Beware Of Darkness - All Who Remain Lyrics

Tell the one above he's a criminal
For taking and giving life like marble candy
Everything collapses around me
Overwhelms and astounds me
A Terrible Truth

When you leave this life, the world will be a darker place for
All Who Remain
When you leave this life, the world will be a darker place for
All Who Remain
And the light you gave the human race will go away...

I see you every time that I close my eyes
I Hum every lullaby that you used to sing
You never know the last time you'll see someone
So give them all of your love
Cause they'll disappear

When you leave this life, the world will be a darker place for
All Who Remain
When you leave this life, the world will be a darker place for
All Who Remain
And the light you gave the human race will go away...

If I can't have you in this life
Then I don't want this life at all
Cause there's nothing in this broken world
That I'll ever love as much

I called and I called but you never picked up
And I cried and I cried but you never woke up
You died and you died without asking me first
You left me all alone here on Earth

When you leave this life the world will be a darker place for
All Who Remain
When you leave this life the world will be a darker place for
All Who Remain
When you leave this life the world will be a darker place for
All Who Remain
When you leave this life the world will be a darker place for
All Who Remain

We are all
We are all who remain
We are all
We are all who remain

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Beware Of Darkness All Who Remain Comments
  1. Alejandro Gutierrez

    Among everything, this band knew what it was doing releasing this song on a Cold Rainy day, (Atleast in my city) Anyway...2019 Yall!!!

  2. benmac1977

    Why are yelling songs so popular??

  3. Betzy Zambrana


  4. MegaRockMusik

    2019 is shit...

    I have lost my cousin last week, he was just 17 😢
    This song helps me in my situation. It hurts so much that I could not say goodbye to him

  5. Natalya Lycan

    Does anybody know where the video got taken?

  6. Dakota Irelan

    I miss you

  7. fl6stringer

    The 100 brought me to Howl. From there, I eventually made it here. From here, I will continue my journey of discovery.

  8. Dontavious Bolden

    2019, Iowa. Wowwww beautiful, wonderful🤝🤝🤝🎆🎆🎆🎆

  9. red panda

    6 years later... still my favorite song...

  10. will yates

    Jami lynn is a whore

  11. Tony Tony

    Ellie Novak.

  12. Andrea Kegg

    This song always reminds me of my daughter who passed away from a house fire 15 years ago... she died without asking me first and this world is a darker place....

  13. Rain Spider

    I don't think anysong has ever made a grown man cry as much as this. Holy shit you guys are good.

  14. Daniel Alvarado-Angeles

    I love this song.

  15. evulmievl

    Found this song shortly after losing my father. I held his hand when they pulled the plug. This song hits hard.

  16. Frank Darker

    It's not on Spotify

  17. Meagan Stone

    I listen to this song every time I want to commit suicide. I’m still here.

  18. MrIgorek13

    Brilliant !

  19. Jenna Dean

    Tommy u are missed! August 26th 2017 will always b on my mind. And u left a hole inside us all when u made the choice to leave us. U thought no1 needed u and wanted u here. U thought we wouldnt miss u. But ur home and ur son fell apart without u and i couldnt save it. But im fighting for a better sober life in ur name. I hope to make u proud!!

  20. Chrussu Blah

    I heard this song about two years ago and loved it.
    Today I was looking up some BoD Songs again and found this song again and after just recently lost both of my grandparents within 3 months of each other (grandpa died of old age, my Grandma was run over by a car...) and now I can just understand how painful and deep this song was all along. I wasnt able to See seither of the for almost 2 years before They died because I was waiting on my greencard, and I was only able to attend one of the funerals in Germany. It was heartbreaking and this just just puts it perfectly on how heartbreaking it can be

  21. M G

    beautiful. a great set of words to read as an epitaph

  22. Brenda Olivarez

    first heard this song walking on A Cold, Cloudy day on my ipod's Radio.

  23. Mari Sundell

    This song 🙏😢😘💯

  24. Mark R.e.z

    I m Brazilian and i love yours songs..

  25. a i d a n

    I'm in tears.

  26. Jenna Dean

    In memory of my uncle. U left us too soon!!

  27. Nanna Kalmar

    I is not a small letter.

