Beverley Knight - Greatest Day Lyrics

mmm... the greatest day, yeah
Gonna tell you
(ah ooh oooh)
Ooh yeah
Feelin' good now

It's a good thing the air feels cool today
And it's better that God don't send the rain
And it's best if heaven holds back the clouds
'Cos inside of me there's fire untamed

See, everyday I find a four leaf clover
Everyday Lady Luck is at my door
And all of the fear I fight is in remission
To come around no more

And I'm feelin' good (oh really)
Never better (never better)
In fact, it's the greatest day of my life (the greatest day, the greatest day)
And I'm feelin' good (so good)
Never better (never better)
In fact, it's the greatest day of my life

It's a good thing your heater broke down today
And it's better you keep them drinks on ice
And it's best if you got them chills down in your soul (ooh)
'Cos the heat inside of me will surely suffice, yeah

And none of the world's restraints could ever hold me
And none of the superficial could tie me down
And none of the pain I felt is enough to break me
See my face was never made to cry

And I'm feelin' good (so good)
Never better (never better)
In fact, it's the greatest day of my life (mmm the greatest day, the greatest day)
And I'm feelin' good (alright)
Never better (never better)
In fact, it's the greatest day of my life

Ow hey-hey yeah
The greatest day
Come in The sun is shining out
It's all good in my hood yeah
Everybody happy
Sun smilin'
So someone tell me what the day is today

Greatest day
And I'm feelin' good (ooh ooh yeah)
Never better (never better, no)
In fact, it's the greatest day of my life (ooh it's the greatest day)
And I'm feelin' good (hey hey)
Never better (never better, no)
In fact, it's the greatest day of my life (whoah-whoah greatest day, greatest day)

And I'm feelin' good (ooh ooh yeah)
Never better (mmm, never better, no, no)
In fact, it's the greatest day of my life (ooh it's the greatest day of my life)
And I'm feelin' good (hey hey)
Never better (never better, people)
In fact, it's the greatest day of my life (Ooh, I'm feeling so good everything is alright)

Could you qualify that? (never better)
And what day is today people? (the greatest day of my life ah ooh ooh)
(never better ooh)
And what day is it? (whoah-oah greatest day, greatest day, ah)
The greatest day
Feeling good
Feeling better
Feeling alright
Somebody stop the sun in the sky for me
(ooh somebody stop me)

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Beverley Knight Greatest Day Comments
  1. Nidz Mldnvc

    It's important to point out that this is CLASSIC MIX and not original (which is also awesome)

  2. Francille St. Claire

    Big Mood 💕👌🏾

  3. FoYoSoull

    Love this song. Such a tune

  4. jack jackson3

    Fantastic song... She one of those great gem's

    jack jackson3

    I love to See this lady.. As judge on Talent competitions...

  5. Nikky Kaz

    This one takes me back.. brilliant

  6. Steevenlight75

    I’ve never heard this song of her, and I know who she is but 🤷🏽‍♂️. And I love this one. So catchy. Reminds me the end of the 90s 😍😫. I miss this cool era

  7. Scott Taylor

    old school magic

  8. Jacques Tsang

    Finally I found it here! I've searched for this song for more than 10 years once I heard it on radio. Greatest day of my life!

  9. Chrissie Clements

    Luv this song by Beverly knight, sound as good now as it did then.

  10. Nohamme Kellz

    I love Bervery Knight so underrated a Rnb Queen from Uk 🇬🇧 I love her god bless


    Nohamme Kellz you're gorgeous though. 😆

  11. nichole Knight

    gwan miss Beverly! still a tune in 2017 😊

  12. Nata Lye

    trop beau le miaouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  13. Robin Hall

    💞 O.M.G!!! 😘 LO💕VE this ARTIST!!! 🌈 🎶 🎶

  14. lil shortee Greaves

    got a very positive vibe to this

  15. Lesley Hanson

    adeva is the greatest tunes for me x

  16. twentee100

    Greatest day of my life was meeting the lovely miss Beverley Knight❤️🙌

    Robin dunford

    Bev is just so lovely.

  17. Louise Crouch

    I love this song.

