Between The Trees - A Time For Yohe Lyrics

As she sits in the corner
Face to the floor
She dispels smoke from from her lips
And slowly floats away with it
Letting go of so much pain
Her tears are thick enough to stain
The pavement that slowly becomes
Her best friend when she needs to run away

This is your time to weep
This is your time to mourn
Not yet time to build up
Just a time to tear down
Old walls

Does it help to say I'm sorry
If so than I'm sorry that your so unhappy
This life those lies are starting get you down
Darling don't let them drag you around
Saying "it's my fault" doesn't help repeated
Time, love and Jesus seems to beat it
She'll find out this is harder than
Taking medicine

This is your time to weep
This is your time to mourn
Not yet time to build up
Just a time to tear down
This is your time to weep
This is your time to mourn
Not yet time to build up
Just a time to tear down

We're still waiting for the fire
We're still waiting for the fire
Seeing smoke and waiting for the fire
We're still waiting for the fire
We're still waiting for the fire
Seeing smoke and waiting for the fire
We're still waiting for the fire

This is your time to weep
This is your time to mourn
Not yet time to build up
Just a time to tear down
This is your time to weep
This is your time to mourn
Not yet time to build up
Just a time to tear down
Old walls

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Between The Trees A Time For Yohe Comments
  1. r e d

    Sometimes I go listen to the ~°emo2k8°~` music I used to listen to when I was a teenager and usually when I relisten it really sucks, but this is one of those rare times its still decent and relevant lol.

  2. F2X PR02P3C7

    im a very big heavy metal fan, but my friend asked me to hear this,
    dis guy has a great voice and i like it

  3. Lauren Turnbull

    God I have missed this song.

  4. Lauren Turnbull

    God I have missed this song.

  5. whutevenhappedbro

    this song is about Renee Yohe from TWLOHA.

  6. iamaa_ron

    God, I've missed this song.

  7. Josh Ruth

    Got a spooky feeling listening to this song. Use to listen to it all the time when I was suffering with depression. 

    Eric Day

    I still am mate

    Ariana Michelle

    Josh Ruth same...

  8. Benny Castillo Moreno my small fish tank

    This I a great chirstian band I have there cr

  9. del norte knights

    stop bullying today know the time pleas

  10. Esmeralda Jimenez

    Crying I fucking love this song

  11. Linda Ventura

    Crying. Crying so hard.

  12. katierosefun

    I really want to cry now...

  13. Thank You Gintama

    This song is so amazing.. always makes me emotional.. i need this so much right now

  14. Sobia Khokhar

    So fucking beautiful <3

  15. CutsLeadToNoseBleeds

    Actually it's about the girl To Write Love On Her Arms was based on, do your research.

  16. Charline zimmermann

    Can someone explain this song to me?

  17. TheMysterious2634

    Yeah don't call me heartless or something like that, but this song isn't as great when you're not depressed. :I

  18. Maggie Brogan

    As I said. Not always in the way we want.

  19. amy

    Egsactly :) Everyone'd be fine

  20. amy

    I only pray to have £1million in my bank, HINT, HINT

  21. amy

    He doesnt. He tells us to get lost.... I dont realy believe in him

  22. amy

    No, its Between the trees singing an awsome song :))

  23. isabel vazquez

    Amen, stay strong

  24. serial cookie

    This song is for my bb girl Paris♥

  25. toxxicbeautyx

    actually this is between the trees singing about renee yohe, the face behind twloha...

  26. sydnee hunt

    I cry everytime I hear this song...

  27. Maggie Brogan

    Jesus cares for those who believe, I think. He answers prayers but not in the way we want.

  28. Jenna Loope

    D djskskam

  29. Jenna Loope

    I agree. If Jesus loves me he wouldn't let me be in so much pain that I need to cut myself. No offense to anyone, my dad is Mormon so I have already got the leacture about it being trials so don't say it

  30. Thaís Barbosa

    If Jesus cared, nobody would be cutting :)

  31. Jennifer G

    I mean, if you believe in Jesus, great. This song mentions Jesus, and you should let Him take your pain. If you don't believe in Jesus, Okay. That doesn't mean you have to tell everyone here. That goes for Christians, too. But keep in mind, they do mention Jesus, so please, stop complaining, or starting debates, or starting arguments.

