Bethel Music - We Will Not Be Shaken Lyrics

For we trust in our God
And through His unfailing love
We will not be shaken,
We will not be shaken,
We will not be shaken

Though the battle rages
We will stand in the fight
Though the armies rise up against us on all sides
We will not be shaken
We will not be shaken
We will not be shaken

For in the hour of our darkest day
We will not tremble, we won’t be afraid
Hope is rising like the light of dawn
Our God is for us He has overcome

All those against Him will fall

For our God is stronger

He can do all things
No higher name we can call
For Jesus is greater
We can do all things

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Bethel Music We Will Not Be Shaken Comments
  1. Irene N

    Here in 2020. Praise God. Your praise ever be on my lips.

  2. Franklin Vasquez

    1st of 2020 and still going!

  3. Marie-Laure Allebee

    Let Bethel Music be a blessed group and let the name of our God be exalted in all universe

  4. Wesley Cordão

    Último domingo de 2019 e tem crente ouvindo esse louvor !!!

    Laise J

    Wesley Cordão ultima terça. ✌😄

    Wesley Cordão

    @Laise J rsrs, muito bom mana.. Feliz ano novo s2

    Laise J

    Wesley Cordão feliz ano novo pra você também ☺️🙌🏾🙌🏾

  5. Cristian valdes

    Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱 bendiciones.

  6. Innes Begg

    So beautiful! Trusting that God will bring the “beauty from ashes” and that our Heavenly Father strengthens Kalley to continue leading us to worship Him.

  7. Sue Hummel

    I can't listen to this song it makes me cry it just makes me cry and think of people that aren't here anymore I'm sorry it is a beautiful song

  8. Pray to Lord

    How many people still watch this video in 2019

  9. Kat Sus

    You dont even know who they are worshipping? Maybe they could actually say Jesus.

  10. Blayne Carlton

    I know when we lose somebody it is hard and our mind wants answers that we are just not meant to know at least at this point in eternity. My prayers and hope goes out.

  11. Sheylla Maciel


  12. Candy Land

    Live baby Olive in Jesus Holy name.💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  13. Tina Ybarra

    Praise Him through it all.....Jesus loves your family.....yes. He is Worthy of your praise. May the Lord comfort you and your family at this time. Olive was just beautiful....l am so privileged to have prayed for her and your family. My father and I were so blessed by your faith. It's awesome. ❤❤❤

  14. Isaac Böhm

    Praying! 💚💛💙

  15. Sebastiana Coutinho

    Sweetkel. Is that jonathan helser on the guitar? Love him to his songs. But cant get into mind which one please. Girl can yoy help me. Send one via youtube. That would be better. Love to yoyr family. Do keep in prayers. Also deeply fallen in love for eternalhotie andrew holt. Revive yoy again on music and songs. Claret.

  16. Igor Lima

    wake up Olive!

  17. Eleanor Gebrou

    Revisiting this in the passing of her daughter Olive, and woah!

  18. Daniel Silva

    Our lips will glorify your name Jesus. Touch Olive and give her life again. We believe in you Lord.

    Jack Coleman

    Talitha Koum!

    shanah Tovah


  19. Angel P.

    My kids and I are praying for Olive, and believing with all our hearts. <3

  20. Maqhawe Dube

    Great worship indeed, wonderful video too. Thank God for the art of worship given to us.

  21. Tiffany Palmer

    I’m just now here you good

  22. Malik

    Love this song

  23. Delman

    love it from about 4:50 in, awesome, always use echo and drag words out, alwats a fav of mine..

  24. Delman

    Some setting eh.... lovely God created scenery :).

  25. The Solution Store Roberson


  26. Guillermo Acosta

    Sometimes in need me some strong worship to get me through. Bethel does that.