  28. Barry B Benson

    Emily fritts brought me here from painkillers by rainbow kitten surprise!

  29. Abigail Faith

    There is something so powerful about this song to me. My boyfriend committed suicide 10 days ago. He called me the night he did it, and left me a voicemail... I was asleep and couldn’t get to the phone. The next morning I woke up and listened to his voicemail and it was so sad and disturbing... telling me I deserve someone better. And that he’s had a rough patch lately and has been stuck in this dark place. He didn’t tell me what he was planning on doing. He just wanted me to know how much he missed me and cared about me and to say goodbye. I’ll never stop feeling guilty for not answering that phone call. I was the only one he called. He tried to reach out, but I wasn’t there. This song speaks to me so strongly, and it’s comforting to find a piece of music that resonates with my heart so much.
    “I called and I called but you never picked up. And I cried and I cried by you never woke up. You died and you died without asking me first. You left me alone here on earth.”

  30. Robert and Rosalie Hurtado

    This music video is shot in ojai CA and I'm currently working on cleaning up this trail for the ojai fire fighters , Thomas fire rescue relief team#hotshots#ojaistrong😂

  31. Gravity Bookings

    dedicate this to Emery Becker rest in peace, please

  32. Brandon Hendrixson

    Great song

  33. Dani Wayne

    I miss you grannyB. So much..❤💔

  34. Alex Pérez

    Es algo increíble que esta banda no tenga el reconocimiento que merece

  35. Johna Curtis

    I miss you darling, I'll always miss you

  36. Kassie

    I listen to this at the grave yard all the time. It touches my heart. Thank you for writing it.

  37. Mary Louisa

    For my best friend, lost 2 years ago today. I love you- always, always. <3

  38. hard time

    Thinking about j.j bucks.
    Jake and Jerry

  39. Mikhail Kolitwenzew

    Song is sad

  40. a i d a n

    This song is just perfekt.

  41. Rae Gnesevich

    I always find my way back to this video. Over the years this song always helps bring me some peace when thinking of friends i've lost

  42. evankennedy 0059


  43. lanzazhong

    这首歌后劲太足了 太感人了,我也许是中国最爱这首歌的人了! 绝对会永远在我一生的Top 10 List上!

  44. Jessica K

    I lost my beloved mother almost 6 months ago god I miss her so much :(
    beautiful song

  45. TheXx1nfinityxX

    i heard this in the radio.. but i was expecting it to have more views.

  46. Mariah Calderon

    My good friend past away in do to a tragic accident November of last year as well as my Papa. This song is beyond belief relatable. I'm glad there's this to finally pin point how I've been feeling. I've of course been a big fan for a couple years but it just really hits the nail in the head this time of year. Thank you guys.

  47. Sarah Henry

    My absolute favorite band.

  48. Lesley Wisniewski

    I first heard this song within days of my mom passing on Iowa's Rock 108. Here's to BOD and Lou Brutus for helping me pick up the pieces. I dedicated this song to her. Fly high momma bear. 1/30/56- 1/9/14

    It's Alice

    Lesley Wisniewski iowa ;^;


    why would you do this to the ones that love you!?

  50. ben nu

    this is an example of a song that will really change your life. god bless u guys

  51. dejvicerules

    Quite good song. Best part is 2:36

    Vicki Shiroda

    dejvicerules why?


    Because of the heavy riff..

  52. Hannah B

    Why won't you come to England yet 😤😤😤


    They supported Smashing Pumpkins a few years ago (how I discovered them) and I've been awaiting their return since!

  53. Kate Ness

    I saw you guys for the first time wth The Struts in Gainesville days ago... and I was so impressed. This song gets me righttt in the feels.

  54. Midnight Gold1

    hey guy I'm Nicks mom from Charming Liars.. He gave me your cd and I feel it all........great talent keep up the music you create........peace and love to the universe

  55. Cindy-Leah Weisner

    So obsessed with this song... Perfection

  56. The Otaku

    Such a amazing song! it Inspires me. you guys are the best! keep up the good work! Beware of Darkness reminds me of Led Zepplin I don't know why.

  57. Rafael Machado

    woah! first heard love

  58. littleBambi94

    this song is so beautiful and moving! perfect in every way <3

  59. Jeremy Curry

    I just recently found out about this band, and this has gotta be my favorite song I've heard of theirs. I really wish I had heard of them sooner.

