BEXEY - Myth Killa Lyrics

I'm a myth killa now, baby
Can you tell?
I can't drag those myths around me, because they'll kill me

[Sample - Tokyo Ghoul:]
Can't you see I'm trying to talk? Shut up and listen
Damn you!

You know that I've got attatchment issues
No I won't admit I'm missing you
Do you feel it when I'm kissing you
Feeling like I'm trapped in your ritual

You know that I've got attatchment issues
No I won't admit I'm missing you
Do you feel it when I'm kissing you
Feeling like I'm trapped in your ritual

Know a lot of people but they don't know me
Show me all your secrets you know I'm lonely
She's got a lot of reasons for why she won't leave
Everything they do can't do it like Bexey
You don't know what's in my brain
Don't act like you do
That shit frustrating
Yeah I'm a paradox cause I do the fucking same thing
I just feel like I got powers and I think you crazy
Writing thoughts in my phone again
Might have to switch to that pad and pen
Cause the messages you send they get partially read
And they just throw me on my zone, fuck around in my head
Now I'm a myth killa yeah it's the look up at the big picture
Cause I'm breaking frames like I've finally got a fixed vision
Sip liquor, love her fit figure, make your bitch jealous
She's stressin with you cause all she wants is my dick in her

[Sample - Tokyo Ghoul:]
Hey I just figured our your secret. Would you like me to tell you what it is?
Secret? What are you talking about?
You know exactly what I'm talking about

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BEXEY Myth Killa Comments
  1. Nando

    People weren't ready for this song years back. Oh fck no and that's kinda sad he doesn't get embraced in the UK etc as he does in Russia or with some few individual listeners

  2. Adriana Gutierrez

    So no one noticed that “shut up I’m trying to talk” and “damn you!” Is from Tokyo ghoul am I the only web here

    Adriana Gutierrez

    I mean weeb

  3. Nitroh

    when this song was on Astari or one of the community channels it got shat on with hate when it first dropped. then Bexey got poppin lol

  4. A Simple Opinion


  5. Macy williams

    Bexey is sexy AF

  6. Unreleased / sneekpeaks Upcoming hits

    Peak how different he looks now

  7. kenny shaves

    Yo bexs make a remix cuz this would bang london

    Devonta Williams

    Kenny shaves hahaha hahaha hahaha think in from fake so bexey better we go back think kicked get out you're account Jamacian women sister slave fake so in clown you're assbitche account fake so is think because he bexey beat up assbitche European account hahaha looks clown as

  8. Amy x

    Anyone have the know me music video??


  9. Eric Harris

    we must protect this gem

  10. Дарья Резникова

    1:23 f a v o r i t e

    nirva giirl


  11. niewidzialny sumolen
    og video

  12. nem

    Download it guys before its got deleted

  13. ☆faikz_deziel☆

    Now that this is not on astari anymore, I think we can consider this as a rare gem.

    ana oliveira

    ☆faikz_deziel☆🍇 yes

  14. steven

    Why is he deleting all his good songs? This was his best one


    Did you see the comments. People went ballistic and were like it sounds trashy bruuuuuh ....


    This shit terrible LMAO

  15. Shooter Pakk

    Can you send me the video without the lyrics at [email protected]

    Eric Harris

    Shooter Pakk you get it?

    Macy williams

    @Eric Harris i want it too

    Eric Harris

    Macy williams Im sure