Bethel Music - Come To Me Lyrics

I am the Lord your God, I go before you now
I stand beside you, I'm all around you
Though you feel I'm far away,
I'm closer than your breath
I am with you, more than you know

I am the Lord your peace, no evil will conquer you
Steady now your heart and mind, come into my rest
Oh, let your faith arise, lift up your weary head
I am with you wherever you go

Come to me, I'm all you need
Come to me, I'm everything
Come to me, I'm all you need
Come to me, I'm your everything

I am your anchor, in the wind and the waves
And I am your steadfast, so don't be afraid
Though your heart and flesh may fail you
I'm your faithful strength
And I am with you wherever you go

Come to me, I'm all you need
Come to me, I'm everything
Come to me, I'm all you need
Come to me, I'm your everything

Don't look to the right or to the left
But keep your eyes on me
You will not be shaken
You will not be moved ooh
I am the hand to hold, I am the truth, I am the way
Just come to me, come to me, cause I'm all that you need

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Bethel Music Come To Me Comments
  1. Cindy Rinna

    Your voice to me like music I heard while visiting India during my Navy days . Nothing new under the sun !

  2. Maxwell Kamwendo

    this song sooo impacted my spiritual life in 2016.

    Maxwell Kamwendo

    thank you Jenn and Bethel

  3. Cindy Rinna

    Makana Makiya

  4. Cindy Rinna

    The scar above the window

  5. Luv_Imprintz

    I’m going to need kari, jenn, Kim walker, Amanda cook, Steffany gretzinger , misty Edwards I think right name , Audrey Assad, Melissa hesler I think her name is, and kali halliengal I know saying her name wrong but yea her too to all come together and create a praise and worship session together so I can breath get a fresh outpouring and see god show up. And show out Please! That’s all I want for Christmas a praise and worship jam session . With my favorite singers of Christ 😍 please Jesus 😍❤️☺️🙏😇 all of them together would take the roof off I just know it! It’ll be a gospel power house

  6. Yolanda Fulepu

    this song just reminded me that i am not alone

  7. Richard Martinus van Meeteren



    AND . . . . .
    A C T S 2 38
    Z E A L O U S L Y SO!
    O. N. L. Y!

  9. I AM

    🎵DIVINE 🗝

  10. Marco Polo de Oliveira Oliveira

    The glory of GOD

  11. Pablo Jimenez

    ...Praise be to Almighty God...
    ...wonderful song/music...🎶

  12. Cynthia Mortensen

    What a channel of DIVINE POWER you are Jenn! Your music & musicians are moving us to the KINGDOM!! Hallelujah!

  13. Melissa McFall

    Thank you

  14. Mladen Fabian

    Bethel music and family of God,this songs of yours are so anointed and full of joy Listen,listen and listen again and again and again.Thank YOU LORD

  15. Juanjo Martínez Muñoz

    Yo soy el Señor, tu Dios, Yo voy antes de ti ahora
    Estoy parado a tu lado, Estoy a tu alrededor
    Aunque sientas que estoy lejos, estoy más cerca que tu aliento
    Yo estoy contigo, más de lo que tú sabes

    Yo soy el Señor, tu paz, ningún mal los conquistarán
    Ahora tu corazón y mente es estable, ven en Mi reposo
    Oh, deja que tu fe te levante, alza tu cansada cabeza
    Yo estoy contigo dondequiera que vayas

    Ven a mí, Soy todo lo que necesitas
    Ven a mí, lo Soy todo
    Ven a mí, Soy todo lo que necesitas
    Ven a mí, Soy tu todo

    Yo soy tu ancla, en el viento y las olas
    Yo soy tu firmeza, así que no tengas miedo
    Aunque tu corazón y carne pueden fallarte, soy tu fiel fuerza
    Yo estoy contigo dondequiera que vayas

    Ven a mí, Soy todo lo que necesitas
    Ven a mí, lo Soy todo
    Ven a mí, Soy todo lo que necesitas
    Ven a mí, Soy tu todo

    No mires a la derecha ni a la izquierda, pero mantén tus ojos en Mí
    Tú no serás sacudido, ni serás movido, ooh
    Yo soy la mano para sostener, Yo soy la verdad, Yo soy el camino
    Acaba de venir a mí, ven a mí, porque yo soy todo lo que tú necesitas

  16. Amar Gurung

    Stop this hypocrisy...

