BEXEY - If You Say So Lyrics

If you say so
Oh no way

If you say so
Oh no way

You wanna get with me
I wanna get with you
Ignored phone calls
Hotel room
Half past 2, 1st class view
Because your body looks like its drawn like a cartoon
Yes you
I don't know
Overflowing with love I don't ever show
Maybe just a little bit when I'm in the zone
Fuckin you slow
And then I take it back
I get easily attached
That's mine
Label me narcasistic alright
Rather call it realistic because I
Ain't letting no poisonous bitches in my mind
Writing these rhymes
On your bra that your ripped off
Keep my phone switched off

(If you say so)

Yeah the screen black
Like your lipstick that smudged
After I fucked your mouth
I don't give a fuck about...

If you say so
If you say so
(If you say so, oh woa woa woa)
(If you say so, if you say say say say so whoa whoa)

Girl from los angeles
You fuckin up my energy
Don't need you laying next to me
I love the spanish you speak
You love my accent and we
Could exchange some words back & forth
Without knowing a single meaning
Begin, oh no I'm leaving
Razor sharp how I'm meant to be
Close the door change the frequency
People approve me with pre-conceived notions
Don't trust no soft handshake
My eyes ain't on the concrete

Okay my eyes ain't on the concrete
So why you looking down there?

Okay my eyes ain't on the concrete
So why you looking down there?

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BEXEY If You Say So Comments
  1. Dave Schultz

    @Bexey a.k.a Lil Deepthroat? 😂

  2. Toxic Xotic

    Off brand $uicideboy$?

  3. Majeed Baayer

    those eyes...

  4. YeahOkayCertainly

    I’ve never heard of this fool in my whole life

  5. Whippy

    The fortnite one hits me in the feels broo 😭😭

  6. Stubbs

    Waste man

  7. Kaptain Peroxide

    Old days on the PS2 playing Runescape

    Okay poser

  8. sarah marie

    "You see a lot of girls online on instagram posing with their blood" um WHAT.

  9. Crsn E

    So this is what a science experiment gone wrong looks like 😂😂

  10. oopsey daisy

    The song is actually really good one of my favorites

  11. Never ever sober Need drugs for my composure

    I want the bexey from stay alive again

  12. Jack Rowley

    Lame fraud

  13. Myles Rogers

    Bruh that’s 2D

  14. rahbalder

    remember this is the whorekid who was standing laughing at peep when he was laying dead. cant believe genius put him on here.


    Why are you hating? He thought he was sleeping?

    It's really sad how horriblely toxic Piper fanboys are...

    Suck my whole dick

    He thought he was sleeping man,calm down and stop hating on him if you don’t know anything about the peep thing.I would rather to listen to letter for peep so you could understand what happened there man.

  15. nikeless

    bexey is cringe

  16. ちょうさん

    he was black?

  17. babi gurlcupiicake

    Ur so hot bexey omg! 🖤

  18. Sad Endingz

    I miss this old looks that Bexey had. 😪🇸🇪

  19. Paul Zoey

    Someone beat this bitch up

  20. Kaleb Collins

    Real as real gets

  21. Aatif Cadien

    I need him deep in my guts

  22. Dylan Aitchison

    wwhat hapen to ur eyes?

  23. pumped up kick

    i just realised british accent automatically makes you hot doesn’t even matter how you look

  24. Ernesto Vazquez

    And you like shpritn lol mad respect lol


    When the white kid wants to look like screamo x but doesn't have dreads

  26. Taz D

    Why am I so attracted to him 💀

  27. Isaac Garcia

    Guck you bich

    Isaac Garcia

    Fuck bich

    Isaac Garcia

    Eat my Dick

    xxx miss u xxx

    Isaac Garcia 🤣! Fuck out of here 😂stooopid!!!

  28. Mr Hamood


  29. Throw communists out of helicopters

    Fortnite addict? That sucks. But at least he partly redeemed himself by saying he played runescape when he was younger

  30. Lil Moses


  31. PoppinIS MYaddiction


  32. Awtxl


  33. Miracless aj

    I actually love him so fucking much❤ hes so beautiful and hes literally so sweet

  34. Daniel Moroni

    He talks like a real life Ali G

  35. Moonis

    They got him from Area 51 I guess

  36. Diegooo Gutierrez

    Nigga ass😂😂😂

  37. Carlos Sandoval

    Who tf is this ugly dude

  38. Lil Wasted

    Who goes to a barber and says: “yo, just cut the middle and we are done.”

