BEXEY - Body's Made Of Hand Grenade Lyrics

My mother in and out of court like a referee
Baby sister crying
And repeating please don't let him see me
And he don't deserve a name
Told my sister the other day
I'll happily do life in prison to keep you safe
She was in mums stomach
He kicked em both down the stairs
And put out his cigarette on my mothers cold flesh
And back then...
I was probably bout 10
I wasn't there
If I was, I wouldn't be here and neither would he
Id be locked up
Like all of this I'm brain but I'll release it
Womens refuge, missing my mum I had to sneak in
Keep my voice low
No natural la that refugees bring
Watched my sister take her first steps
As I'm internally bleeding
No I can't tell if they just shivering, freezing
Or just tryna stop the tears streaming
Every member of my family
Second letter up in their name is an 'a'
But mine has a 'e' in
My brother was joking
Saying I'm adopted because of that
Not funny I was young at the time I believed him

And they say a photographic memory
A blessing and a curse yeah
Lessons to be learned pages to be turned
Ooh la la la la la ain't a natural la
When them refugees break down
Ooh na na na na na na ain't a naturla la
They scream the whole place down

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BEXEY Body's Made Of Hand Grenade Comments
  1. Samuel Ekkers

    best kept secret on youtube

  2. Samuel Ekkers

    best kept secret on youtube

  3. Obito de juliet

    Bexey underground

  4. Minka

    I hope Bex re-releases this so it would get more attention.
    This work really deserves a shit ton more views


    I really agree, it would be nice to atleast have it on soundcloud.


    @Hjalte_eb It would be nice to have it everywhere.


    @Minka Yeah, but i highly doubt that he would release old music onto his Spotify :/

  5. Hugh Jass

    why isnt this on his soundcloud?


    It needs to be

  6. ThePinkyRainbowOo

    His voice is amazing. Bexey Master <3

  7. ok ok

    Bexey has such unique flows fuck

  8. Ryan Lavigne

    how am i only the 100th person to like this!?!

  9. Hesitate

    how an earth did he even come up with these flows like wtf

  10. - Nilok -

    best thing

  11. Arthur Zhuk

    this super underrated

  12. Brandon Thornton

    The best

  13. Smxk3 L33

    San Andreas 4 life .

  14. девочка наркоманом

    te amo mi amor