  17. Me I Think

    did Jesus go into convulsions when he sang?

    Psalm 146 : 2

    Me I Think did He sing?

  18. George Santos

    O Brasil é do Senhor Jesus Cristo, linda canção na voz da Jeen jhonson, toda honra e glória ao Senhor Jesus Cristo..

  19. Jared Vikse

    Because Emotions

  20. Adi Adrian

    They are singing and talking about Jesus. But nothing to do with Him. Just a heresy. Satan have a paradise too.

  21. Malefu Tsotsetsi

    Come to me im your everything.Love the song,Oh how wonderful it is to be loved by God.
    May God bless you to continue to worship Him

  22. Praise Worship Songs

    Set me free from cigarettes oh Lord

  23. Sharon Prouse

    Praise God

  24. Elcineioliveira Evangelista

    São todas perfeitas lindas , Deus é maravilhoso usar vocês de uma maneira realmente incrível . Deus é fiel

  25. CSAcitizen Feather

    They need to turn down the music part so we can hear her voice. Music drowns her out. Need to hear those words.
    Good song.
    And I live in the same city as Lakewood Church.

    Yes its' GOD who makes us brave with His Holy Spirit inside of us !
    Jesus dais in Acts 1:8 that we'd have POWER because the Holy Spirit came upon us and we will be witnesses - and you have to be brave these days to be a witness for Jesus ! That is the Power of the Holy Spirit inside indwelling !
    Acts 2


  26. costel mijan

    du bist ein Gottes segen !!!

  27. Elizabeth Fonseca

    Que beleza de voz! Marcante e expressiva. Deus abençoe muito mais! Sou brasileira 😊

  28. TomTom Dishman

    Sufferer of Late Stage Heart Failure, Jesus, Please heal my weak heart. God bless Bethel Music.

  29. Gwen Booyens

    Amen , HALALUJA.

  30. Israel Di Caprio

    I am a proud FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST who happens to be gay. THANK YOU GOD FOR LOVING ME AND REACHING OUT TO ME when other "Christians" DROVE ME AWAY FROM YOU. 🙏❤😂❤❤🤴

    Psalm 146 : 2

    Israel Di Caprio Being gay is a sin just like being a fornicator, idolater, adulterer, thief, drunkard, etc. Every single one of us that are saved had to repent of our sins - meaning we could no longer go on thinking those sins were acceptable behavior in our lives. We’re all in the same boat. We had to acknowledge the wickedness of those sins. You don’t get a free pass to go on being gay any more than we got a free pass to be drunks or adulterers (or whatever). Being gay is a sin in the eyes of God and when you really understand who God is you will want to do what He wants you to do - and He doesn’t want you to be gay. Playing the “victim” saying that Christians drove you away from God isn’t going to help your situation, you have to confess your sin to God and ask Him to deliver you from it. By the time you read this I will have said a prayer for you.

  31. Go Spidey Go!

    This lady is gorgeous but she’s absolutely crazy. I hope she believes in Jesus and not false Bethel doctrine

  32. Philani ziqubu

    Jenn One of my favs

  33. Francimar Domingos

    Jesus Crist....

  34. Linda Babson

    I would love a CD of her music and others. I love her voice and what she has to say. How can I buy one or get beer music.

    Victory omuk

    Her and her husband latest CD is on Fire

  35. Yasin Bek

    Hes EVERYTHING! Period.