  27. Rebekahj Freeze

    Check it out:
    I love this song. My mom passed this year. Heaven gained another. I had a birthday party, and I sang this song at it because nothing will separate, or cause me to doubt the love of my Father. I will honor Him everywhere and in everything I do. I will forever praise Him in every situation, facing adversity, through persecution, in a puddle of my own tears, He is forever worthy. That's my daddy and my safest place! I will praise Him

  28. samuel businesspro

    Hi Great Song six years old powerful song Jesus love you

  29. samuel businesspro

    Hi my name is Samuel six years old powerful song Jesus Love you

  30. Kukis Panada79

    Greetings from manado north sulawesi island indonesia :)

  31. Anonymous Unicorn

    About a year ago, I was in a dark place. My entire life seemed to be falling apart. I lost friends, opportunities and the one I thought would love me forever. I remember falling on to my knees, crying at the top of my voice, calling for someone, anyone, for help. For some reason, this song was in my head at that time. I began singing, with teary eyes, a broken heart and cracking voice. I began singing louder..and louder, with more strength each time. Eventually, I felt Him, I felt the Lord. I felt His love comforting me.
    Ever since, this song has always had a special place in my heart. It helped me feel the Lord for perhaps the first time. And now, by the grace of God, I am well and happy. When life treats you good and you can stand, look up to God, thank Him with all your heart. When life gets rough and you can barely stand on your feet, kneel. Pray. Believe in Him. Anyone can leave, but God is the only one who will really stay. I will never forget that day. Thank you for making the song even more beautiful with your talents!

    Denise Clark

    **That's Amazing**

  32. shin121790

    Your goodness is unmeasurable, indescribable of God. All praises brings to You Lord

  33. The Elven Jedi

    I was having a really dark night tonight, and I didn't know what to do with myself. I was praying and just not feeling anything. I randomly ended up listening to my favorite worship songs, and this one especially, made me so grateful to have access to things like this on a random Thursday night in the middle of Canada -- I'm lucky to have friends and family who care about me, but I was still feeling bitterly alone in my depression tonight -- but it really feels like I'm there worshipping with you all. Thank you to everyone who makes these videos/songs possible. Your impact reaches farther than you could ever know.

  34. nilgia martinez

    I Like this song because I know that God are with My aunt and cousin

  35. Aleksandr Kapustyanov

    wow they worshiped outside that cool

  36. Maryjane Exaure

    Faithful You have been and faithful You will be. 💕

  37. Michael Hall

    I was fortunate enough to see her sing this live ... it was a beautiful moment in a fairly rowdy show. Slight crush. She's married. *shrugs* I'll show myself out. :p

  38. Sailor Me

    Where was this filmed?

  39. California State

    So in loved with God by the grace and mercy of Jesus I have know idea where I would be if I didn't have God . he's the reason why I wanna live long so I can bring him glory Thank you Jesus all glory too God!!!

  40. MorinaTurnip

    Hi everyone I am from Indonesia and I live in NY as a student have no family here could anybody suggest me church to in Manhattan?
    I am feeling my self sinking to this worldly live style in here and l know being around people who walk in Christ will help.
    God bless

  41. Ronggrim bright n Marak

    beautiful song

  42. Timothy Mach

    2019 and still the best beautiful outdoor "studio" I've ever seen. Singing on hills...BEAUTIFUL!

  43. Constansa Marín

    where is that???

  44. Chaldin Bezuidenhout

    Praise still on my lips in 2019

    Zyrus Matol

    Yes! Praise Him!

  45. Kimo Penh

    I need captions. Very beautiful song!

  46. alex chimanski

    Sera usada no meu casamento agradeço por ter encontrado essas musicas grupo bom demais

  47. Валера Владимиров

    Я саме лучше играю на гітарі! =)))

  48. Steven steven

    Seen his angles so much power of love ?keep your faith in jesus christ

  49. Flavia Berdine

    God bless you!

  50. Juyeong Lee

    4:10 He looks so so happy :)

  51. Miss Einstein

    This song must be played on my wedding day. Maybe six years later! I’ll come back to check my comment 😁🙌😊

    Samantha Borerwe

    Exactly what I am thinking

  52. Sofia Jiménez

    Amo esta musical... Este grupo... Me ha bendecido

  53. Héctor Feler

    Si señor mis labios siempre te alabarán aleluya, gloria a Jesús por los siglos de los siglos y haya que regreses te amamos

  54. EmmGo

    Hermosa, simplemente hermosa❤

  55. Palmeiras 1914

    Alguma versão em português?