  39. love sex dreams

    i love him

  40. Bexey #1fan

    Happy 1 year to cutthroat smile :)

  41. Null

    Like Lil Peep
    Bexey Comment

  42. Mxed Feelz

    He scares me 😂😂😂

  43. ad revenue

    Why does he look like a tokyo ghoul character

  44. I am the best glass of milk

    I came here from Reddit

  45. Lxorath

    I thought he has skinny

  46. Amethyst Amethyst

    The fuck did i just watch

  47. Aubrey Breaux

    He got an accent where is he from

    Kira Nixon

    Aubrey Breaux london

  48. TheBitch IsBack

    Just bc he doesn’t have your style doesn’t mean it’s ugly..I think he’s sexy as fuck, well spoken, well mannered and talented...what y’all bringing to the table?

  49. tim twotoes

    Nigga got a homawk

  50. Rahu Dios

    Why the fuck do you continue to put these clowns on?

  51. KrypticNando

    This mf ugly asf

  52. ttvAbdulwahid fortnite player

    Wear the he'll is your pupil on your eye 😯😯😯

  53. TwisterTH

    2:39 - I love this moment, when he said PS2 and Crash Bandicoot.

  54. lilly peck

    He's so fucking beautiful

  55. Beastly o

    Wear a hat and shades and your good

  56. Scotty

    White people are ruining hip hop. Nothing says hip hop about this tekashi clone.

    Rahu Dios

    Motherfucker looks like an anime character. White people really destroying hiphop.

  57. Sean Tillman

    Lil Peep's curse.

  58. Joshua Mcdonald

    hes a weird ass looking dude but normal as fuck. hate people trying to be weird for the sake of it.

  59. igorok

    bahahahahahah died ewhen he said he was a fornite adddict

  60. Asahi Riku

    Damn he really does have a cutthroat smile.

  61. A͓̽g͓̽o͓̽a͓̽t͓̽

    He looks like grew from despicable me

  62. TheFallsCapone

    Just another attention seeking cocksucker from the home counties father , private education, but thinks he's a rebel...smh......😂😂😂😂😂

  63. Oriane _

    #bexeytheking 💜❤️💜🔥💪🏻🔥

  64. enderman

    That eye tattoo tho 😍


    They're contacts not eye tattoos

  65. derzocker1108

    Lil Peep Fake

  66. Ari bae

    This perfection 😭💓

  67. kodeki

    I don’t even know if I’m supposed to like or dislike this video

  68. NormieGasser

    He looks like those GTA online tryhards


    This guys a walking demon😈😈😈

  70. Vienna Rae

    could you fucking imagine if a female celebrity looked like this

  71. Christian Torres

    Murderer. (Lil Peep)

    Ari bae

    Lol why?

  72. radcow

    Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thanks this was classic I spat my coffee out cheers for cheering me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Twentywulf

    If hell is real this guy will definitely be there

  74. K I M I N O !

    Why happen to hair?

  75. mary k Davis

    That nigga is creepy as mother fucking shit he makes me shit my self

  76. AlexplayzCS

    Barber: How weird should your hair be 1-10?
    Bexey: Yes Yes

  77. Chocolate Shake

    I fucking love him so much

  78. Jose Segundo


  79. rayne nicole

    Ayeee posted on my bday😂😂😂💯💯💯

  80. Ghost FYI

    Bestest isn’t a word big man

  81. Summer Carroll

    My sister went to see him and met him dunno the big deal 🤷‍♀️

  82. DanielTV

    I thought this was a horror film trailer

  83. No1 Some1

    Hmm that voice....

  84. Saloow

    he looks like a custom generated character

  85. ava blackwood

    why this man looking like a macaroni penguin


    Imagine if you told him he had a cutthroat smile and he got out a notepad and started writing!

  87. Raina Sky

    He’s so cute💞


    Nigga you blind?

    eugenegeo 4


    cheese cheese

    Raina Sky what the fuck

  88. Antony Carrera

    So likeeee where’s $uicideboy$.......

  89. i_wish_i_had

    Kids want to be like lil peep so bad even got the horse shoe tatto

  90. Jasayuh

    Is sad what these "rappers" do to their look nowadays to look different😪

  91. mac mittens

    Dude is laf

  92. Maggie D

    Black eye child

  93. Melissa Bmth


  94. anticvoid