Banks

    June 20, 2020 for me so happy God has blessed me to marry my best friend!

    Sheena King

    Tamara Williams congratulations on your marriage. I’ll be marrying mine also in June... May God bless your union

    Eugeta Batchelor


  19. Michelle Marks

    My bridesmaids and groommans is gonna walk down to this song

  20. C.C.W

    Omg i didn't know this was beyonce😍😍

  21. Will Cage

  22. Phillip James

    Never forget this beautiful ballad Beyoncé shud reprise this song

  23. E-dash mthombeni

    I'm laying on bed with my wife we just chatting about how we still inlove after almost 8 years of marriage

  24. Rae L

    The first song they better play at my wedding!!!!! Stg! 🖤

  25. Alan Louis

    Super top

  26. Zhaafirah Malan

    😭2019..South Africa....just me in my feels💑...with new found love. Please my Almighty Allah let this be the one..I trust U sent him my way ..amen

    Diana Hanna

    AMEN 🙌🙌 🙌

  27. EcClair Mayo

    Great production, and i used to always sing this song. Great find!

  28. Kevin Thompson

    This for my eternal wife

  29. Alysia January

    Love u❤ (Amen).

  30. David Johnson

    This my first im hear this song the new luv of my life put me to this song and i luv it i cant wait to marry her i luv u bae...........

  31. Thembani Mapumulo

    Nice music mix

  32. Pop Turtle

    6/4/2011 I shed a few tears watching my wife come down the aisle to this song. Still going strong 💪🏾 in 2019 and beyond.

  33. Maxine Devoul

    This will definitely be my next wedding song

  34. Kiera McQueen

    Been with the man of my dreams for ten date April 4 2020

  35. Annette Williams

    God plans our destiny, everything in life happens for a reason, when death hits our loved ones,it's creating life for the next generation!God don't make no mistakes!

  36. KIRA McCarthy

    I cried throughout this entire song. Beautiful

  37. Lashundra Johnson

    When two people have met in person and given it some serious thought about marriage its great when you find that special man in your life

  38. Keyonis King

    😭I wanna get married!

  39. Veronica M Harvey

    Playing this now for him💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  40. Tria Moore

    This song takes me to good memories of my life and love with my late husband

  41. Viking Queen Jada

    My second oldest sister is getting married next year June and I want to sing for her

  42. Lashundra Johnson

    I been threw so much i push people away because i have been hurt in the past i look out for self because of that iam a grown mature lady and i am not perfect we all make mistakes my proudest moment was my uncles advice that i will never forget

  43. Michelle Marks

    This is my future wedding song

  44. The Lazy Pisces

    I miss having an all black cast and black movies like this.


    There are plenty of all black cast movies. Girls Trip for one only came out 2 years ago.

  45. Jeanette Parkes

    Thankyou Jesus for being my true husband

  46. Jacquette Goodman

    I want this to be my wedding song someday

  47. life lessons want be no fool no more

    Morris Chestnut yesssss I love this movie and the second one to well Morris Chestnut is a good actor

  48. Corinthy Guthrie

    would this be perfect to walk out on after the ceremony..its beautiful

  49. Ms oddballz

    I've always loved this song. One of my favorite wedding songs from one of my favorite movies.

  50. Boitumelo Nyakane

    My all time favorite movie😍

  51. jasmine brown

    This will be my wedding song to my future husband....GOD will send him one day

    RaShonda Veal

    Yes... Patiently waiting❤❤

  52. nokes chi-town

    I thought I was going to marry the most incredible woman that I ever met and this song would play at our wedding, but it turns out that the love was gone and she didn’t love me anymore. I’ll never love again cuz she’ll always have my heart

  53. Toy Review Kam Kam

    4/6/20 is my day and we will have our first dance to this song ❤️ 💍 👰🏾 🤵

    Diamond Latchison

    Toy Review Kam Kam congratulations! Best wishes and abundance on your union 🙏🏾❤️

    Karly F.

    Nice. Congrats. That's my birthday 🤗

    Tonami Briley

    Toy Review Kam Kam congrats 👏

    Lashun Stanley

    @Tonami Briley on my bday

  54. Lashundra Johnson

    Caint wait to drive to Atlanta Georgia in july of 2019 with my brother mom and the kids we are taking them to the Acreum and shopping and out to eat

  55. Lashundra Johnson

    I hate it when people try to make it like your out to a bad individual when the truth is its them they tourcher you for know damn reason i understand your strong on your own i dont like it when people pick on me its not right iam not crazy iam not schizophrenic iam not bipolor and i dont have add i was fausley diagnosed

  56. Lashundra Johnson

    Iam a grown woman seeking to get married to a good christian man at the kingdomhall of jehovahs witnesses i need to with a man my own age who does not batter women are cheat on me im happy with whatever man god sends to me as long as he is a good hard working man

  57. Lashundra Johnson

    Guys prey for me iam having post tramatic stress disorder horror nightmares i nolonger can sleep until they are gone

    Lindy Mnikathi

    😢😢😢pray you get better soon

  58. c mm

    I love this song and after all is said and done I still want to be your future wife.

  59. Lashundra Johnson

    This world is soon about to end satan and his demons will be removed permenatly we will be in that new world of a paradise earth building our own homes and growing our own food to eat

  60. Letlhogile Mabilo

    Just finished watching The Best Man 2019

  61. Ncedo Patrick Mantambo

    My childhood song. Didn't know it was Bey.

  62. Kim

    Beautiful song. His voice is touching.

