Beware Of Darkness - Sweet Girl Lyrics

I wish I was a Surgeon, so I could rip your heart right open
And I could find the spot, which broke me
And I would tear it out
Make you my sweet Sweet Girl

Monica’s not the type to get down on her knees
But when a boy comes around w/ a cute face she’ll do what he please

I wish I was a Surgeon, so I could rip your heart right open
And I could find the spot, which broke me
And I would tear it out
Make you my sweet Sweet Girl

Madeline’s not the type to give her heart away
So when the boys line up that girl she likes to tease and play

I want a Sweet Sweet Girl

I wish I was a Surgeon, so I could rip your heart right open
And I could find the spot, which broke me
And I would tear it out
Make you my sweet Sweet Girl

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Beware Of Darkness Sweet Girl Comments
  1. Alex Pérez

    Soy el único comentario en español :'v

    BryanLeython VegaZea

    Leslie Reynoso. No

  2. hopoffZ

    aw man. I'd like to take her and...
    oh yeah man
    take her....Out shopping for a bit. Buy her some new clothes, whatever she needs.
    Take her to dinner, nice restaurant, but not too fancy. Keep it casual. Then once she's had some wine I'd...Drive her home safely, because I chose not to drink so she could.
    And once we got home, I'd take her into the living room, get on the couch and BAM!
    Put on a nice movie to watch together. Once that's over, probably about 11, it would be time to go to bed. And you know what that means, I get a blanket, walk slowly over to the couch where she's waiting and...pick her up, carry her to the master bedroom because I'm a polite guy, and I'll sleep on the couch so she can be more comfortable.

    Once we've been together for a while, we'd both decide that it was time.
    Time to meet each other's parents! We'd bring them all out to a nice dinner and have an amazing meal, which I'd pick up the tab for, of course, as a gentleman. That night we'd...
    Tuck in early because we were tired after spending all day getting ready for the dinner.

    Finally, after six years, it was time. We'd be in a hotel in Paris. I'd take her and...
    Take her out to see the Palace of Versailles. Then right there. As we're gazing in awe at the magnificent golden gates, I'd take her hand.
    Get on my knees.
    Say some beautiful words.
    "You've made me happier than anyone else in my life."
    Pull out the ring I spent months saving for and ask her to marry me.

    She says yes.

    Fast forward 70 years. We're both 90 years old. We had three beautiful children. A girl, Sarah, and two boys. Jason and Jacob. I would always get their names mixed up; she was always on me about that. Ah. Alas. Here we are, together. In a hospital. Our children, their children, and my grandson's beautiful baby girl. We're holding hands together. We tell everyone to be brave. Whatever comes next...
    We're facing it together. I look into her eyes.

    "I love you."
    "I love you too, honey."
    "See you in the next life"
    An intense sustained "BEEP" shatters the quiet in the room like a glass window hit by a stone.
    Jason tries to keep it together.
    Jacob holds Sarah.
    My grandchildren are praying.
    Sarah breaks into tears.
    We spent our life together, and we will spend the next one together as well.
    We left this world at the same time.

    Pablo H.

    hopoffZ hahahah wtf man

  3. Mykolas Krivickas

    is this what Kyle looked like back in the day?

  4. smashed_

    Sounds like Cage the Elephant

  5. David Eirikis

    Why is this band not bigger then one direction? O I forgot this generation doesn't know what good music is.

    Kristian Flåm Høst

    No generation knew that mate

  6. Austin Mckinney

    What is the only reason i watch this video other than the song is amazing... Let me guess

  7. Brice lee

    Nice song, love it

  8. def def

    Bad video. Song sounds like jet lol. Not their best. Amen amen is where it's at.


    Jet is god

  9. Carlo De Simone

    Horrible video? ? Ya your right sees ugly..

  10. Brayden Crawford

    my friend thought it said sturgeon xD


    thats fuckin hilarious

  11. suprtony47

    sweet girl. great song

  12. MissedTheBoat05

    her face makes me wonder when the stag movie starts, its distracting

  13. Paul Shevlin

    Nearly 100% certain that is  the porn star Riley Reid

    Stitch Glow

    I thought the same... 

  14. inquiring mind

    i want a sweet, sweet boy

  15. poppy seed

    boring vid good song

  16. B Smooth

    it's a lyric video.. and i definitely won't complain about a pretty lady singing a good jam.

  17. Pugaable


  18. Patricia Casablancas

    Great song,horrible video...sorry guys!

  19. Troll King

    Your last name explains why. Please give people respect, and you will not be disrespected. You deserve it. :)

  20. sarcasticsunshine

    This lyrics are soo amazing and the video is very simple but effective

  21. Shaung1231

    This is how every lyric video should look.

  22. chico

    ¡A simple, but really atractive video!

  23. zai rocka

    Cute girl

  24. 80hitultracombo

    Best lyric video ever.

  25. Jaycie Carter

    Such a good song!!

  26. Kenzie bear

    i love this song.

  27. marksist415

    that is one sweet girl