  60. Eanna Wolohan

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  61. Lea Conway

    I don't know why but this song just gets me so

  62. Call Me Cadejo

    only recently did we find out that an old estranged friend's father was suddenly very sick.

    today I found out he died. this song hurts so much, but maybe that's why I need it right now.

    Rest In Peace, Mr. K.

  63. Sam McDougal

    This is such a beautiful song

    Dylan-rae Reinhart

    +Sarah McDougal couldn't agree more, I need to thank Spotify for recommending me such gold.

  64. Skeve !

    how did rock devolve from led zeppelin to this?

    Daniel Curcio

    Times are changin "Skeve"!

  65. Luke Jennings

    I love this song so much. It's not usually my style but damn is this a good song.

  66. caseybug1110

    i just found out my best friend might die... She's the most beautiful kind person ever so I have to make sure she gets to december 16th, the day after her birthday.

    Daddy long Schlong

    +caseybug1110 wut

    blue silk

    +caseybug1110 - Damn lol :/

    Daniel Curcio

    My birthday is December 17th! I hope your friend is well. Praying for you.-Daniel (Beware of Darkness)

    Byron Brycen

    Daniel Curcio Thank you for making good music, you have inspired me to pick up my acoustic again (I have not practice in a couple weeks). I also hope his friend good luck and wellness.

    if you're reading this it's too late

    What happened?

  67. Keywork55

    OMG Finally! I looked for this song for over two hours it was stuck at the top of my head i went through 8 months of computer history and couldn't find it my head was literally hurting. I'm so relieved that i finally found it.

    Good song.

    Jayla Retif

    I feel this way since I lost my Dad . Never will I understand r go 1 day without thinking about him . I do feel as this song says "It Is Darker Without Him Here . No one could ever even compare to the love he gave . At the time he didn't feel like he was doing enough , but in truth he gave me something i haven't felt since is horrible death . ( fire). I LOVE U DADDY N MISS U MORE THAN LIFE , I WOULD GIVE MINE TO HAVE 1 MORE DAY WITH YOU ,!! Love Baby Girl

  68. Commander Jess

    This was playing on the radio the day after I found out my great uncle passed away. He was one the biggest inspirations in my life even though I knew him for only like 6 years. He was a great man, it was sad watching him going in and out of the hospital at the end. Now, at least he is with his wife sitting and watching over me.

  69. caleb christiansen

    I wont tell you my story, its far to long and to dsrk for me to share online, but ill tell you this; i never cry. This song madr be cry, a rush of emotions and images hit me so hard i fell, and i cried over every soul thsy i lost and every soul others lost

  70. George Wang

    It's so nice to have a comments section where no one is talking about what stupid show brought them here.


    Saints Row IV brought me here *trololo*

    Daniel Alvarado-Angeles


  71. Arty


  72. Mariam b

    everytime i hear this song i feel like removing my ears, blending them up, and using them as a nice sourdough base for bread that i will then feed to the birds at my local park then i will remove their beaks, and swallow them whole, ripping my esophagus and the lining of my stomach, and killing me SO I NEVER HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT AGAIN. the ONLY reason i refrain is that i know that my asshole coworkers would dedicate this song to me and play it while i was being lowered into the ground.

    Chisana Neko

    despite how poetic that was, why do you hate it so much? It's a great song.

  73. scott helman

    I love this freakin song

  74. Tom Middleton

    This band are no where near as well known and appreciated as they should be.... awesome song.

  75. those period girls

    Bentley James Bahr
    Baby boy, you were only 21 months old when your mommys boyfriend.beat you to death.You fought for so long and so hard.Everybody loves you baby!!! The evil man who did this deserves to die and be in jail for the rest of his life.

    Gavs tiktok uraverageidiot

    I may not know you or Bently but I'm sorry for ur loss...

  76. jennifer hill

    I'm just wondering why there aren't more views than this?..........

  77. Lee Gullyhigh

    Such a beautiful song! It's a pity the guitar fills during the second verse are a little loud, they get softer towards the end of that verse and it makes it sound so much better! But still beautiful song!