  63. Pascal Nazaire

    Just walk down the aisle to my king on Sunday. To this beautiful song

    Sherine Lambert

    Congratulations 👏🎉

    Michelle Williams

    Awwwe. So beautiful. Congratulations to ur union...

  64. Lashundra Johnson

    Beyonce is so talented shes one of my best artist her music makes you want to get up and dance to her songs very intellegent

  65. Cierra Dawson

    I'll be walking down the aisle off this song

  66. Shantee' Haynes

    I still love this song in 2019!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  67. Michael Sloan

    Sunday, March 17, 2019 12:40 a.m. ~ New York

    Trimmel Lipscomb

    Congratulations!! Blessing to you and your Husband.

  68. Toria Alexander

    Never heard this song before

  69. Alexis Byrd

    I love this song! I used it in my wedding, September 2018!🥰🎉

  70. TotallyTeeTee

    Walked down to this on my wedding day 1/18/19💕

    Mbokwazy Kheswa

    T Nicole congratulations....

    Sherine Lambert

    Congratulations 👏🎉

    Ayanna B



    Thank you all❤️

  71. Alinne Chermont

    First solo song ❤️

  72. Takisha Hillsman

    After alot of searching this will be the song i walk down the isle too. Beautiful song...

  73. Katrina Walker

    When I hear this song I think about the love of my life.....I felt in love with him 7 years ago and I’m still so much in love with him

  74. Roco G

    Every time I hear this song I keep thinking about seeing my fiancé walk down the aisle looking gorgeous as hell. Marrying her was my proudest moment. I hate it fail apart soon after. I regret my mistakes because I lost the love of my life.

    Sibusile Qoma

    Roco Gandy fiiiix it 😔❤️😩

    Chotney Yearby

    Oh wow 😞😞 true love will never return to you void! If it's meant to be it will be! Stay encouraged!

  75. Aurora Klippert

    Here is a little insight to my perfect wedding. It takes place at night with nothing but the moonlight, I'm surrounded by trees in a forrest type setting and as I look infront of me is the walk way to the glass chapel and it's beautifully lit by candles and the moon from the outside. My favorite part of my dream is No One Is There but me and the man of my dreams... I have never been one for lots of friends or even a big family. I isolate myself a whole lot so to find someone that mirrors me in that way I know is only a dream. Still.... Its my dream

  76. Nia Herring

    Im getting married tomorrow😍im so excited

    Sasha Rose 1223


    Latasha Moody

    Nia Herring congratulations


    9months IN...I PRAY THAT ALL IS STILL WELL WITH YOU TWO. congratulations.

    Ms. Franklyn

    Nia Herring happy for you sis

    Carolyn Lord


  77. Mira Coats

    I love u Derick Steele. You are my heart and soul and our baby girl will forever live thru ur spirit. I remember us watching this movie and me trying not to cry and u noticed and turned on something else. Later when u went to work i watched it and cried like a baby. I love and miss u baby every day, every minute and every second. Looking at her is like seeing ur face over & over. It brings tears to my heart. ❤ 5/1/18

  78. Patrina Lyons

    Use this song for my wedding 11-10-18 for the parents to walk in on😘😍

  79. Chad Bibb

    Our wedding song❤️❤️❤️12/28/02

  80. Dominique Williams

    I will get married to this song

    Weddings by Shawn Spilman

    Dominique Williams consider us to capture your special day

  81. Valerie Bradford

    This will be one of my pick for my big day.... Didn't know music will be this hard.

    Weddings by Shawn Spilman

    Valerie Bradford please consider us for your special day

  82. love rirst

    One of my wedding song🔥

    Weddings by Shawn Spilman

    love rirst please consider us for your special day

  83. Queen Mcnair

    Omg so dope my wedding song


    My wedding song 7/16/16 feel like yesterday

  85. Beyonce Flowers

    Love this song one day this will be one of my wedding songs

    Weddings by Shawn Spilman

    Beyonce Flowers please consider us for your special day

  86. Bryant Bush


  87. Jacqueline Wells

    Can't wait till the day come, whenever it Happens I waiting so I can play this song

  88. Lachelsea Hall

    This my song I'm walking down the isle too. To my King

    Weddings by Shawn Spilman

    Lachelsea Hall please consider us for your special day

  89. Tria Moore

    I really like this song... Beautiful 😍😏

  90. Judeline Charles

    This song❤️


    Beautiful Song 💋

  92. Jennifer Kindle

    I had no idea they sung this song omg!!

  93. Terry Sanders

    What a pretty song...Is this the Marc that was with Levert? Beyonce and Marc are sanging a sweet duet.

    Lindsay Wil

    Terry Sanders He was one of the original members of Boyz 2 men and later Az Yet.

    Terry Sanders

    Lin Wil Oh yeah.....ok thanks.

    J M

    He was with Boyz II Men in high school before they got signed. He left to pursue a solo career.

  94. Victoria Hicklin!

    My wedding song when I get married & my ABSOLUTE favorite part of the Best Man movie! When Morris Chestnut starts crying 😍😍😍 this song makes me happy every single time! It’s 2018, &&& I’m still listening ! 😊😊😊

    Weddings by Shawn Spilman

    vicky1018002 please consider us for your special day

  95. Madracus Davis

    Love this song✊🏾❤️

  96. Bryant Bush

    my wedding songs

  97. youssoupha fall

    Magnifique Purée beauté rythme Songs voix totalement renversante une Grâce infinie

  98. Mario Gordon

    this one of the song me and my bride got married on 7-29-2017