Bethel Music - We Step Into Freedom (Spontaneous) Lyrics

We step into freedom
We step into all You have for us
We step into freedom
And we step into all You have for us

Singing we step into freedom
And we step into all You have for us

One more time
We step into freedom
We step into all You have for us

Yes, Jesus...

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Bethel Music We Step Into Freedom (Spontaneous) Comments
  1. Shana Kayy

    Yes Lord I’m TRUSTING YOU thank you LORD.

  2. Scotia Emmett

    You know how some songs just make you smile. well this song literally makes me so happy i could just cry and worship. this is like my happy song

  3. Cindy May

    I have no words. Maybe for the first time. All I can find to say is I am blown away by the comments below and how they parallel my own life... in more ways than I can express. Only God. Only God.... Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Truth sets us free. When the Son (Jesus) sets us free, we are free indeed. Where the Spirit of the Lord is THERE IS FREEDOM.

  4. Ebenezer Yao


  5. Sheldon Barrocks

    i love jesus

    Peaches GODSbabygirl

    And HE loves you, passionately, as well.

  6. HL McConnell

    Brians acoustic sounds amazing.

  7. pauline stix

    I love it

  8. x777soldierx

    Yes! Jesus amen.Freedom im crying this out to you!.Freedom away from this sickness thats causing me to have such bad anxiety to where i cant leave my house.

    Philip Gichuru

    You are well in Jesus name.


    @Philip Gichuru Amen! Thanks


    'I can do all things through Him who strengthens me'. I have anxiety too, but not to the extent that you've had. Jesus will set you free from it and help you to walk it out. Depend on Him and the scriptures. Somewhere like Bible Gateway might be a good place to start if you need inspiration for verses.


    @UKPhoto111 Amen! Cool, thanks. Ill check biblegateway out.

  9. jonathan tsatsa

    this is over the top good news

  10. Irungu Mwangi

    Listening to It Is Well ... am reminded of Gods position in my life. The playlist is so awesome. These songs ushers me into worship any time.


    This is NOT spam. The nerve of some people...

  11. Sikhanyiso Mpofu

    amazing song

  12. Joseph Phiri


  13. bailie lynn

    Last song of the playlist. Love everything about this, you can really feel God even though you aren't in the building the concert is and was. It's so amazing to see you girls (and the band) worship God so fully and it excites me to see people so devoted and faithful to God! I believe we can change the song at a time.
    Time to replay the playlist!

    stew b

    good leaders we need also to change world

  14. Boitshepo Letlhakwane

    I Love this .. the whole playlist is jus beautiful