Beware Of Darkness - End Of The World Lyrics

If you cross my lord, he’ll kill you dead
Annihilate a planet, just cos you can
They relocated heaven, and I’m not telling you where

Down in the basement dodging bombs
Don’t look at my child wrong you pedophile
If you think we hit rock bottom, well you best of look down

Maybe it’s the future coming…?

It’s Alright.
The world is ending every time we close our eyes
So let’s hold hands and die tonight

It’s the end of the world,
And tonight I want to be with you

Genuflect and load your gun
You can do anything if it’s for god
I’m entitled to this life and you are not,
So step back now

Resist the change anyway you can
Be afraid of what you don’t understand
Lock your doors and hide in fear
Cos culture bomb is here

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