I miss you so much, man
I just want to go and join you, man
It's so fuckin' lonely down here
Everything feels so different
I'ma see you soon, bro
I promise

Aye, Peep
Everyone you warned me about, now claimin' they miss you
Held your cold face, said "goodbye", hugged you, then kissed you
Hopped up off that tour bus, stumblin' in pieces
Hope you finally at peace, now that you no longer breathin'
When you was laughin' the hardest, still felt your pain
That deep desperation gaze, cry baby face
You had had a thousand plays way back in the day
When you had them millions, you was still exactly the same
Both fucked up, livin' rough, had nothin'
Edited your first video, you sent my PayPal money
Didn't even want it, but it stopped my sister bein' hungry
We was so connected, livin' in completely different countries
Flew out to LA, Uber to your place
Never seen so many strangers crowded in a tiny place
Everyone offerin' drugs, takin' pictures of your face
No one offerin' love or wonderin' 'bout your day
Both heartbroken, introverted, so lonely
You was the only one of the few to ever really know me
Gus, what's it like up there, man? I wanna join ya
Strugglin' to keep it movin', tangled in paranoia
Everyone that wasn't loyal to ya, woulda killed 'em for ya
You had the same mentality 'cause family important
Gus, I'm tryna fight my fears, our childhood was poison
I got demons I been runnin' from, never stood up and fought 'em
'Bout to take a flight back to London, yeah, in a few days
Where we lived together, I don't wanna see that place
All that bizzare furniture you purchased, so awkwardly placed
You'd take a step back and stare at it until it looked okay
I held your face, took a step back, nothin' looked okay, brother
You was shinin' bright, now you've turned into this grey color
Holdin' back the tears every time I hear your name come up
I don't wanna say nothin', they don't know this pain's cuttin'
Tryna stay strong for loners like us
Made a video of you sleepin' on the back of that bus
Made a joke, said that Gus is workin' out finally
Put the camera on you to see that you was fallin' asleep
Everyday of that tour, like you usually do
Head back, mouth open, yep, the usual
I saw you like this everyday on the entire tour
I didn't know that you was dead, man, as if I would've recorded

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  1. Lina Garibay

    Love Lil Peep to his friend no disrespect but he looks like the devil. His eyes are all black! Spooky!

  2. TeaLeaph SoundCloud

    yo lyrics ight but this shit ass


    The last part got me broke man, I can't imagine his pain not knowing that Peep was gone. Life is unfair.

  4. Lynn Lynn DC 666


  5. Jesal

    I can feel bexeys pain through my speakers

  6. VEZJ

    I forgot about this somg

  7. Gems Lynn

    I hear and feel the pain

  8. jasi

    2020 and still can’t believe. miss peep’s hug and smile

  9. Stephen Shiner

    Respect to this song but this shit beyond ass 🤣🤣😭😭

  10. xXRayz_MoDzXx

    2020 :)

  11. MRushyy

    I dont know after watching the doc i just have this hate for bexey because he was so chill during the doc when peeps death was mentioned like uf he didnt care at all idk

  12. Lil peep Is life

    2020 i still cry😭

  13. Nml Slush

    Man this deep 😭💙

  14. Nazt


  15. Arvid Andersson

    Too soon, R I P peep. Also why is everyone making bexey seem like an asshole after peeps death? So many rumours man smh

  16. soraya -

    I can't believe the way ppl are talking about bexey here. U can literally hear him almost cry here. Saw bexey behind me in Amsterdam like last month and he looked sad as hell.. I didn't wanna bother him

    soraya -

    Now I regret not talking to him tho 😔would've liked to just tell him some nice things

  17. xxtentacles2

    2020, SMH!!!!! whyy :(

  18. A. Med

    This sounds like shit....holy shit....we get it u coulda helped peep instead of record him like a dumbass but damn

    soraya -

    It doesn't matter how it sounds. He put his heart into this. Let bexey be. He's already struggling enough

  19. Nova Rodriguez

    fuck man this song hits so different after the documentary the pain in his voice, its just so sad peep really had a shit life before he died :( poor peep rip gus

  20. Fake Person

    2020. Still sad

  21. nirva giirl

    2020 snd i still cry...

  22. Ahr

    i wanna cry in the fucking 2020((((

  23. Jesse Jacobo

    Listening the last 2019 19 minutes to 2020 missed Lil Peep

  24. Definitely Maybe

    🙏🏽😓❤️ 2020


    Sounds like he is covering up some shit like he knew peep was dead hours before they reported it. I hope this guy gets sued for stealing gus's clothes also

  26. Heidi Burnham

    This song actually breaks me heart.. I've never stopped listening to it

  27. sara xoxo

    "holding back the tears everytime I hear your name come up" 💔😭

  28. Nacho Viera


  29. Bastian S

    The video showing dead Gustav was really creepy and made me realizing to stop with drugs completely.. R.I.P

  30. Loffy

    who else is crying?

