Better Than Ezra - Our Last Night Lyrics

We were standing in an empty room.
The moonlight was falling.
You were holding my hand when the car
Pulled up for you.
And I could have spent a life with you,
But those days were over.
You were calling my name when
Your face faded from view.

And wasn't it you who told me
The sun would always chase the day?
Wasn't it you who told me?

Angels fly in the air tonight.
Saying, Wasn't it just like swimming
Out on the lake?
Stars collide, and the air's alive.
Or was it just like those promises that you made
On our last night?

I remember waking up with you.
The days doing nothing,
You meant more to me then
Than I think you ever knew.
But you were going to be a doctor,
A movie star, a poet at a Nobel seminar,
I hope the world never tore that out of you.

And wasn't it you who told me
The sun would always chase the day?
Wasn't it you who told me?

Angels fly in the air tonight.
Saying, Wasn't it just like swimming
Out on the lake?
Stars collide, and the air's alive.
Or was it just like those promises that you made?

And what ever happened to the things you loved, the songs we played,
On the Indian days?
What ever happened to the things you gave away,
Like 'Harold and Maude' and singing?

I was waving as you drove away.
The sunlight was falling.
You were writing backwards
In a dusty windowpane.

Angels fly in the air tonight.
Saying, Wasn't it just like swimming
Out on the lake?
Stars collide, and the air's alive.
Or was it just like those promises that you made
On our last night?

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Better Than Ezra Our Last Night Comments
  1. Emmerline Ragoonath

    Still love this song after all these years

  2. Carter Ingram

    So after reading the comments, who is taylor swift? Never heard of him

  3. Reddit Boss

    nostalgia. reminds me of my first girlfriend

  4. Seonal

    criminally underrated band

  5. Matthew T. Carter

    Great Band!!

  6. Guitarist 24

    I have a friend named Ezra, he died tragically at the age of 19, he fell from a building window and died on impact. This song has helped me through his death and also breaks my heart everytime I hear it, people that young, that good, shouldnt die... especially at 19...

  7. Dylan Swinson

    Can I enjoy one Better Than Ezra video without people talking about Taylor Swift in the comments? Please?

  8. Daniel Muhlhauser

    like harry and Maud would be singing. Classic better than ezra

  9. Kenneth Hufnagel

    This album, unequivocally, is an unheralded masterpiece!

  10. Michael Schaeffer

    Who is Taylor Swift ?

    C. Mike Smith

    Michael Schaeffer, I’m not sure. I know who Kevin Griffin is though.

  11. 三澤真理

    love song

  12. Jayde

    This song breaks my heart every time I listen to it.

  13. Cristina Imba

    i thought its taylor swift song . haha 


    Well he has written for Taylor Swift

    Jasmine Santos

    Taylor covered this song. The original is by Better Than Ezra.

  14. Ignacio Peña

    Laguna Beach season 2 OST

  15. Allison Porter

    I can never get bored of this song! It couldn't be more meaningful and perfect.
    Taylor Swift's cover of this song is pretty good but this just blew me away!So glad I came across this band!

  16. An Ke

    Such a wonderful song.......could hear it again and again!!! :-)))

  17. Michelle Gonzalez

    love this song so much love this band

  18. Caden Hammer

    ... saying that taylor swift does this song better is a harsh insult to Better Than Ezra. i have full respect for Taylor Swift but her version has half the passion and talent that was put into this song and i pray that the younger generation can understand that

  19. Anxiety Girl


  20. Christopher Yang

    Didn't even know Taylor Swift covered this song until I read some of the comments. Kinda giving my age away here ...

  21. Frank Garrison

    i didn't even know this was covered. all i know is this song kicks ass.

  22. Kayenli

    Taylor swift brought me here, if she didn't cover this song, I won't come and listen it. Maybe because I'm one of her fans, I like her version more. But this song is undeniably good, either the original singer, or the cover version, both are worth to listen.

  23. JJPTV

    I like both of them myself.

  24. Gavin Balajadia


  25. Gavin Balajadia

    Why even talk about taylor swift in this video? This is better than ezra's video. I do not give a crap who covered this song. If you wanna talk about taylor swift, go to her videos.

  26. rat pack

    exactly and taylor swift has the right to cover this song just don't let her ruin such a beautiful and honest song....; ))

  27. tracinggravity

    I first heard this song on the airplane on the way to Hong Kong back in '05 (It was one of the playlists you could choose) this song meant so much to me then as it does you Better Than Ezra

  28. Emily Orona

    taylor swift says this is one of her fav bands... so i decided to check em out!! great song(:

  29. Skyler Chuckry

    It's great ain't it...

  30. Fadinglightt

    i wonder what she was "writing backwards in a dusty window pane"

  31. trinizephyr

    It's sad that most of these comments are dedicated to arguing over Taylor Swift. It almost kills the mood, but just almost....This song is too gorgeous to think about other things when it's playing.


  32. Alli Dowty

    which movie is this song innn?! It's killing me!

