Between The Buried And Me - Shevanel Cut A Flip Lyrics

Dream of me... we can live how we want now... this world has no boundaries. We shall never wake up.
Let's kill them all, let's torch the world. This is for us.
Let's meet them for the first time... this isn't awkward, is it?
It can't be... there are no worries... all we have to do is cut the switch... wake the fuck up... this is all I've ever dreamed...

This dream is all I've ever wanted, cared for, I only hope things haven't changed when I awake...
life doesn't work like this... once a night my life is "yours to create"...
mold me and make me the child of the night, with all the ambition in the world...

My hate and worries cease to be... my fucked up little head controls me... "dream is destiny"... wake the fuck up...

I kill, I love, I end nightmares, I begin romances, I travel through sexual situations,
I only hope to never wake... I only hope, cause the exterior world is not making sense anymore...
I tend to get scared... wake the fuck up... no...
"Whatever you do, don't be bored. This is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive.
And things are just starting"... make this dream reality... love you...

"And if the world that we're forced to see, if it's false - and nothing is true, then make this dream real!"

"And if the world that we're forced (forced to see) if it's - if it's false,
and nothing is true (nothing is true!) then make (stop holding) we'll make this dream, we'll make it real!"

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Between The Buried And Me Shevanel Cut A Flip Comments
  1. Aaron Nance

    fuck yesss

  2. dawsonw128

    I broke my neck at 0:49

  3. mozzyforest

    Fucking beast mode ON!!

  4. anthony echeverry

    Fucking perfection

  5. Brady Ward

    I personally don't like the first album but this performance is great

    timmy tucker

    Brady Ward wow really? That first album was groundbreaking! To each their own though

  6. Lord Immortallix

    The good ol days. The first 3 albums had so much more soul

    Nigel Proctor

    their sound has changed. thats my point


    @Nigel Proctor i am very aware their sound has changed. i was saying that their sound has been largely the same since colors.

    which was 12 years ago

    Nigel Proctor

    oh sorry my bad


    @Nigel Proctor gotta love a good online conversation that ends with a compromise! have a good day

    Nigel Proctor

    @jakemch I know that like never happens anymore haha you too man!

  7. Jdcie

    I haven't heard this song in years! Damn Tommy and Paul, you guys are phenomenal singers. The next oldie you guys should whip out is 'Destructo Spin', if only for one of my all time favorite metal riffs that happens at 3:15