  31. Herp Derpin

    What gets passed as music these days SMDH

  32. Martin Garza


  33. daniel b

    im gon make you proud

  34. bob snieder

    This is garbage. How can anyone like this shit..his voice is insane

  35. Axel

    He knew... he knew..

  36. guero loco

    This song sucks so much i want to throw up I fucking hate bexy

  37. Ladyhaze

    I felt like your pain was genuine until the last bit. Sounded phony af.

  38. Śwież4k

    I wish I was Peep that moment

  39. Daniel James


  40. Ryans Vlogs

    Gus. What's it like up there man I wanna join yah🙁

  41. Gothboicliquee _

    i listen to this shit so much

  42. ScxrZ

    The pain in his voice I'm from the uk so it sounds more like crying to me it's not his accent

  43. Michael Huck

    Trash. Just like him. Him and mackned knew his xanax was laced with fentanyl. All he is is a clout chaser. Still trying to make fame off him. Fucking trash. Fuck him


    Sounds like an alibi

  45. Hector Perez

    As lame as Peeps lame ass(RIP)

    Hayden Williams

    You could just not be a prick, the kid died to an addiction he was trying to fight off. He had talent, whether you see it or not. RIP doesn’t take away the disrespect you spew.

    Hector Perez

    @Hayden Williams the moook singing this song sucks and this song does too. I had addiction problems, I grew up and beat them. Am I supposed to support terrible music because he is dependent on scripts??Pls, I hope he is in heaven, bur he while he was alive he was a terrible influence for different than the real mc's I listen to, but none of them brag or condone drug use. Facts.

  46. Charles Jackson

    PSA: most (if not all) pharmacies in Canada offer free narcan training and narcan. Even if you don’t know any addicts or don’t think you’ll ever have to resuscitate someone from an overdose, please just remember that you could save a life. (Narcan will reverse the effects of an opiate overdose - it could have saved Peep if only people had caught on faster to realizing what was actually happening to Gus.)

  47. wavy baby

    he went all in

  48. UnknownHero76

    This shit would eat me alive everyday

  49. Akvilė Tomelaitytė

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  54. bailey clifford

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    dude what? 2 years? im in shock rn its like a few month

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    When i come on spotify ?

  57. yt gamer

    It was fishnarcs fault not bexy

  58. Secrets

    feel bad for bexey genuinely anyone who gives him shit for 'killing peep' is weird

  59. Lynn

    This tears my heart apart holy fuck this song is so heartbreaking

  60. Sasuke Uchiha

    Saddest song of all time

  61. Lil Peep

    It’s been over 2 years dam time flies

  62. Terrance Duncan

    I think bexey was the only person peep really had on his side when he passed a lot of the others was around for the perks but I think Tracy really cared for him until he blew up then he got a lil jealous. Just my opinion

  63. Free Tay-K

    "Didn't know"

  64. MrMO353

    You'll never understand love till you lost one 💯

  65. TrVp Tino

    It’s honestly a pretty vivid and real song. And he seems to really be in pain

  66. Julia Tarasiewicz

    miss u so muchhhhh

  67. Ghohst

    i can feel the pain in this song when peep lived in london

  68. Ryans Vlogs

    2 years🕊❤️

  69. Monica Reyes

    I can hear the pain in his voice💔 Rest Easy Peep🤞🏼

  70. SqAza PlAza

    This fuckin idiot and that snickering girl in the background of the video are the ones who killed peep intentional or not whatever,they gave him them tainted rx drugs and bexy is garbage in my book....fuck his Lil cry letter he should have had the common fuckin sense to help his so called best friend....

    SqAza PlAza

    I didn't think anybody would agree with me but at least there's people out there with their eyes open....

    SqAza PlAza

    Bexey killed peep. He was responsible for his death 100% and that snickering little demon in the background of a w****


    Bexey wasn't even there when peep took anything he was out shopping

    SqAza PlAza

    @SBC bro wtf out shopping ? How the fuck did he make the video?why did he saying in the song he stumbled off his tour bus stumblin in pieces?are u stupid?

    _ kyle p

    SqAza PlAza u r a dumb fuck loser shut up

  71. Kuso

    So why'd he steal Peeps clothes?

