Beware Of Darkness - Morning Tea Lyrics

I think my mother died today
Or was it yesterday?
It’s hard to say
I found it odd when she never came
To bring my cup of morning tea

I think my girlfriend left today
Cos I forget her face when she waved at me
It’s such a plain face
It’s hard to see
But I think her name was Grace

All I want to do is disappear
Into the darkness of my room
Come away
I am numb
You can be numb too
Disappear slowly
De-attach now
Slip into nothing
Nothing at all

I went to buy some tea today
But couldn’t understand
A single word
He said to me
I could hardly breathe
And I left without my tea

I met my counselor today
She said you got the grades for a college degree
Academic life is the one you bleed
Your futures looking bright

All I want to do is disappear

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