  78. Bill Miller

    Such an amazing song but I can't stop picturing Steve Smith (Scott Grimes) from American Dad singing this. The vocal match is down right uncanny.

  79. Plastic Bag

    I found this song a couple months ago, around the time my grandmother was diagnosed with ALS. She passed away yesterday morning and it didn't hit me till just now when I was playing this song on guitar. This is more than a song, to me, and so many other people. I wish I could feel this much love every day, but not quite in this way. I love you Gram. Catch you on the flip side.

  80. David Eirikis

    Anyone in recovery can relate to this song. Powerful but simple.

    Alicia Marshall


    Carey Seaver

    you said the truth there for sure !! if no one hasn't faced an addiction or watched someone close to them face it wouldn't know how it relates to it so much but me myself has been facing my own addiction for three years now and before that watched the one and only man I have loved more then life its self ( my father!!!) suffer from addiction for 22 years and due to his choices he made to fulfill that emptiness with the demon of addiction he sadly left me here on earth all alone on march 24, 2014 and when this song says ' if I can't have you in this life then I Dont want this life at all cuz there's nothing in this broken world that I've ever ever loved as much ' hits the nail on the head !!! miss you dad can't wait to see you again when my time comes but not just yet dad not just yet !

    Daniel Soares

    Or when u lost someone u love a lot... like me.

  81. Michael B

    So great. Real music at it's best. Honest. Heartfelt.

  82. TJ Scott

    Kyle keeps the magic coming. Damn!

  83. Rodrigo López

    Wow :'DD

  84. thehawk5119

    This a great piece of music! the raw carnage sounds of vocals, guitar and drums layers a perfect orchestra of an almost classic rock sound. The American rock industry desperately needs to sign more bands like this one . Good job boys!

  85. Kevin Ortega

    I love this song!

  86. Matthew Tiwebemal

    One of my favorites! So touching

  87. Krista Ginn

    Me and dad heard it on the radio and searched it we both tear up when we hear thos song best song i have ever heard

  88. Alvin Rieske

    It's about his mom dying

  89. Xeorack


  90. BrassGuitar

    Well, someone had issues as child. Still, great song.


    How do you get this from a song?  Sounds like he had issues with a very close person dying.  Now, go back under that rock troll.

  91. Hoktee Power

    I think about my husband when I listen to this. He died this June after we found out he had cancer in March before his birthday. He died five days short of us knowing each other for three years. Never knew someone could love me as much as he did. Never knew that I could love someone as much as him either. I'll live like you told me to babe. I'll make my dreams reality. For you.

    Jesus Rodriguez

    @Hoktee Power in life you are to inevitably face the darkest challenges and brightest victories. birth and death go hand in hand. both change you drastically but it is the imprint they leaves that forms your character. i applaud you strong woman

    Jodi Waters

    Hoktee Power played this at my husband's funeral I buried him on his 29th birthday he was my love but had a drug problem told I'd be better without him the song is so amazing because it fits when you lose a love I felt like he told me he was going to I begged not and the day he did he texted me called me then wouldn't take them and overdosed so girl feel your pain and love he told I want to look down and see you smile all the time knowing my love was with you


    Hoktee Power- My father died in June 2014, just hours before my birthday. The next day I discovered this song. He died of cancer too.

    Tommy Taylor

    do not know you but i am so sorry that you had toendure this brother dies as well with the same sickness...God Bess

  92. Lisa Moore

    I miss my Grandma a lot. I think of her every time I hear this song.

    Sydney Gray

    Lisa Moore me tooooooooooo

  93. Celeste Quijas

    Hurts so gooood.

  94. 4ustincoop

    If I can't have you in this life then I don't want this life at all...

    What a powerful lyric... wow

  95. Hola7734

    This song sums up my last few days, my boyfriend who's only 30 had a heart attack Wed night and died for a couple minutes, I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out listening to this, even though I absolutely love it, its a good sad song

    Lisa Moore

    Awwe, I hope all is well with your boyfriend.

  96. Jenny The 1st

    Beware of darkness holds so much meaning to my life. Their songs, oh my, are just amazing. I listen to most of their songs every single day. How are they not big yet? Like seriously they are my favorite band. Each member holds a special talent, but one day they are going to be super big and I'm going to be there supporting them till the end.