  72. Wesley Stickle

    Rest In Peace peep I miss you bro 💔💔

  73. Sarah97

    Man why did he have to die.. I would have loved to go to a concert of his. Poor darling. I can't believe he was so young. Fucking drugs man..

  74. Cyle Enos

    This song sucks but the lyrics are good

  75. Thomas Samaritan

    If peep gave you his address, go to it. No matter how far, I wish I met peep sooner

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  77. YouTube Channel

    The moral is great, but the song itself sucks

  78. young and dumb

    Happy birthday peep❤

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  80. Kelly Anderson

    bexey will see u soon peep

  81. Theology

    That last line hits hard.

  82. David Hernandez

    Shit deep bexey the shit. Found his music thu peep.#RIPPEEP da legend

  83. Emilia Politańska

    deep. RIP peep :{

  84. Like it Up

    I love peep but this is trash

  85. D3AL

    Rip lil peep you will never be forgotten 😪

  86. Dekoy One

    Glad i dont have homies like bexey lol. Look out for eachother while doing some gay ass drug

  87. Micheal lastname

    That was beautiful, sad, and from the heart I love you bro!!! R.I.P.LIL PEEP

  88. killerdude1121

    Yall dumbasses talking about "the sadness in his voice." why was he filiming this dumb mf dropping bars in his fucking mouth instead of encouraging him to put that shit down? Straight up just sat there and watched and recorded that shit i don't feel sorry for this piece of shit one bit if he was such a good friend his stupid ass wouldn't have sat there and watched his friend fucking die dumb mf BARS ARE NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE. Yes i realized these bars were laced BUT THATS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T BE BUYING THAT STUPID ASS SHIT YALL LOOK UP TO SOME DUMBASS FUCKING PEOPLE NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY YALL ARE SO FUCKING STUPID CUZ Y'ALL LOOK UP TO RETARDED ASS MF WHO POP BARS AND THINK THE SHIT IS COOL OR HELPFUL. EVEN IF THE SHIT WASN'T LACED HE WOUD HAVE OVERDOSED ANYWAY! FUCK Y'ALL AND PEEP AND HIS STUPID ASS FRIEND GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD OUT OF Y'ALLS ASSES.

    _ kyle p

    killerdude1121 ppl r stupid and youre a spaz so what

  89. jgpa3z

    When you got to sacrifice a friend to reach the top

    Jaykob Hirschler

    youre a pussy

    Kamirun Streams

    when i got to sacrifice your dad to fuck your mother

  90. Mike montes

    if you think this song is sad listen to reflection by brennan savage (he was like a brother to peep)

  91. David Hernandez

    He sounds like lil Wayne. Man this shits live asf

  92. RLO ___

    Bexsy is so bad lol

    Gabriel Cook

    Bruhhh how?

    RLO ___

    @Gabriel Cook cause hes so bad

    RLO ___

    @Gabriel Cook hes got 1 good song and that's with peep

  93. Roomyツ

    It makes me mad that people think bexey killed peep and I get so angry listen to this song you will finally find out what happen the video was an accident I hurt thinking about those ppl that hate on bexey he went tho so much pain and people hating that his hair is ugly and that his flow is trash if you bypass all of that you will see a nice man that wants no harm to no one and that’s the part people mess up in they can see that real him people see a freaky guy with a crazy hair cut and looks it’s the way he express him self and some on you can’t deal with that it makes me sick bexey deserves all the fame in the world after he fought with demons and made it this far be proud I’m am and that’s why his fan base/family with stay strong

  94. KiraX

    It breaks my heart 💔😔

  95. f off u can't say things without ppl get in hurt

    I know I'ma get hate but fuck up don't like gbc most of them was just using peep for fame not really his friend I believe peep was murdered not an acsedent horse head lil Tracy cuple other cares about him some just used him rip gua

  96. PatoNoob

    I can feel the pain in your voice...

    Lil Moses

    And the cock in ur ass

    Xandra Karner

    Adrian Davis he didn’t know he was dead on the bus tho peep used to pass out like that all the time and he assumed he was ok since this was normal


    @brokeboy yeah he was


    @silentz nope in the report it said he died on his way to the hospital

    Purple Haze

    Mkro you and others know when you took to much. Everyone on the bus was a fake friend of his. peep announced he was going to leave GBC after the tour then he got the Xanax mixed with some other shit in it. They all knew what was in there except peep. They knew GBC wouldn’t exist without peep. Not caring for a friend only for clout. Tracy a real friend of peep would’ve stopped him from taking a od and not filming his dead friend for clout. Peeps body was motionless in that position for at least 1-2 hours. Now keep on supporting some murderers.