Beware Of Darkness - Amen Amen Lyrics

Sometimes I stand on the pier at night
And I wonder how everything is gonna be alright
It’s so dark, you can’t tell the sky from the water
That if I fell, I do believe I’d never ever hit bottom

If you believe in me, I can do anything,

Sometimes I forget that I’m alive
Until I feel your hand, pulse in mine
Your raspberry lips
They breathe color color into me

Like reds, and blues, and purple, yellow too, and violet, and silver, and turquoise too

If you believe in me, I can do anything

Elly, Elly, Don’t You Go Now

Sometimes when I wake up
And watch you put on make up
I forget that one day you’re gonna die

Cos to me you are forever and everything…

Elly you disappeared,
Come Back Into My Life

If you believe in me, I can do anything

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Beware Of Darkness Amen Amen Comments
  1. Earmark Audiology, LLC

    God.. this song is just everything.

  2. Pablo H.

    Such a beautiful lyrics

  3. S.R.

    i wanna have his shirt <3 and a CD

  4. MrJereTV

    CG is coming :D

  5. flauze

    found this song on a christian guzman fitness channel

  6. Daniel Alvarado

    This song is perfect for a walk at midnight to anywhere , where it's dark and lonely .

  7. coffee thrills

    Nothing's more perfect than beware of darkness..nothing.

  8. caja 88


  9. MrPapamoon

    did anyone else think this was a girl singing

  10. Gage Pendergast

    Thank you 90.5 FM WBER The only station that matters!

  11. Brian Light

    love his voice, this is one of the best new bands out, so raw

  12. inquiring mind

    "if you believe in me, i can do anythingggggggggggggg...................."

  13. Emily


  14. Maurizio Pregely

    my birthday man

  15. Howard Miller III

    Reminds me of the Beatles a lil...

  16. General H

    Jesus this song is great. I had given up on rock and roll...seriously, these guys could save it if they want to. The drummer kicks ass big time.

  17. David ishott

    prove it

  18. Jeff Rogers

    Oh yeah? Well I've been playing half as long as you, but I'm twice as good.

    Daniel Curcio

    Yeah buddy prove it

  19. donut0401

    Yeah man! I met them at the Vinyl and they are really down to earth amazing people too! Its extremely hard to find nice AND talented musicians around these days!!!

  20. iplaydrums98

    the drummer and bassist are still fantastic musicians

  21. Laurel Lockamy

    luv it!!!! ROCK AND ROLL :)

  22. Connie Milano

    such a fantastic unique voice

  23. Joey Ponsiglione

    the album is really sweet. this one sticks in my head along with Sweet Girl. what a rockin band, really glad to have seen them live, randomly. GETONIT!

  24. Robin K

    i can't buy this album on itunes.... it's awesome! i'd love to support.. perhaps it's getting too many downloads right now?

  25. iplaydrums98

    This band is once of the most talented bands to come forth in a long time