Beware Of Darkness - Howl Lyrics

Lay down, heaven can wait
You think you're right, I think you can change
Draw some blood, I'm not going hungry tonight
Won't it be fun, to Howl in the night?

Howl - So that the angels can hear you

'Catch me if you can
My, my, my,
I'm a hungry man
Oh oh
Catch me if I fall
Baby girl I wanna hear you howl!

Cut strings you think too much
I can't wait this long for a rush
A misery to be alone
How'd you want to be the lonely one?

Howl - So that the angels can hear you


(I want to hear you Howl)

Oh child when will you see the light?
No no I won't give up the fight
No no when will you see the light?
Oh child I won't give up the fight


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Beware Of Darkness Howl Comments
  1. Parrish6666 Crone

    Listen to AC DC "Walk All Over You" - riff totally stolen.

  2. Ümläüt Äbüsër

    Zinyak did nothing wrong

  3. MigueSevillano98

    Jhonny Thunders LoL

  4. Anucha Chewachanon

    0:05 my sleep paralysis demon on his way to haunt me

  5. Ømega !

    Lmao some arab on Discord called this gay.

    Ømega !

    @DylanNicolasSG Exactly!

  6. Christiano Góis

    Algum brazuca aqui ?

  7. FlapJack

    *saints row 4*

  8. a random person on yt

    Need for speed mobile

  9. Ashish Sinha

    Play it at night.. And get enough energy to be awake till next noon🤣

  10. Neutuzalem52

    I discovered this song for the movie MOTO 7 if I remember correctly, super undervalued, the bad is that it is not in Spotify, there are still small bands with great talent, if they came to my country I would go to the concert without thinking.

  11. Aaron Speary

    I remember when this song first came out. That was 6 years ago. What the fuck?

  12. Cody Clark

    This is their only song that sounds like Zeppelin and I still love it

  13. Abex

    They really didn't make up their mind on how to end this song did they? I've heard like 3 different versions

  14. Zombie A

    Saints row 4,nfs most wanted

  15. Omar Muñoz Castorena

    And people listening to Greeta Van Fleet

  16. Vinicius M13

    Saints row4 + Rock=🔊😖😍😍

  17. rckstr1123

    God that RIFF.

  18. Ata Kaan Cengiz


  19. Raydog 97

    I like the EP Version better, kinda sucks that it’s not on iTunes anymore

  20. Rodrigo Quispe

    Love it <3 nice work guys

  21. Esteban Zamudio

    Sainte row 4

  22. Ilmenheru Terikson

    Saints Row for life!

  23. Mitchel 7346

    I enjoy playing NFSMW.

  24. Naliat

    man that guy does not like his drumset

  25. Ilmenheru Terikson

    Saints Row will forever rule!

  26. Arody Sniper

    Need for speed ❤

  27. Jamie Widmer

    So, where did these guys go? They popped out overnight, exploded on the radio with this song and I never heard from them again?

    Luka :3

    Jamie Widmer well Daniel is in Palaye Royale and Kyle just dropped a new song

  28. Adrian Garcia

    1:00 activate nitro

    Pikaman noob


  29. Taxidermy Ghost

    Sounds bit like Palaye Royale

  30. Lovecraft's Watermelon of Knowledge

    Im here because of Saints Row 4 but i also want the M4A4 Howl skin. Even battle scared is ok please :(

  31. Zirconium Kings

    I'm here because of red 2

    Cameron Brown

    Zirconium ;-; Yasssss

  32. Alison carrey


  33. noideaofhowtocallme

    Crazy song!

  34. Damon Himeji Higgins

    *A L L H A I L Z I N Y A K*

    Damon Himeji Higgins

    Alex Spencer Remember, Zinyak is love, Zinyak is life.

    Damon Himeji Higgins

    Remember, No Earthling.



    Iam L

    FUK that Saints 4 life.

    Damon Himeji Higgins

    Iam L that's the spirit!

  35. Haco

    chory teledysk

  36. Mike Stuart

    Here because Spotify suggests some good stuff.


    Here because Spotify won't let me listen to it

  37. Vega Vega

    AHHH D:

  38. BananaBandana YT CHANNEL

    The best SONG in NFS Most Wanted!

  39. Murat The Artist

    1v8 song

  40. Basit Abbasi

    NFS Most Wanted bought me here

  41. Uncle Ham

    that jumpscare omg

  42. Carl Johnson

    Saints Row 4 AND Nfs Most Wanted 2012

  43. Turismo Sicilia

    SR4 boooo booooo boooo fuck (o)

  44. Patrick Greene

    Damn @2:53, first verse of "Whole Lotta Love" can fit here!

  45. Martin Sepulveda


  46. Akshay Chaturvedi

    yeah nfs Most Wanted

  47. r3d vest

    Fuck this is awesome

  48. Mexicanus Rex Destruye Negros

    conozco esta cancion por saints row 4

  49. Horror and Halloween 101

    I remember hearing this back when it first came out and absolutely loving it, and then completely forgot about it. Just recently heard of these guys, and decided to listen to them. So glad I found this song again, can't believe its these guys. Will definitely be buying this cd for my collection.

  50. Tadeo Ramirez Igarza

    Saints Row IV you know...

  51. Andrew-182

    I knew this song thanks to Saints Row 4, and i can swear for god that i thought that the voice was from a girl xD

    Basit Abbasi

    I thought the same when I first heard. Sounds like Halestorm

  52. Cocktales Band

    just shit my pants

  53. Dave Alek

    GO DAN!


    Much better than the Foo Fighters and as great as Nirvana!!