  33. lilylessthan3you

    but they do come up with their own... they just like to sing other peoples' songs sometimes too. Don't tell me that you have never sung a song that someone else wrote before! Everyone sings other peoples' songs, so why can't artists like Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Flo Rida, etc. do the same?

  34. penis

    i think i have at least half of the views

  35. emmadrayton

    thank you taylor swift for leading me to this song

  36. B. Madina

    Better than ezra= better than taylor swift version

  37. Laird Eitreim

    True Dat

  38. Kolton Abbott

    u guys are all dumb as fuck this is the original song. this album is old as fuck. taylor swift covered this band's song :)

    William Pratt

    Yes I wasnt one of them talking but i came just to admit my stupidity anyhow.

  39. Kenna Wulker

    i love this song SO much! despite skill level, i like this version simply because it's sung by a guy and i think it fits the song so much better.

  40. Mike Utleys

    This is unequivocally one of the greatest songs ever. This whole album is so stunning, I try to turn so many people onto BTE, truly its like poetry; just brilliant.

  41. royisadude

    This sounds so much like Our Lady Peace it's crazy :p Love it though

  42. Ivan Gallito

    Better than taylor

  43. Fadinglightt

    holy crap this song gets better every time i play it

    rebirth_ 18

    Mynamedoesntreallyfi hell yeah one of my all time favorites

  44. Hanson032

    @taylorlovesyou2232 justin bieber has 500 million views, are you saying he's better than everyone?

  45. cholizo


    Harold and Maude is a classic movie from the early 70's.

  46. Natalie Clark

    @111Thi I thought his voice was iffy too! Having said that, I don't think Taylor's a particularly incredible singer, but she's still my favourite singer/songwriter. :L

  47. Natalie Clark

    @girlgotsgobbler She went out with Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob, the werewolf. You're entitled to your opinion, but don't be rude and get your facts right.

  48. Natalie Clark

    I wonder who Harold and Maude are. :) I love the line "You were writing backwards in a dusty windowpane." It's so heartbreaking. :'(
    Kudos to these guys for writing this song; it's incredible but I prefer Taylor's as it has the two sections of the bridge together. I just think that works better structurally. Sorry. :/

    Bubblegum Spaceship

    Harold and Maude is an old movie about a neglected teenage boy obsessed with death who befriends an old eccentric woman

  49. MarissaAtTheDisco

    Honestly, there's not really 2 'versions' if there's not 2 RECORDED versions. You can't really compare the two because this is the ONE and ONLY recorded song, and Taylor's is just a really good cover:) So really, there's no comparison because one is a non-recorded cover. Now, if Glee or something did their own version, that would be a different story because they would've recorded it. xD

  50. germangermangerman1

    obviously, better than ezra's verison is WAY better than Taylor Swift's. THEY created the song, not her!

  51. archonish

    taylor still needs singing lessons so that she can completely let go and sound just as passionate as this. seriously, she's gotten better from when she first started out, but she still has a long way to go. auto-tune makes it too easy for artists in the studios these days, they dont have to do any learning until they're on stage and thats just horrible


    i think taylor really helped get ppl to listen to this song! but, both versions are amazing!! its an amazing song that makes me cry everytime i hear it! amazing =*)

  53. Bruno Barros

    ONE M0:00RE TIME !!

  54. MyLuckyNumber10

    omg this song is amazing :) beautiful lyrics! <3

  55. Hope Tedrow

    umm fuck taylor. she didnt write it. she cann back the hell off

  56. Dakota Smith

    Don't get me wrong, I think Taylor Swift is pretty cool and all. But she needs to stick to writing her own songs.

  57. Clare Doherty

    anyone else found this song through taylor swift but accept this version is amazingly they better? why haven't i ever heard of better than ezra before?

  58. emily

    it doesn't matter who wrote the bloody song, the point is it's fucking awesome.

  59. Ailsa Bennett

    Taylor Swift brought me here tbh, love her, love this song, and now love better tha ezra! xo

  60. Frankie Hill

    @glen245nc She sounds like she had a sore throat and if she wanted to PROPERLY cover the song she easily could have? It sounds like more of a tribute that she made when she a while ago with her camera than an official cover to be honest so :/

  61. glen baucom

    taylors cover of this song sucks !

  62. KDOGG331

    @HaileyVerge ohh cool, so we probably are in the same time zone then. :) haha

  63. Hailey13

    @KDOGG331 I'm on the east cost of Canada.

  64. KDOGG331

    @HaileyVerge same, i hate getting into YT fights, theyre stupid. lol and maybe. lol im on the east coast of the USA so the time zones eastern time, EST. you?

  65. Hailey13

    @KDOGG331 Nope, no yt fights for me. It was late here too when I last commented you, we're prob in the same time zone.