  32. Gizzy Diavolo-Thomas

    if you check out the twloha website it explains everything on there.. altough theres loads on here about renne yohe.

  33. stxphxny

    It's about a girl named Renee Yohe who as a teen did drugs, self-harmed, tried to commit suicide, and such. Then her friends got her into a rehab center but the night before she was admitted she cut "FUCK UP" on her arm and they made her wait another week or so before she can get in. That's how To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) started. She's better now and Between The Trees wrote two songs for her. This one and The Way She Feels.

  34. Reenie Chavez

    I haven't really researched about it but from what i've heard it's about a girl named rachel yohe. She used to self harm herself and do drugs and i think eventually she got help and got better. Meh, don't quote me though cause i haven't actually researched any of it myself that's just what someone told me.

  35. Cici Nikole

    I never said he wasn't real. But there's a lot of people who don't believe in him. I'm Wiccan, but I also can't know 100% what will happen after I die.

  36. CB Murdock

    That doesn't make Him any less real or any less Truth. With love, friend. HMU if you want to chat about this.

  37. Kiera :)

    fucking love his song

  38. Cici Nikole

    And what if you're not Christian? Not saying I'm not, I haven't found my religion yet, but someone who doesn't believe in God wouldn't turn to Jesus.

  39. beccaluvstu

    <3 omg this is amazing .

  40. Steve Rychard

    i love it when a song actually makes me feel better and relates to me

  41. Ashlee wHITE

    Why is it called a time for "Yohe" ? Im very confused. Please help?

  42. Chris Palmer

    Yahweh God loves you.

  43. AMVLover058

    I though its "mourn" not "morn" o.e

  44. cristianrockerchick

    "I was once blind but now i see."
    If you can't see the true meaning of this song, your just blind.
    End of story.

  45. aakanke

    Well Im sorry but i don't see religion in a song. I only understand what it means to me.

  46. FIREYICEangel

    @SirChuzzable Got a problem ?

  47. Jennifer G

    Wow..... seriously? You guys are telling people that "God doesn't help"? That only you can help yourself? Thats not true. Not in the slightest.... God got me through everything. He put the few adults I trust and respect in my life. Stop hating and listen to the music.

  48. Jennifer G

    @Emobabe3456 Sometimes people need something to hope for, because they aren't strong enough. God is. God is the ultimate rock in a terrible storm. Sometimes believing in yourself just doesn't work. Stop trying to tell people their view on life is wrong.

  49. Jennifer G

    @Aakanke This song is about God...... Did you not hear it? I'm terribly sorry, but telling someone to leave religion out of a religious song is not the brightest thing to do.....

  50. aakanke

    Can we leave god out of this please, and enjoy the music :)

  51. ForgottenRoar

    @Emobabe3456 thank you >-

  52. kevtheiofjgv


    I strongly agree. However, sometimes people just need to believe in something.

  53. Madison Tatum

    The weeping at the end... No words. Love this song <3

  54. Giuli datsme

    i love you guys so much, your music has meaning and i can really feel the emotions.

  55. JaySalious

    @Mmmathers4 ~ I don't think you actually understand the lyrics... It was only her 'mind' / her 'awareness' that floated away, she escaped from everything mentally, not physically. So obviously her physical being was still there, hence why she left tear stains.... Besides Between the Trees didn't write what you are criticising... the first verse came from Renee Yohe's diary, they wrote the rest of the song around that verse.

  56. Aimee Elizabeth

    @Mmmathers4 Fuck you. If you are just here to criticize, then leave. It isn't about the metaphors, its the meaning of the song that matters. Why would you even nitpick at the little metaphors? Just enjoy the song, or don't. It really doesn't matter to me, but if you don't, then just go to a different song. Simple as that.

  57. Matt S

    @liviehorselover yes. And how you shouldn't.

  58. Allison Eastham

    @pinkweenies1627 No problem. Well, she attempted suicide, she didn't commit it. But yeah, it is extremely sad.

