Between The Buried And Me - Fire For A Dry Mouth Lyrics

Your piss is going sour... my mouth is full for the last time.
Don't think I don't read the gossip, don't think I don't know what's coming out of your fucking mouth.
You're broken, and I'm laughing, you're broken-go drink your life away.
Go fuck your life away with your filthy std's and your fucking night of rape.
Just go jerk off on your fucking stomach, impregnate yourself.
You're born again, just like you've always been.
Every fucking year... this year you abort yourself-get the fuck out of my life.
Never come back, I don't ever need you around.
What we shared means shit to you. Laugh at me all you want, but I'm living what you once wanted.
And I'm happy... happy to be alive with real friend who don't spit in my face.
Real friends don't end friendship with change.
It's really hard to realize that you've stooped so low.
I've given chances, I've tried to mend... but it's all over now, I move on.
I piss in your mouth now, so don't ever talk to me again.
Tonight I will sleep well. Tonight I realize that I will move on.
Tonight I hope your bed catches flame.
Tonight I kill your fucking face.
I killed your face.

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Between The Buried And Me Fire For A Dry Mouth Comments
  1. Gustavo Franco

    Those last guitars at the ending of the song were used in the transition for “Nights” by Frank Ocean

    Instazome ASMR

    Gustavo Franco really?? fuck ya if so

    Hansel Beck

    They sound pretty close

  2. Seth Bullock

    i killed your face

  3. Joe Johnson

    new btbam>old btbam


    +Uriah Graves Not that everything sucks after, but they no longer had that "X" factor that really made them unique and special

    Uriah Graves

    @Thatmusictool I wouldn't say the songwriting was bad. I would say that it was different and maybe not as likable, but I wouldn't say they're bad songwriters. What they've written is pretty signature. I know a lot of people who actually like The Great Misdirect more than Colors.


    I would say that The Great Misdirect is the definition of poor songwriting for BTBAM, because they have some interesting parts pieced together terribly, something a lot of other fans have stated as well (from sites I visit), which is what Colors did so well even if it was almost as haphazard and jam-packed with ideas. They were literally trying to "out-do" colors something they said in interviews. There's cool parts happening in Obfuscation and most of the songs but nothing keeping the songs from dragging, obviously some people could disagree but there seems to be some consensus that BTBAM were just out of ideas and I feel like Parallax II was the same way (The Parallax ep was just short enough that the songs felt full and established without having to stretch out into a full length). Then with their new album, I might not love it as much as I do their first four albums, but they did return to what I see as good songwriting, with it being more cohesive and less on pointless instrumental passages and less shitty screams (Future Sequence was horrible vocally, and it might have been the mix and production, but Tommy just sounded way below par). I could go on for a while about this because they have been one of my favorite bands since 2009 but I still think their best material has been from 2001 to 2007, but I'm glad they're still doing well and profiting as a band / doing what they love. 

    Pablo Leon-Luna

    I am right there with you man. I´m about to do a cover of camilla rhodes. In homage to this point. Although I don´t hold it against them for having to survive and evolve. I just wish newer fans would take a second to appreciate how dark, heavy, and sublime btbam used to be. Try learning some of their old songs for instance... incredible, unique guitar parts.


    @Uriah Graves I love that you use Metallica as an example of "good songwriting." They literally wrote Death Magnetic because they sat down with a team of writers that decided that only a specific style of metal would appeal to the mainstream. They're the definition of sellouts, not BTBAM. The black album was their undoing, whereas with BTBAM Colors was their shining moment.

  4. Modimus Prime

    Haha, aw man, they were so ANGRY back in the day.


    Yeah, thats when they were better.

    Instazome ASMR

    the best era

  5. kotapainting

    because I prefer Opeth, Morbid Angel, Death, and Bloodbath personally.

  6. Priscilla Rose

    My exbestfriend, who was my bestfriend for three years, made up a guy through text, who was my first "boyfriend." She's pretended to be him for over a year. I was so heartbroken, but I forgave her. Then she went out with the girl I liked. I forgave her for that, too.Then it was a cycle of her being nice, then treating me like shit. She's fed me so much lies. And after 3 fucking years, I finally said, "Fuck off, I'm done with you." And this is it. This is my song to her. That stupid fucking bitch

    Shingle Shuffle

    That’s fucking rough. Glad you ended that relationship


    Priscilla Rose Wah wah.

  7. justin290

    It's truly amazing how the band progressed from this, to Colors, TGM, and the Parallax

  8. kotapainting

    long story short, got blindsided by some woman doing 50 and driving the wrong way on the highway. my buddy (the driver) and I were an hour away from our destination, yet all of our 'friends' down there were too busy to help pick us up (we were stranded without anything; all our stuff was in the totaled car, and we were left in the hospital with concussions and whiplash and bloody clothes).