  56. T-Trades

    Such a beautiful song...timeless piece..2019 anyone?

  57. Tina Asipeli

    Nice peaceful💖

  58. Dennis Santana


  59. Hannah H

    Beautiful 🌺 🌿

  60. California State

    10 million views wow glory too God

  61. ajithlv

    Love this song but this isn't the live recording is it? Where can I get the live one?

  62. D Song

    Great song and performance, but the camera angles and compositions are such that Jenn Johnson ends up center-screen and Kalley off to the side, when she's the one singing.

  63. Nelly Smith

    I love her

  64. reksubbn

    The music is awesome but why is the lack of modesty tolerated in the way the female leaders are dressed. Can their clothes fit any tighter? Come on guys. Are there no leaders with discernment? Enough is enough. Put some clothes on.

  65. GuyQuad

    This locations is so beautiful, is it in California? I’ve heard this song before plenty of times, but these past few days I haven’t been living right with myself and God. Hearing this song immediately touched me on the inside.

  66. lizeth Vazquez Medina

    2019 í love this moment 🤗🤗

  67. Luke Goshen Denebari


  68. Micaela Vargas

    I only have my God 💖😢

  69. Destiny Glory

    Anyone know where this was performed?
    It’s beautiful 😍

  70. Carlos Brown

    My wife and I washed each other's feet at our wedding ceremony while this song played. Talk about a tear jerker for someone who's heart has been changed by grace. Thank you Jesus for making your home inside of me, your praise will ever be on my lips.

  71. 하영진

    I want shot out your name in my lips. "Jesus".
    From korea🇰🇷

  72. DavidRufDrums

    Jesus loves you! Greetings from Germany! Where did you shoot this Video? It's absolutely phenomenous!!! Also I'd like to say: Kalley, love your Voice, great singer!
    Thanks for your music, bethel!

  73. Priscila carla

    Amo esse louvor!!

  74. GAFilho General of the Army Br

    Estou descobrindo o poder de Deus. Obrigado Bernardo Kuster.

  75. Emrei Shearer

    From dirty rags to a white robe! We can wear new clothes now, because of what Jesus has done for us! Hallelujah! Christ is risen!

  76. Luiz Cruz

    A kelly é ungida por Deus.. sua performance me lembra quem adora com coração e não para os holofotes

  77. Scott

    WOW. so cleared my headache. Like an amazing opener unto heaven. :) Be-careful :), may just have a down pour response. :)

  78. Nandi Makukule


  79. Bob Raget

    Jesus, you are wonderful

  80. Paul Ramirez

    Love it

  81. José Luis Alves

    Bom demais

  82. Yuri Souza

    who's here in 2019 leave a like here



  83. Anmol singh

    GOD Our Father Who Art In Heaven Bless You All Abundantly With Heavenly Music To Win Souls For Our Lord JESUS CHRIST Holy Kingdom. Amen

  84. Ed Schirra

    Is it me or has the sound changed? It used to be clearer than this. Has someone' fiddled with it? The bass never used to be as pushed or booming. Has it been re-mastered?

  85. RNDorianne

    Beautiful song and beautiful location! I would love to know where this was filmed.


    redding california, it is gorgeous isn't it!

  86. Paul Ramirez

    The Best decision you can make in your whole life is accepting “JESUS” as your King and Savior


    c u in glory brother!

    Paul Ramirez

    Am a kid my dude... 13 years old and I play guitar for the youth group...🤪😅😍😇

  87. Jean Franco

    This song of worship is beautiful. I really like this worship song of planetshakers with prophetic lyrics based on psalms and apocalypse. Listen and watch

  88. Graciela Gomez

    In Spanish ¨TE ALABAREEEEEE¨´

    I love this <3

  89. Niete Araujo

    Eu amo esse louvor😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖Eu amo ainda mais Jesus!!!💘💘💘💘💖💖💖💖

  90. Jodi

    1:08 Jesus

  91. Danii Trovato

    Is this song catholic or protestant?

  92. Anna Azarov

    Jesus I praise and worship you forever and ever , you are king of my heart

  93. Deborah Coffman


  94. Anjela Garcia


  95. Scott Franson

    when are you folk going to Do to Florida,USA