  66. KDOGG331

    @HaileyVerge oh and sorry it took me so long to reply, it was late here (like 2am lol). and my parents made me go to bed so i didnt have time to reply cause i had to go. haha

  67. KDOGG331

    @HaileyVerge ohh ok. thats good. lol well still though, I just felt like it was better to appologize rather than get into a stupid YT fight just in case u were one of those people2get offended by my comment. lol but yeah, i guess i did do a pretty nice job explaining it, again, kinda felt like i should though. lol &yeah, ur right so many people hate on TaySwift&stuff. I dont see y, shes not even bad, shes actually pretty talented i just dont listen2her that much. but glad ur used to it lol. :)

  68. Hailey13

    @KDOGG331 You don't need to apologize, I didn't find your comment rude. You explained your opinion in a very nice way and explained that, even though you disagreed with me, it didn't really matter. Plus I'm use to people not liking Taylor as much as I do. So not-so-nice comments about her music don't really bother me.

  69. KDOGG331

    @HaileyVerge ohhh. yeah, i think TSwifts ok and shes actually pretty talented but i just dont really like that version. Im a huge BTE fan, so naturally i like this version. haha but yeah me too, i just like the song in general. and sorry, my last comment was kind of rude. haha im sorry. :( but i actually just listened to TaySwifts version and I still like this version better. haha but were all entitled to our own opinions i guess. :)

  70. Hailey13

    @KDOGG331 I already knew this was the original. I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan so I naturally like her version. I just like this song in general.

  71. KDOGG331

    @HaileyVerge good? this is the original. haha ur welcome to&entitled2ur own opinion of course&i actually havent heard TaySwifts version. but i bet its hard2compare the two. &the originals usually always win. haha sorry but im pretty sure i like this version better, but im gonna go look up tayswifts version just so i can hear it&reaffirm my opinion that this is better. haha the 90s rocked. &TaySwift is okay but i still think BTE is well, Better. :P haha just2let u no, this is the original.

  72. Hailey13

    I like the Taylor Swift version better. This is still a good though.

  73. Queenieio7

    Honeslty, it's hard to compare the two versions. This one was professionally recorded, whereas the only version I can find of Taylor's is one of her live acoustic performances. I'd like to see what Taylor would do with it if she recorded it. I love them both, though.

  74. Gary Busey

    Absolutely incredible song.

  75. Bruce Wayne

    does this sound like howie day to anyone else?

  76. Waylan Leboeuf

    @crosscountrytc naw naw naw... aperfectcircle has an amazing album almost all covers, and none of the covers sound ANYTHING like the original.

  77. 247webgirl

    i perconally like taylor's version of the song better because i absolutely love taylor!! but this one (i know its the original) isn't bad either :-)

  78. ilikeafrica

    personally I like Taylor Swift's version better.
    but that's probably cause I heard her's first.
    I tend to like the first version I hear of everything.

  79. Roy Ayala

    @sk8rboy1091 yes better than ezra wrote this song.

  80. Roy Ayala

    @kitimastr couldnt agree with you more

  81. Tiffany Woolridge

    @SqnF i never said i have talent. and i can criticize all i want, but its just my own opinion. you dont have to get all hot and heavy about it.

  82. SqnF

    @kitimastr I'm sure you're like 50 times better right? ... people with no talent shouldn't critisize

  83. Tiffany Woolridge

    @quEroNie i have every right to say ew, its my own opinion. dont get me wrong, i like her and all, just shes not very good at singing

  84. IR Geek

    @magna378 greenady?

  85. Kirsty Hulme

    @charlieismadeofbrick its by better than ezra, but taylor swift did a cover of it.

  86. Tiffany Woolridge

    @1011taylorswift ew, taylor swift sucks. dont get me wrong, i love her songs, but shes a bad singer. this version is a THOUSAND times better than hers


    I actually like this version than Taylor's. Sorry, Taylor. : /

  88. ahleighh8

    @daigneaultc10 shes a lot more talented than you. i can promise you that.

  89. Cherry Bomb

    *.* this song it's amazing ..and this is an awesome cover

  90. KDOGG331

    ok now I see that there's a drum beat though out the whole song so maybe it's part of it but still kinda weird and still kinda confused... haha

  91. KDOGG331

    wait, kind of confused... why are there drums in te very beginning and then it immediately stops, is that part of this song or did you have a different song playing before? it doesn't matter cause it's still a great song/band but I'm just wondering cause I'm a little confused by that... : / haha thanks

    Joseph Anicola

    It's part of the song

  92. Jennifer Ayala

    Taylor Swift is my fav singer but this version is much better than Taylors! Its got more feeling in it and it touches your heart more than taylors version

  93. CreativeLouise45

    @daemonsk8 awesome!=]

  94. CreativeLouise45

    @paulina961 I think they're pretty good, just not something i'd listen to all day. i've bben a fan of TAylor Swift's for a long time :-B

  95. paulina961

    omg me too!! and i love them!

  96. Lady Masko

    DITTO!!! no argument there!

  97. Hermann Woge

    Tylor Swift sucks! BTE is much better than her! for sure!!

  98. CreativeLouise45

    You know I've only heard about Better Than Ezra by Taylor Swift.
    Funny, huh?
    I think both versions are great.

  99. Philosophyuser

    Taylor Swift stop covering Better than Ezra. BTE is better. As a long time BTE fan, it hurts me to heart Taylor covering their songs.