Better Than Ezra - Juicy Lyrics

Here we go

I got with somebody's date
You're like a Soap Opera cover
My lover self-automates

You say a-somebody say
You're like a salve for a leper
You're sweet for somebody's pain
Aw, Juicy

Yeah, you got to live for your own
You say you got all the sordid details
Check-out retail
Watch it sell
Aw, Juicy

I Gotta Delay

Mothers, children on the street
Can't get enough to eat
Off the record
Dishes fly
Don't know the reason why
Meet me in the check out stand
See who can be the lover man
Conscience bleeding in a song
Guilty as the day is long

Yeah, you got to live for your own
You say you got all the sordid details
Check-out retail
Watch it sell
I got to see that lie
You say what you're going to say
You got to know it's a bitter poison
Sapping all of your soul away

Yeah, Juicy

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Better Than Ezra Juicy Comments
  1. Hunter Varner

    I've been looking for this freaking song since about 2010 and I FINALLY FOUND IT

  2. Charles McKinney

    Im here because of famous daves bbq.

  3. otissam12

    i remember being like 4 years old and jamming out to this song with my mom and brother when this came out.

  4. Ryan Parson

    2020 baby


    Love this song but KG needs to give Nikka Costa a songwriting credit. See: Everybody Got Their Something.

  6. First Last

    Who’s here from desperate housewives promos

  7. Lori Strength

    Love it!!! Sooo juicy...great upbeat song!!

  8. Volleyball 8021

    Heard this from my mom

  9. Ken Brockett

    When you're sitting in the Sun something warm it starts to run… juicy

  10. Manda Fox

    2019 and still rock out to this song

  11. Ande Dane

    I remember when this came out I loved it, never knew who sang it, have been trying to find it for a minute now, FINALLY!!!! HAHAHAHA love this shit

  12. The Joe Deardeuff

    It was my turn to choose music at work today. The kids there had never heard this. Or REM. Or Toadies. It was sad.

  13. Darchendon

    I'm here because of my mother's playlist

    Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Aug 15, 2011

    Juicy - Better Than Ezra (2006)

  14. Ezra Valentine

    So good

  15. Brenda Carrera

    Laguna beach brought me here!

  16. Janet Vega

    MTV’s Laguna Beach brought me here😎

  17. coin monster

    really good song love it so dose grandma

  18. Alessya McDermott

    I listened as a kid also this is my mom's acount

  19. kflexpimp

    Who's here because of Notorious B.I.G.?

  20. unfortdork

    Just realized this song is "Picture Book" (The Kinks) with a Price guitar riff ("Kiss"). Haha! Of course this didn't click to me 10 years ago!!

  21. l e x i e

    This was my favorite song when I was like 10 omg

  22. Carolyn S

    Sounds like Mickey Mouse

  23. TV499channel

    Finally found this song!

  24. Casimir Rodriguez

    Worse song ever. What is that ridiculous noise they make? Walmart radio needs to stop playing this

  25. paronixile

    Heard this on the radio but tbh I wanna put this over the battlefield 1 trailer instead of seven nation army

  26. kaitlyn UwU


  27. Eric Schwartz

    this song has so many memories with me. when I was like 5 my cousin was living with us and this song was really popular and we always sang it

  28. Helen Cornioli

    Heard this song over the intercom at work. Thought it was a catchy tune! Had to look it up when I got home! Never knew it was connected to Desperate Housewives though & I used to watch that show too. Hmmm, guess I was to messed up in the past to notice. Lol!

  29. StubbierBroom22

    Desperate Housewives is one of my favorite shows.

  30. Lucas Alcoba

    Who's here because of the grocery store?

  31. wyatt boozier

    im here cuz of moondance <3

  32. Heather Allingham

    very Prince...luvit!

  33. Dirtybig

    math2me + desperate housewives = juicy

  34. Lukem245

    I'm opening for these guys live

  35. HiddenEclipse

    this was my jam man! Would listen to it on the radio all the time, sadly havent heard it in a while.

  36. Cody Gearheart

    Uh! This is my jam!

  37. Mattydigs

    what the fuck happened to all these great 90's bands?

  38. karu61210

    I'm here because I want to be.

  39. Marino S.Schmidt

    ¿math2me? ¿Alguien?

  40. Anderson Gallow

    I am more into goregrind/brutal death, but dammit, this is bloody good! Idk how to describe, groovy, maybe? Ah, who cares. J-J-J-Juicy!


    It's funk. Funk as a rock band performs it, but funk nonetheless. Funk is the real shit!

    Anderson Gallow

    Thanks, I didn't know the name of that genre.

  41. Arthur Workman

    Still rocking this in 2017

  42. Riley Blatzheim

    i actually came cause I heard this song over the radio. It was so dang catchy, hearing over and over "aw oh aw oh aw oh aw aw aw aw oh". It just killed me! At last!

    Eric Schwartz

    Player I same I was 5 when this song came out it always got me



  43. Pappy Pappito

    Nice. I hear a little Changes from Bowie in this rhythm.

    Chris Straub

    J-J-J Juicy

  44. Tutos Chapa

    math 2 me

  45. Damian Addington

    That sounded more like it was made in the 70's.


    That's because it's "Picture Book" - The Kinks, mashed with "Kiss" -Price. 😁

  46. Chris Mc Evoy

    This was the Promo for Season 1 of Desperate Housewives.