  18. Jean Boubou

    this song makes me happy☺

    Robin dunford

    me too.

  19. Jean Boubou

    this song gives positive vibes☺

  20. Jean Boubou

    wow so nice and so positiv☺☺

  21. xbecxxx

    Amazing so so underrated.

  22. fatwalletboy2

    lets hear jennifer phillips sing this jp on x factor!

  23. Philipene Romaine

    I love most types of music but country music is my favorite

  24. noory974

    Cos inside of me there's fire untamed

  25. noory974

    It's 'cos inside of me there's fire untamed'

  26. tdark987

    Also, am I the only one who hears "in sodomy there's fire untamed"? 0.o

    T C

    You're not, no. One other person hears that ;-)


    it's "inside o' me" actually. haha! but good one.

  27. tdark987

    "Act Like You Know" with different lyrics... Not itself a problem, but I do wish they'd give credit where it's due - this isn't a sample, it's the *whole song*.

    brenda jackson

    I've just listened to 'Act Like You Know', you're right.


    Yesss ! Same for Deni Hines ITS ALRIGHT

  28. Jaz Morrison

    Still a great song

  29. taketoify


  30. Matty McCourt

    Brilliant, love it

  31. twentee100

    Love this thank you xx

  32. Robin dunford

    Bev is just fantastic. 

  33. Mike Anas

    This song gives me a good mood!! And it makesme feel so good! Neve better! ;)

  34. SoidStep

    GTA vice city xD COOL

  35. veronica machabe

    i used to luv jamin 2 this track in the morning back in my high skul days........

  36. mike true

    A real lady.............powerful, yougsters tshould learn , what is good music, not the crap, most of the "artists" do.............


    jajajjajaja Gwan!! ANunfo!!!!!!! jajjajaajaj I wonder where you & Mark

  38. countdownda

    My JAM : ) Takes me back

  39. RaigBow

    <3 this song, I'd lol if the car ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere, would it still be the greatest day of her life?

  40. lio6869

    une DIVA

  41. Millstone .Lodge

    Bev. You are wonderful. Never stop entertaining us. You should be leagues above where you are.

  42. lindylooscoobydoo

    Fab - bought this when my son was born !!

  43. TxmxthyJS

    This song is great, this music video is even better, she looks great in it, it was one of Jake Nava's earliest music video's before he became a really successful music director. I mean during these late 90's videos he became a ver successful.

  44. Married-to-music

    @studdb0i Looking for attention............try the Stormfront forum full of low IQ idiots like yourself craving attention.

  45. Empress Renay

    i wish someone had "so happy" by Beverley Knight on youtube :(

  46. spottydog4477

    @studdb0i keep you foul mouth in your bedroom....sonny

  47. afrosensuous

    That's a replayed bassline of "Help is On The Way" by the Whatnauts....also jahein used a similar bassline.

  48. mich260171

    toujours aussi old school.j'adore.

  49. Themba Nyirenda

    great song....all day every day.

  50. Fenlandboy

    The song rocks!!!

  51. dampslipmatt

    summer claxic mix off tha cd.bev rocks!!

  52. leag77

    Aaaaaamazing track! A classic

  53. Bobbyliciousxxx (Bobbylu)

    Ouch!!! I love this song xxxx

  54. xxrobsluckyxx

    I Love this song...HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!

  55. stu rizi

    amazing vocals, amazing feel good song

  56. bea mcc

    her best song by far

  57. MomSaysImCool

    This guy is correct!

  58. TrueNature

    alright, B knight cover 'act like you know' good to hear that bassline again..

  59. A Mitchell

    this song is just awesome. .good stuff. [croydon UK] frm annie

  60. Amar Bahra

    Such a great song Nice feel good stuff...but the guy in the video is soooooo lame Whoever did the casting was crap! He looks so lost and abit weird! Not the trumpet guy The other one...thats what i think anyway! :-)

  61. Hattie Griffiths

    i love her! shes got such a good voice! :-)

  62. masterglen3

    aww congratulations!

  63. rayman760

    wot a voice wow!

  64. skymuffn

    Love this song!! Never saw the video. Funny I always play this cruising with the convertible.

  65. chipsychaps