  59. Allison Eastham

    @pinkweenies1627 Hahaha, it's alright. It's called, Purpose for the Pain, Renee's full name is Renee Yohe, if you want the author as well. :3

  60. uniquedaydreamer1996

    love it! :D <3 gud job

  61. makayla lewis

    this songis amazing i can never stop listing to this song i realy need to get there cd :d cuz when i start driving (next year) i will crank up the music and stuff

  62. Emily Cassidy

    this song was for girls who want to/did commit suicide. wow. i love this, it's helped me, so much.

  63. Sophia Lentz

    Renne Yohe= My hero and one of the reasons I am making an effort to quit self harm.

  64. BlackRose42379

    No dislikes (: that tells you something (: xx

  65. FIREYICEangel

    this is God telling me to stop cutting my self and to say screw everyone else and live for him.

  66. xXForeverFreeXx

    @lild00t not neccesarilly live just acoustic

  67. beatrix

    this is a beautiful song - and Renee is SO BEAUTIFUL.
    i've been hurting myself for a while now, not just cutting, but having too hot showers, and picking at my legs and arms with my fingers.
    i'm so lucky to have a beautiful friend who told me to text him when i'm upset enough to do it, and he always makes me feel so much better.
    everyone reading this, if you know someone who hurts themselves, tell them to talk to you when they are upset, they'll love you for it s2

  68. Caroline hæ

    I love this song. I love TWLOHA. I love Between The Trees.

    To those of you who's going through a tough time, I give you my best wishes. I've been through shit as well. And well. Of course: it isn't a good place to be in.

    Speaking of Between The Trees, why did they quit???? (I'm kinda new to them.) It's sad. u.u

  69. wwjdrirolian

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
    "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:
    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace."
    I love Between the Trees and the messages in their music for people who are hurting. Thank you for helping me!

  70. laurenhooba

    this is your time to weep, this is your time to mourn
    not yet time to build up, just to build it up and tear it all down. probably the best song lyrics i've ever heard in my whole life.

  71. Khoi Pham

    I can honestly say every BTT song is perfect. its tragic that they broke up.

  72. Matt Ragan

    Poor replay button D': you were wonderful while you lasted.

  73. KimmiexDreaMzz

    @Nickismyname7 yea, ik, ii'll try...thx(:♥ (<--thats mii smexii signature right there^^)

  74. KimmiexDreaMzz

    my friend sent meh this song...explains how ii actually feel...and he sees through everything fake outside of meh that covers how ii rly feel inside, and sees that im in pain inside, and the pain is building it up evn more b/c idk how ta show how im feeling..ii always lock mii feelings inside myself...and cover it u w/ a fake smile and pretending that im happy when ii rly wanna jus sit in the corner and cry....this song is rly good, and ii continuously listen to it too...(:♥

  75. Jpvblaze

    @biggestbgfan You will love it! I just finished it today and I loved every page of it.

  76. Zach Kolsum

    @lild00t Yeah, preferably a nice quality one.

  77. Zach Kolsum

    Please put up the acoustic version.

  78. j-dawg dizzel

    To Write Love On Her Arms <3

  79. Devina Lee Sheng Tin

    I love this song and am trying to buy the book

  80. EatMyCrayonzz

    @xforeverfadingx I bought the book from districtlines, everyones shocked I payed so much for it, worth it though, it makes me cry and it makes me smile :) Beautiful song.

  81. Stefanie Befani


  82. Cheap Origami

    @FlyingKristina I'd love to read it but on the site they say it's out of stock! :/

  83. FlyingKristina

    Renee [Renee Yohe] is the inspiration of the non-profit movement, "To Write Love On Her Arms"
    The book is about Renee herself. It has her journals, writings and poems in the book. It's about her hard times. You can look it up if you'd like, book is "Purpose For The Pain"

  84. Kookie Henry

    Man this song rocks...the saddest one I've ever heard.

  85. Leah M

    Yea, i can imagine...can you get it anywhere else?

  86. Allison Eastham

    Its a really great book. It's sad, but awesome at the soame time

  87. Leah M

    I want to read that book.

  88. Allison Eastham

    I love Between the Trees.
    And Renee's book.
    They've all helped me through so much, although I don't know them.