Beware Of Darkness - Heart Attack Lyrics

Come on, like anybody cares your mother died
Let me tell the world to stop and have a universal cry

(come and step right over my dead body)

Come on, like I could give a fuck you went to school
Tell me, sugar, what did you learn when you were there now?

(come and step right over my dead body)

Karma Karma Karma
For the Stone in your Heart
Well you thought you were cool but you’re not--
Karma Karma Karma
And you’re meaningless now!
Shake hands with a Leper
Mimic a Manic
Fuck like an Angel
Crack Like A Deviled Egg
If you thought I had a heart, come a Knock Knock Knock on my chest

Come on, like anybody cares you got cancer
Why should anybody in this life care about you…?
Or in this room…?

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Beware Of Darkness Heart Attack Comments
  1. lukaszbe

    01:12 this is so fucking good

  2. Alter the World

    2:13 cry like a deviled egg

  3. Carlo De Simone

    Love this!!!!!

  4. MannInnTheBoxx

    this entiiiiiiiire cd is friggin incredible. my vote for best album of 2013 hands down

  5. Anthony Oliveira

    I heard these guys on locals only on KROQ. I really want to hear them more!

  6. Zé Pedro

    Omg , Buy Heart Atack? Hell yeah ! I will die in the happiest way ever !

  7. Alex Tudoran

    I just discovered this band bcoz of nfs most wanted im so fucking happy right now.

  8. Mason Clark

    Love this song and i can't understand every word

  9. Mason Clark

    Please make a lyric video for this

  10. Dan Robinson

    Have you ever heard of a band being 'alternative rock'? Pretty sure that means they alternate between the sounds they create throughout their songs, they aren't gunna have an album full of 12 tracks similar to 'Howl'. Howl does however represent their work, because they're a rock band.

  11. dresser risse

    They are amazing to see live.

  12. MultiNameck

    They are not that good, Howl is kinda good, but those of us who understand music can easily see that its a song made to sell, and does not represent their actually work, as you can see Howl is the only actually ''good'' song, too bad its still not a true enough song, its easily perceivable that even howl has its bad parts, too sad they cant just jam and make a rock n roll song, instead they make overproduced songs just to sell, which will never happen, since they only have 1 half good song =x

  13. Titanium Rain

    i am so happy i found this band