  9. esoterjc

    what happened?

  10. Absalom Deadface

    Lawl. I went to school with these guys. They've always been awesome. I liked Glass Casket better though haha.

  11. kotapainting

    I don't like this band much at all, but I have to say, lyrics fit the mood perfectly for a once best friend who leaves you to die on the side of the road, literally, bleeding out.... little bitch.

  12. Grant

    After a year and a half of listening to this song I never once bothered looking up lyrics. Lol I was looking up lyrics for Emmure just a bit ago and I was like hey why the fuck not. I love them. SHOUTOUT TO MY EX GIRLFRIEND THAT DUMB BITCH

  13. esoterjc

    @BDean97 Great idea bro! Spread the good word.

  14. esoterjc

    @jaynizzlebrown Too many :)

  15. davethehostage

    @enacku I sincerely disagree with the notion that they are better than Greg. And I'm not backpeddling - I was just stressing the point that it's ridiculous how much they've grown since writing this kind of music (which I do thoroughly consider to be shitty).

  16. esoterjc

    @davethehostage Don't try to back pedal, you said they sucked both musically and lyrically. Saying they have grown is different from bashing their first album. The guitarists and drummer from Number 12 are better than Dillinger's. Dillinger's vocal is a little annoying, Number 12 has the two vocalists doing high and lows, more badass. Not bashing Dillinger though.


    esoterjc damn y’all fought it out back in the day. What ya think of this album now?

  17. davethehostage

    @enacku As you put it, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA", and "you obviously don't understand talent". The Number 12 Looks Like You is what the Dillinger Escape Plan would sound like if you surgically removed their testicles. But alas, I'm not going to sit here and argue "better bands" with you. All I was suggesting in the first place was that I was impressed with how much BTBAM have grown - musically and lyrically. But of course, being the core-loving homo that you are, you took it like a butthurt child.

  18. esoterjc

    @davethehostage HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Listen Dave, I knew you were pretty young, dumb and immature, but I tried to talk some sense into you. After hearing you put down The Number 12, you obviously don't understand talent. Mastodon is a fucking childs play compared to Number 12, go listen to their 2 albums Mongrel and Nuclear Sad Nuclear before you comment like a moron.

  19. davethehostage

    @enacku Wow, you turned into a real baby there, huh? Mastodon is suddenly "mainstream"? I'm not going to bother debating someone with the mental capacity of a twelve-year old. And "The Number 12 Looks LIke You"? Totally shit band. See, I can do it too.
    It's no wonder you're into this album, you're clearly one of those metalcore kids who loves Btbam for their br00tal breakdowns. They don't need a tool like you as a fan, leave this music for the adults.

  20. esoterjc

    @davethehostage What you were implying is that they sucked back then, actually you didn't imply it, you said it. How old were you when this album came out, 9? What do you know about BTBAM bro, don't have to be a fanboy to understand this album rocks and it doesn't suck in all aspects as you claim. Go listen to your main stream Mastodon garbage, and gtfo of here with your hatred of this amazing album.

  21. davethehostage

    @enacku Just, no. What I was implying was that I wasn't expecting groundbreaking lyrical content knowing how young they were when they wrote this song. Look friend, I've been a BTBAM fan for a while now - don't think for a moment that I don't appreciate their music. All I'm asking is that you not be such a fanboy, protecting your favourite band's ego at all costs.

  22. esoterjc

    @davethehostage Implying women above the age of 19 don't do the same thing Tommy talks about in this song.....

  23. davethehostage

    @enacku I didn't expect it to be technical and well written. I was jsut commenting on how much they've grown since then. And I have no clue as to how anyone could prefer these lyrics to the stuff Tommy's written recently - they really do sound like they were written by an angry teenager. Again, not that I was expecting poetry at their age.

  24. esoterjc

    @davethehostage These guys were like 19-20 playing at bars and vfw halls. You expect their first album to be as technical as their 4th and 5th albums? I actually like the lyrics in this song more than any other one of theirs. You do realize Blake is also their third drummer who started on Alaska....def more talented. Colors is probably their best album ever, but this album sounds more like the early 2000's hardcore scene that I love more than any of this new stuff bands are putting out.

  25. davethehostage

    Man, they sucked back then. Lyrically and musically. How they went from this to writing masterpieces like Colors and The Great Misdirect is absolutely beyond me.

  26. MrShatteredhercunt

    these lyrics are fucking amazing!!