Beware Of Darkness - Ghost Town Lyrics

Heaven can smile above me
As they watch me drag my chains to hell
Angels they die above me
Raining down from the sky to kiss the desert ground

Mnn Hmm
I feel my end is coming now
I walk alone inside this Ghost Town
Mnn Hmm
Baby won’t you kill me now?
Kill Me Dead inside this Ghost Town

I watched the moon fall dead
It’s such a lovely feeling to know I’m better off -
Kill me please!
Heaven’s gates are closed I’m here forever it seems

Mnn Hmm
Baby won’t you kill me now?
I walk alone inside this Ghost Town
Mnn Hmm
I feel my time is running out
I walk alone inside this Ghost Town

Mnn Hmm
I feel my time is running out
I walk alone inside this Ghost Town
Mnn Hmm
Baby won’t you kill me now?
Kill Me Dead inside this Ghost Town

I bear my Conscience
Day by Day
Night by Night
Year by Year
Life and Death
Breathe by Breathe
Whore by Whore
Pore by Pore

I want to die. I’ve been alive too long

Where’s my savior?

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Beware Of Darkness Ghost Town Comments
  1. taffeta125

    this is my favorite song from Orthodox most of the time - the whole album is insanely great

  2. m bertorelli

    Such an underrated band omg this entire album was flawless

  3. Stephanie Hawkins

    Big fan of Led Zeppelin , now a big fan of this band.

  4. Yuli Vale

    you have all to show us

  5. Alyria James

    There is something raw and sensual about this song. I love BOD, been in love since the first time I heard them!

  6. TryGoFurther AndSucceed


  7. d gd

    This song reminds me of the gunslinger from the dark towers somehow. Anyone else?

  8. Damaris1034

    Someone make a Supernatural fan vid to this awesome song. It would work so well. They have such a savage sensuality to their songs.

  9. Jennifer Quintana

    The Mysteries of Laura brought me here

  10. ꍏꈤꂦꈤꌩꎭꂦꀎꌗꍟ

    Thank you Mysteries Of Laura, this band is amazing. 

  11. InKa4484

    Do they have any other songs with cello or any other stringed instrument that is played with a bow?

  12. Eric Isabell

    I hear so many great influences in this band...Led Zeppelin, Jack White, The Beatles, etc. BOD needs more recognition than they have. This is actual good music, I am a fan.

  13. Stephen Evans

    God, every song the lyrics hit home for me. I'd love to have a conversation with you guys...

    martin Cline

    I met the lead singer, hooked me up with free merch. Hella kool guys

  14. SLB94

    Nice to see some real music is still around now a days

  15. wyatt postlethwaite

    The live version on the Family Value's show is so much more intense.

  16. Emilee Bates

    The guys were on the Korn's Family Values Festival show. They sound alrighty, live.

  17. Tristan Thomas

    You sound insane.

  18. alexandre fortier

    Should have been played*

  19. Lidija Manuel de Homem-Christo

    Amazing omg

  20. Fergus

    Don't suppose anyone could direct me to a guitar tab of this?

  21. Mellissa Hoover

    Kyle is a very talented singer, yes, but i honestly think the lyrics are original. This band is a success, a lot more than you can say for yourself, Kedar Gurjar. Lets see you make a perfect band. You comparing them and saying they suck just makes you look like a jerk.

  22. Taylor ashlynn

    u cant compare a new artist with an older more established artist when the sound is not really the same. espically since beware of darkness is in the new phases of their music for all we know the sound may eventually venture off to a different vibe. (ex. P!ATD debut song "i write sins not tragedies"....few years later..."nourthen downepour") case and point: to early to compare them to anyone yet.

  23. HatchetRecords

    See you at Uproar in Scranton Pa!

  24. J Schmelzer

    I actually like it. It's got a unique flair that isn't very common in rock and roll anywhere. If you prefer your rock cookie cutter (as you seem to do) then you can always go listen to Fallout Boy or some other crappy rock-turned-pop band.

  25. Bonzo

    The guy totally looks like Keith Moon

  26. Noena-Linda Franz

    Very Zeppelin influenced, which is a good thing. I like it!

  27. Balthazar Biloba

    You are killing the myth, men !
    That's not cool... ;)
    I actually think that he is human, i love his music : Uncut, deep, rough emotion, words spitting out of his mouth.
    We are all weak human.

  28. Balthazar Biloba

    Don't mind him, I love Jack White, his music is awesome ! After listening the whole album he shall know that this band is really different ! "Amen amen" "the end of the world" "all who remain" are great masterpieces : This band is going to be the THING if they keep bringing some great music like that.

  29. Jacob Ward


  30. Dan Wearmouth

    I'd rather have a good time and see a good show than have everything note perfect

  31. Darrell Trentham

    Literally just got done seeing these guys open for P.O.D. and Three Days Grace in Tulsa and the lead singer had technical difficulties mid setlist and threw a fit throwing his telecaster back and forth on and off stage cuz he broke a guitar cord. Very disappointing though i did like the music for Howl. He tries too hard to put on a show rather than focusing on playing which became his downfall in the poor performance @ The Brady Theater. First time playing in OK and it may be their last.

  32. Wildjoshy

    Hey, Jack white White is great but this is Beware of Darkness and their songs a harder and more deep when it comes to the meaning of lyrics

  33. John Taylor

    pics or he has gorgeous hair

  34. Joako184

    Why the hell you compare? This guys know how to rock as Jack does. But they are totally different styles. You can't determine who's better in music, it's art not a f*cking sport.

  35. Neurotypical True

    By your logic, half the music in the world shouldn't exist, since you can draw parallels between any kinds of semi-similar sounding music.

  36. Kedar Gurjar

    This music sucks. No doubt the lead singer is talented and sounds good when he jams out but the music, lyrics overall suck. There's already someone named Jack White who does this and does it better.

  37. Adam Helmy

    Is grunge coming back baby?

  38. Adam Helmy

    [email protected] yeah

  39. cougfan33

    Warped Tour. HELL YEA!

  40. itsnathalieslife

    reminds me of soundgarden

  41. Lautaro Tejedor

    From Argentina! Love this song! You will get very far! Hope to go to your concerts ;)

  42. itsnathalieslife

    first time listening to this song/band and so far so good!

  43. Azure

    My favorite song off of the EP.

  44. Jonny Nelms

    cool song i like it,