BEXEY - Eternal Flow Lyrics

I might never go home again
See it all through my eyes
I don't know pretend
Until, life killed me I was a older kid
Then the devil up on my shoulder controlled all this
And turned me to a young man (hmm)
Untie the noose boy go have some fun
And getting up on my feet
And I'm coming up out of the Dungeon
Dancing in hell bitch I've even got a sun tan
Sippin' Margarita with my feet up (Wooh)
Glass half full like the Cole Bennet Ted Talk
Less is more so there's less talk
Travel to the next floor
In the elevator with a red Supreme stress ball
Sentimental, I set your mental
Up the levels don't know how to settle
Leave a stack on the floor just to test you
Bless you, roll on to the next move

Why don't they do what they say
Say what they mean
I feel like they snakes undercover
And they fake, could it be?
I don't feel a thing
You don't know me
Don't call me brother

Why don't they do what they say
Say what they mean
I feel like they snakes undercover
And they fake, could it be?
I don't feel a thing
You don't know me
Don't call me brother

I been riding round
Head hanging out the sun roof
Middle finger to the clouds screaming fuck you
Pour it out the bottle sipping all on the Grey Goose
Sweetest taboo, this Chardayy smooth
Up in my brain, ain't no game
Drip the propane on that flame
I'm a soul taker say no names
I don't think she belong to you my friend
I'mma take your soul up in the moonlight yeah
Take a acid tab to get her mood right yeah
I remember when you never knew my name
Yeah you treating me differently now I do my thing
Mmm yeah you wanna know now
Eternal flow we can never go down
They question that I'm the magic
They wanna know how?
Get that up out your business
Bitch I [?] roll out

Why don't they do what they say
Say what they mean
I feel like they snakes undercover
And they fake, could it be?
I don't feel a thing
You don't know me
Don't call me brother

Why don't they do what they say
Say what they mean
I feel like they snakes undercover
And they fake, could it be?
I don't feel a thing
You don't know me
Don't call me brother

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BEXEY Eternal Flow Comments
  1. Hydrocodone

    You make me happy dear 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  2. Hydrocodone


  3. Paco

    Bexey is fucking sith you kill lil peep😭 you are stupid 😡😠

  4. Art Vandalay

    take a snapchat of Bexey's career...I see it ghosting (like Bexey's snapchat of lil peep dying on the tour bus) Bexey, you're a jealous fuck

  5. Art Vandalay

    Fuck Bexy, he let lil peep die

  6. terickfic

    Real good😀👍👍

  7. DapaChrons

    riding down Regent Street and through Piccadilly Circus

  8. GGosiris

    this man sounds like yung pinch and lil wayne did a fusion

  9. Conor Noble

    fucking trashhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. BallisticFlashVideos

    This Shit 🔥

  11. Gloomy Raps

    What do you guys think of me?

  12. Miles

    holy shit bex is ripped

  13. Warren Murphy

    I can’t believe people listen to this

  14. König

    Bexey morphing into the the next Joker waduhek


    Wack af! 😂😂😂

  16. Nameless Nation

    Lmfao someone in comments for one of his music videos said he has a Hawk Mo.

  17. Moe moe blades

    UK bringing it hard

  18. Amy Banay

    Damn ur my obsession

  19. Vincent Peralta

    Looks like chris angel

  20. Brodie Pownall

    Bexey and AshNiko twins.

  21. Donnie Darkko

    I’m glad I didn’t have to live through this horrible music time. This fool looks stupid as fuck.

  22. Cadi llac

    Another no-talent wannabe. Looking like an emo fruitcake.

  23. and str

    this is like a new age uk 50 cent i love it the beat is fire

  24. Chris Voss

    She looks weird

  25. Clark Kent

    f..en talent. reminds me of Bizzy bone from BT&H I used to listen to back in da day...Lil homey when old school Niguz listen 2ya shit.. ain't no compliment greater than that

  26. jp gri

    Best song ive heard from bexey

  27. Poopy

    This shit fire

  28. Hope Gillion

    Always killing it

  29. crazykiddo96

    This a bop for sure

  30. chubby

    Dont like this song but i like most of bexeys songs ive heard so far this ones not so much my style but ill drop a like to help u out bro keep working hard

  31. adan Vega

    Hi looks fresh 🔥

  32. Missybossmaster Hardy

    Lil peep would be so proud . I hope bexey know how good he is an how happy lil peep would be that hes now an was always an AMAZING person. <3 .

  33. Ryan Smith

    Why's he filming in the middle of a game of Domination


    lol snitch nine went to hot topic

  35. ImperialRoamer

    I kinda wanna get his hair style ngl it’s Lowkwy fire im I’m need of a cut

  36. MarkB 1181

    1:20 - 1:30 *gives me Sean Paul vibes. This shit's fire* 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  37. ODD R

    Bexey really snapped this time

  38. GKhan

    what in the caucasian is this!?!??!?!?!

  39. Joseph V


  40. Nicholas Hopper

    Wtf did I just watch. He looks like the joker after a 10 yr meth high.