  36. JD Luna

    Where is this church?

    linda cypre

    Redding, cali

  37. Cleopatra Mokokoane


  38. Paul Carter

    Empowering words and music true reminders of a true anchor. Thanks each for sharing the inspiration

  39. Mylene Lucas

    A beautiful song amazing given to me when times were really tough ..
    God gives beautiful gifts to all ..
    Cause this got me through some tough times..
    Thank you God
    For blessing others to sing and your Glory !!

  40. Cheng Cangelosi

    Love Jenn Johnson voice. She sang beautifully.

  41. rita mensah

    Come To Me"

    I am the Lord your God
    I go before you now
    I stand beside you
    I'm all around you
    Though you feel I'm far away
    I'm closer than your breath
    I am with you wherever you go

    I am the Lord your peace
    No evil will conquer you
    Steady now your heart and mind
    Come into my rest
    Oh, let your faith arise
    Lift up your weary head
    I am with you wherever you go

    Come to me, I'm all you need
    Come to me, I'm everything

    I am your anchor, in the wind and the waves
    I am your steadfast, so don't be afraid
    Though your heart and flesh may fail you
    I'm your faithful strength
    I am with you wherever you go

    Come to me, I'm all you need
    Come to me, I'm everything

    When the storm rages, I won't be afraid
    'Cause I have locked eyes on You face to face
    Your voice I will follow, Your eyes I will see
    I'll come a little closer, come close to me
    'Cause You are my anchor in the wind and the waves
    And You are my steadfast, and I won't be afraid

    'Cause even in the darkest night, I know You are there
    So I'll press into You Jesus, oh, and I'll lose all my doubt
    'Cause You are my anchor in the wind and the waves
    And You are my steadfast, I won't be afraid
    If my heart and flesh fail me, You're my faithful strength
    You are with us wherever we go

    So, Jesus, we come to You, 'cause You're all we need
    We come to You, our everything

  42. ligaya

    I’m sick since last year, I undergo an endoscopy and the results was I have small hiatal hernia and gastritis.. I lost weight and my appetite. I lost my confidence and all.. I locked myself in my room.. I’m so discourage about my looks... but this song really lifts my soul up.. I should come closer to God because He is all I need. I should be still and be grateful.

    Bob Maniuk

    Amen. You should be still and grateful. Understand that God loves you with an unfailing love. You have purpose and hope. Sometimes it doesn't feel like we have hope. I believe as we walk in our purpose, our hope will increase. In Ephesians 4:11,12 it says that Jesus gave gifts to the church (that's us) which was Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers... to equip US to do His work, and build up the church. We do that by letting our Light shine... don't put it under a basket by staying in your room... if you know Jesus, if He is your Lord, then you have the deposit of the Holy Spirit in you... therefore you have the Fruit of the Spirit in you... you may need to stir them up... Love, Joy, Peace, etc.... if the fruit is active in your life, then it is visible to others... that is your light shining... as you walk in Joy, despite your situation... but I also believe your situation will change and improve as you walk in purpose and share HOPE with others around you. When the Lord uses you, your Joy is increased... and so on. "Lord God, heal my Sister, I ask in Jesus Name... Amen!"


    Sickness is not the end , shake off the depression and come out of it. Eat again live again it is not the end. Unless you make it be so.. Godbless you ❤️ rise again shake it off beloved

  43. Lady Hannah

    Praying for the 900 plus that hit the DISLIKE button. I pray the find our Lord Jesus before it's too late 😎

  44. Casamento de sucesso.

    Louvado seja Deus

  45. Ишен Маниясов

    Класс алиллуйя



  47. Richard Martinus van Meeteren

    Every song is Great

  48. Richard Martinus van Meeteren

    Great songs I love all Hillsongs awesome heaven father

  49. Richard Martinus van Meeteren

    Amen you are my Instagram

  50. Edward Rodriguez

    Jenn Johnson is amazing, and to see Kari Jobe singing backup is awesome since she is a great singer and worship leader in her own right. What a wonderful song, Praise the Lord !

