Beware Of Darkness - Holy Men Lyrics

Drunk on the blood of Christ
Make the altar boy cry
Choke on the word of the lord
It's only wrong if your parents know
Kneel to a human god
Receive the gift he's got
Cover the mess under your robes
It's only wrong if your parents know

I find hell in the most holy places
I lose my faith in the most sacred spaces
I find hell in the most holy places
I lose my faith in the most sacred spaces

How can you believe?

When the church becomes a sanctuary
For hungry pedophiles and rape
The men in charge of nurturing faith
Trade trust for action on the alter
Move the priest from town to town
So he can spread his enlightenment around
Cool it man everybody sins, everybody sins
He's only human after all


The eyes of god sear your back
You'd do anything to forget
Do you know what happens now
When you deprive man of sexuality
I trusted you to get me through
You gave me hell on earth
Hang the rope I cannot cope
I cannot cope at all

Let the children fall

[Refrain x2]

How can you believe? [x4]

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Beware Of Darkness Holy Men Comments
  1. Mayraly OoO

    >:) ,;-) >:)

  2. Serena Sturdivant

    Where can I buy this ???????? I just bought the orthodox album . I need more !

  3. Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    These guys are just rebelling from their Greek Orthodox church. They should be in church not in a band. Go back to church, its Easter!

    Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    I have the right to bash these guys, they are atheist against my church. This music itself is oppressive, they sound like immature kids who never learned how to grow up.

    Serena Gorbunova

    @Mikhail Kolitwenzew Everyone grows up in his own way, your last sentence has no meaning for me (like all the others, actually). Even if they didn't insult your religion, you can critisize if want, but you can't blame people for using their free expression. Everybody's free to say and think and sing whatever they want, anyway it's art, not politics. Peace.

    Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    You have no idea what you are talking about. You need to grow up.

    Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    Your unbelief is a crutch cause you can't bear the reality of God.


    Come to my house and I'd gladly end your life.

  4. Susie Cee

    buying the EP specifically so i can have this song without stealing it. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

  5. Amanda Lise

    Make this song available in the U.S. please, it's so good.

  6. Libia Sanchez

    Love thisssss

  7. Shawn Elliott

    Wow. These lyrics cut like a straight razor.

  8. Jon Benham

    i know hahaha either you were sarcastic or didnt get what i was saying

  9. The Scavenger

    Beware of Darkness, mang. Read it (the username) and weep (with joy).

  10. Jon Benham

    what is this AMAZING band!!!

  11. Greenslime300

    It's tomorrow, can't wait :D

  12. mrsalexturnercook

    Can't wait to see you in Oakland!!

  13. Chin People From Planet Vodka

    Love this song. Very disturbingly awesome. Can't wait to see you guys at Aftershock Sacramento!!!