  41. Cocaine Shawty

    This is some real original shit, i love it

  42. Lady Of Rage

    Best song and video he ever did

  43. Baltimore Fan

    I don't know why but I feel like Bexey and Joey bada$$ would be straight fire if the got on a song together

  44. Baltimore Fan

    Bexey that dude bro!

  45. Matt D

    Bexey gets zero clout after the shit with peep. FUCK BEXEY.

  46. Wavy Davey

    people really think that look is cool? bro is a weirdo plain and simple

    lain iwakura

    It's unironically fly af, it's a peculiar, unconventional style that nobody in the scene has, if your ignorant ass can't feel it, that's cause you're a boring sheep who blindly follows trends and only considers bland, generic cuts "acceptable". You're one among the millions, congratz on pointing out your worthless opinion, now go back to listen Fredo and all that "gangsta" wannabe drill shit you weak bitch.

  47. GoatYsL- Levels

    Man looks like a poor joker!😂

  48. FookYou PayMe

    You’re a fucking clown hahaha how you expect people to take you serious when you don’t even take you serious

  49. Alicia hope

    Bexey ft Yungblud please I want that to happen

  50. Diego Tandazo

    Damn! Bexey looks like a muscleman... Before was slim.

  51. vic

    Bexey looks like a Emo Lightskinned Penis

  52. Doug Cote

    Bexey doin big shit bro. Good for you homie.

  53. Vaperex Fontaine

    He look like the male version of zheani

  54. J Pennicooke

    We luv u bruvv

  55. Miciah Nafziger

    I got on here to crack a 2d joke bout the thumbnail I was impressed. Saw him on that vice xan pressie doc

  56. Games OuGie

    New Joker?

  57. Dustin Descheemaker

    Trash fire! Shouldn't someone have biceps to be flexing there biceps.

  58. filthy Phil Brown

    Shit sounds good, smooth as fuck

  59. Black Diiamonds

    When the song DOES NOT match the artist at all lmaoooooooooo

  60. Alisha Connell


  61. Gangus Harm

    WACK !!!

  62. OculusM8 tv

    Yo just drop coke nails already tho

  63. Sid Vicious

    This ones good not a huge fan of bexey but this one knocks

    5exybeast 69

    Sid Vicious Frfr😳


    Bexy looks like a Gorlillaz characters

  65. Fabulantastic AndUnic

    what in the fuck? 1bitchslap and this kid kiss da ground so hard bruh!...

  66. Nick P.

    Bruh seriously blown away. This is straight 🔥

  67. Mr. Taylor

    This low key slap 👋🏾 yo momma

  68. Candy

    This dude the definition of cringe

  69. Tim Brown

    Fuck I thought you were a girl

  70. Toronto

    Bexey listen go back to old style and look. Right now you looking crazy and stupid because you think you need to to get heard


    I think he's done making song's where he talks about painting the wall read with his brains.

  71. CHLOE

    this made me feel some type of way...

    Lunar 18

    CHLOE and that is what makes a song generic

  72. RiverLurker

    this is pure art.

  73. UV 999

    Just shave your head and put on some kick ass sunglasses

    Erim Önder

    he shaved it 1 month ago

  74. icetwister24

    This dude is the epitome of a douchebag. The end.

  75. bobby escobedo

    That foo driving def got fired after this video. Lol. There were a few “ oh shit “ moments for bexey. Lmao

  76. Megahed

    He looks like that character when you hit randomize

    ThAtBoYWaVy 92

    Megahed 😂😂😂

  77. Аделя Кайсарова

    Фига ты изменился бро

  78. ReakZ HavoK

    i liked it.. but this is not it

  79. North Soul Studios

    Bruh you gonna blow up 6ixn9ne with bars haha

  80. TWO EV

    Fake gangsters got stupid as fuck like two decades ago. Why people still peddling garbage?


    nice one bexey i hope this goes well


    goddamn thats smooth

  83. Justin Inman

    This dude is so fake.. There is no other rapper, this fake, in the game. He has switched lanes so much and was too stupid to check on his, "friend." RIP Peep, he deserved better friends.


    Why are pepper fanboys always toxic hating on Bexey, Tracy, GBC and just about everybody who made song with him? SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  84. Damian Brown

    Can someone explain why tf this man shaves a fucking soul patch in his hair. Looks like he woke up half way through a prank.


    Bexey he wanted to.

  85. Кирилл Ковалёв

    Не, ну реально же охуенно

  86. MrJamesdryable

    He doesn't look like his music.

  87. You Dont know me

    aye next rapper who dies

  88. thejazzydemon

    This is dope.

  89. Kev lar


  90. Thomas Britton

    Since go getta bexey's sound has been one of the best in the game tbh

  91. illsoDaMC

    Fuck yeah Bexey you're a real MC this bangs!!


    Bex the fuckin hair is Killin it for me . Just shave that shit off lmao


    Look at his instagram, he shaved hair completely.

  93. Lil Fox

    Y do I like this song so much.🔥 👀👍

  94. Polo Sword

    Rap games Joker


    Like how hes wearing peeps clothes. This guy is a piece of shit


    ? what are you on about you muppet lmfao


    He was his very close friend and made songs with him. Jealous much?


    Cant change my mind this guy is fucking loser

  96. Spicycloud Fleece

    I fucking love Bexey so much 😂