    Horror and Halloween 101

    What do these guys have to do with them, besides the fact they're all great rock bands?

    Ryan Williams

    there is simply no reference to these 3 bands,makes no sense your point

    Diego Barreras

    Hey watch what you are sayin'

  55. Siddharth Singh

    nfs most wanted .....🙂🙂🙂


    This song was in that game?

    Christiano Góis

    Pagman yes

    Christiano Góis

    This song also has in game saints row 4

    Alex Jacobo

    I still play it



  57. Ciruz

    im here because saints row 4

    Iam L

    Saints 4 Life

    Jenna Castro

    Me tooooooooo

  58. Jordan

    Damn. found this song on spotify. Seems like seeing this live would be a blast.

    Dan Farrelly

    +Jordan It's really not that good. Better Studio :( good song though....

    Alex Beaton

    +Dan Farrelly fuck you these guys rock jordan go see them live

    Dan Farrelly

    +Alex Beaton I think the same when I see a band drunk to.

    Dave Peterson

    +Jordan I saw them at sasquatch a few years ago. I had never heard of them and they were awesome. They are a very powerful, energetic live band and a lot of fun to watch.

    Emily Moreno

    I just saw these guys last night they were so good

  59. sameer jaan

    man I love this when In need for speed most wanted im being chased by professional cops

    sameer jaan

    and this song appears

    Hunter MacDonald

    Ahh if only the cops weren't suicidal in that game


    If only those cops weren't suicidal and absolutely braindead

  60. gilad chekroun

    so under rated

  61. Citek Latter

    I only wish these guys got more recognition! So good!

  62. Timothy Cote

    this song speaks to me

  63. Sean Miller

    Who Says Rock is Dead, these boys can play!!!!

  64. TrumpeterJen

    Finally...I really like THIS version of the song.  Every other video I've seen has a different version (which is still good, but this one just resonates with me so much better for some reason).

    Timothy Cote

    I have to agree with you this version kicks the album versions ass....this one tears my face off

    NAman SWAG

    I couldn't agree with you more trumpeterjen

  65. opiateEP

    moto 4 

    Brennan Gendron

    +opiateEP  yeeessss

  66. AuthenticEm

    Everything about this... is perfect! Seriously, sexiest combination of guitar + drums + visuals I've ever seen or heard. Nailed it! I keep hitting replay. :)

  67. Lorena Chairez

    The first time i heard them play was live at albuquerque and i did not hesitate con buying their disc and meeting the guys, they are so awesome i will not stop supporting them! Keep rocking!!

  68. Brrrrrrrrrenda

    These guys are amazing. So happy to say I seen them live. This is my favorite song I've heard by them so far and they rocked it live! <3

  69. giorgi surmanidze

    most wanted! :D <3

  70. Watch This

    James Gang !!! Thanks, an updated version 4sure :)

  71. Watch This

    James Gang !!! Thanks, an updated version 4sure :)

  72. Ralph Hutchins

    Sounds like older rockers. Zepplin-ish . Great

  73. sweetheart815

    Feels like an updated version of "James Gang - The Bomber". I dig it.

  74. PanPiksel


  75. Joel Viera

    fuuckk yessss

  76. Sarah Byrne

    "But ours goes to 11!"

  77. Furkan Utku EMRE

    Saints Row 4 anyone?

    Alex Jacobo

    Nah nfs most wanted

  78. Breanna Gordon

    I think all the "jarring" sounds are produced on purpose, maybe to give it more of the feel the lyrics are trying to portray.

  79. BudBullets

    That is good ass-kickin' rock n roll. Set volume to 11!

  80. Melissa B

    I think that's kind of the point to the song.

  81. Chiara Faggiano

    I saw you last night to the Smashing Pumpkins' concert . You're amazing on stage. Thanks for the great show.

  82. Caroline Pt

    Saw you at the Eurockéennes in France, you guys were awesome !

  83. Jose Jimenez

    by the white stripes ?

  84. Karen Mascola

    The song is really interesting and I like it- however, I could love it if the instrumentals were smoothed out better- it has some discordant and awkward sounds- The breaks in the guitar playing are jarring and the way the drum comes in needs something- timbre has too high a pitch on the drum it needs more bass to carry the sensation of power that would take it up a notch. More bass guitar would also smooth out the sound a lot. but that's just my opinion.

    Kiel Noelo

    Yea but if these guys do that then the song is less Psychotic

  85. BBoy Elefunk

    some good rock

  86. Laurel Lockamy


  87. Matthew McCardy

    Conan showed me my new favorite band.

  88. AdrianHF98

    M O T O 4!!

  89. jesse jones


  90. Jacob Ward

    Sounds like rock and roll to me.

  91. Anna LittleBat

    I saw them yesterday/last night at Chili Cook-Off and they were phenomenal! I talked to Daniel for a bit and he signed my wrist. Defiantly an epic night.

    Patricia Casablancas

    Anna LittleBat why would you get your wrist signed? lol

  92. Katie k

    dont like vidoe. overdramatic. gross


    Met you at Islington, my colleague filmed your interview, hilarious that only about six people clapped your set when you scorched every other band on the bill inc the headliners, your new (upcoming) single sounded absolutely beautiful on first hear and very much looking forward to Orthodox. Vibes to ya :-) x

  94. schofy007

    Just seen you guys this evening, manchester, uk, brilliant set, proper entertained me :)

  95. Luke Castor

    Saw these guys open for Electric Six last weekend. They ripped it up! Looking forward to hearing Orthodox drop.

  96. ugurcan çelikel

    you guys looking like sick But your songs bring me to Life!