    Samuel Miles

    Chris Mc Evoy actually season 2

  47. Chris Mc Evoy

    I love this song.

  48. Mr Gleek

    Who else is here because of Desperate Housewives? 🍎

    Blue Sparkled Rose

    I'm here because of the show The Hills.


    im here because i have decent taste in music... which i cant say the same about your taste in shows...

    Johnathon Chelette

    @Yakobash BURN! Unless you've seen BTE live at The Varsity GTFO.

    James Miller

    Who else is here because they were somewhere else and now they're here?

  49. Adolf sac

    i had a juicy fart.

    Ryan Morris

    I had a juicy orange

  50. cays fergo

    They play this song at my work and I fuckin hate it this song is so damn corny and irritating. Why tf would I listen to this when I could be listening to The Chronic




    cays fergo then why are you here listening to it?

    Lane Shippy

    cays fergo Wal-Mart? That's where I work and they played it all the time last year

  51. L. Cs.

    thumbs up if Desperate Housewives brought you here!

    Daniel Vin

    +L. Cs. the change up really

  52. Joshua Byrd

    When I was little hearing this song I thought of Ronald McDonald singing it.


    Joshua Byrd oh my gosh finally someone who thought the same

  53. Huntermarti

    Man, lot of hate, much butthurt xD, the song was good, I had a good laugh. These guys are great, ima subscribe!

  54. @Nr1SupermanFan

    Grant Gustin is singing this

  55. Sharon Boothe

    love it

  56. dclovely

    Slower version. I was looking for it for a while. Good tune.

  57. Fernando Herrera

    So catchy!

  58. Dan Mann

    One kick ass tune - Not their usual stuff - But heard this when I went to Dallas on a business trip, sitting by a pool... Lurve it!

  59. Elizabeth Stillwaggon

    Anyone else thinks he sounds like Cherub in doses and mimosas?...

  60. Renee DaSinger

    Robert Plant-esque. Heard “Now You Know” by The TVC and it reminded me of this band as well.

  61. N Turnbull

    the change up brought me fucking here

    Brendan Guillory

    Hey, the Change Up brought this guy here. See? Nobody cares.

  62. Chris Rooster

    Killer falsetto. 


    No doubt

  63. ffili92


    alejandro lopez

    me gusta escuchar esta cancion antes de estudiar ya que pronto hare el examen de la UNAM, y tambien me gusta venir a ver tu comentario c:

  64. Grace Lilly

    at 2 minutes it reminds me kind of of Thriller lol

  65. Tinker Blast

    The genius of "in the blood" and then there's this.

  66. SuperDirtmover

    A get up & dance kind of song!

  67. Crispin Vejil

    Thumbs up for the hell of it

    Why not, right ,': )

  68. Taylor Lilly

    I love Better than Ezra, but I would've never guessed that this song was by them.

  69. Raul Alvarado

    Desperate Housewives brought me here years ago :D

  70. ted_is_not


  71. Nyan Cat

    sexy song

  72. nothing4mepls


  73. mhuffman2882

    Not you either I bet. Didn't ask for your opinion anyway.

  74. matrix7655

    but not you XD

  75. mhuffman2882

    This song is just sexy!

  76. zer0buster00

    I'm proud to say that I live in a state where good music can come of out it some times. Oh New Orleans you..

  77. Perihelion Summer

    Should be in a Quiznos commercial "M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m Toasty!"

  78. Thomas Kowalski

    Desperate Housewives !!! <3<3

  79. EmmaTheGymnast101

    This is Amy from The Bobby Bone's Show theme song! :D

  80. Thomas Spear do.....and you are.....most of the rest of me....totally suck.

  81. Steve Gaines

    i want their song "certain girl" & they don't have it......wwwaaaa..wwaaaaaa..wwaaaaaa

  82. Poop Shub

    lol not that hard to guess

  83. Hereismytwocents2011

    Laguna Beach fashion show!

  84. Ben Stone

    haha.. so did I. I knew it was called Juicy but not the artist and that wasn't good enough

  85. minesweetpea

    they sing this song? dang! never knew that...ive been singin it for a while and never knew who sung it...

  86. L. Cs.

    I know!

  87. Stojance Andreevski

    desperate housewives season 2 promo song

  88. L. Cs.

    thumbs up if desperate housewives brought here :D

  89. Unemployedbillionair

    i dont wanna be the only one to like your shit bro but i really do think i have way better music taste than everyone, and additionally i also think i'm better than everyone...just in general and overall. Peace and thanks for your time (although you should be thanking me for my time since it's more valuable than yours)

  90. sunshinegirl176

    Desperate Housewives *-*

  91. MoDot

    Like if you think you're better than everybody else and no one else knows what good music is!

  92. bloodydeva48

    Desperate Housewives :D <3<3<3

  93. Beatriz Funes

    I hear this song in laguna beach hahaha xD <3<3<3

  94. adi r97

    Desperate Housewives FOREVER ♥

  95. Inferno31415

    I have listened to this song for as long as I can remember on the radio. I have been searching for it a lot lately but with out any success. Today I heard it on Islands and asked the waiter who did it and he looked it up for me. My endless search is over. My life is now complete.

  96. alifelesscritic critic

    your WORTHLESS top-voted comment brought me here

  97. Sky Bachi

    HAHAHAHHA! Me too. :"(

  98. rat pack

    I HEAR GORILLAZ.....haha