  51. Austin Pipkin

    Love reading the positive comments about our God and what he’s doing, warms my heart!

  52. rumbidzai maikana

    I felt the Lord Spirit tell me that all i need is Jesus. I was praying for something but God told me He was all i needed through this song and when i accepted with all my heart i saw changes in my life greater doors started opening

  53. Enforcing Grace

    Everybody wants to be a rock star---some are called and some are not. Whatever we are called to do - that thing will bring us great joy - it is His divine purpose. Yes Lord, Yes...

  54. dillajohn


  55. Ana Patrícia

    Glória a Deus...

  56. Meds Trice

    Infinite Goodness of God.None will listen to Jenn and not return to tap from such an amazing Grace.2019 hurray....

  57. Ancela Vesper

    Nice song. But I'd rather have it directed to God than supposing it to come from God and directed to us.

    Paul Robinson

    WHY? Ever read the Bible and how often GOD speaks TO us?

    Sheena Critipaul

    Ancela Vesper I love songs from God’s perspective. There are only a few though. I need more.

  58. Candersson Swedican

    I was there at the start of Christian music when grandpa Larry Norman made it cool to sing about Jesus i am glad the spirit has elevated the worship of Him to a higher plain. I made a video while listening to this music.....Is The Trinity Biblical - part one

  59. Matthew Papke

    shes so happy :)

  60. Maria Nunez

    She sings so beautiful. I have been working on a public place and I put her music and people have asked me who is singing... She loves with so much passion. Love her. She keeps me going when I'm working and studying... God bless you and keep on singing.

  61. Kathleen Norton

    Though this music has some very good words, it seems very emotionally charged and driven. Music should and can be emotional, but not emotionally driven. I think many Christians confuse emotions and feelings for The Holy Spirit. All present day culture constantly steeps people in emotion. Emotion sells. The Church has gotten into the act, literally.

    Paul Robinson

    IF God cannot touch your emotions through music that honors him you are simply DEAD already - so lie down ;-)

    This emotion is nothing compared to revivalists that changed the world over the centuries.

    The gospel seldom changes lives through logic.

    Kathleen Norton

    @Paul Robinson The point I made isn't against emotions. It is against emotions as the driving force. The Holy Spirit should be our driving force and we cannot conjure God up through emotion. God gives amazing emotions in response to our love and worship of Him.
    There is a subtle, but very important difference between God given emotions and emotions used to entertain and give people a false experience of The Holy Spirit. And just because someone is singing or saying God's Word doesn't necessarily mean that the spirit behind what they are doing is God's Spirit.

    Paul Robinson

    My vote is that this is the emotion that flows from years of intimacy with Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the songs being sung for the glory of the Father.

  62. Samson Goodwin

    Amen Amen praise God alleluia so beautiful voice sister great worshiping Amen praise the Lord bethel church God bless you all in jesus name Amen 🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  63. Alex Thompson

    Who's the original person that sang this song?

  64. LordHighNess CheshireCat

    Super models who sing; not trying to be mean but I'm sure I'd look that happy if I looked like that and sung like that. Talk about winning the genetic lottery; these people are highlighted for two things out of their control, their base appearance and their ability to sing.

    The kicker is that people pay them to look good and sound good.

    Angie CJ

    She is on a platform because she spends intimate times with Jesus, did you listen to the lyrics (that’s the reason for the song) his presence is all that matters her looks are secondary- don’t be jealous look to Jesus the song will free you, spending intimate times with Jesus makes you beautiful she’s just doing what God created her to do - it’s amazing

    LordHighNess CheshireCat

    @Angie CJ - I'm aware that most songs are written by authors other than the singers. For instance Brian Johnson helped produce the, "You make me brave" song which is the only connection I can see here. What I said was based on observations between bands such as Jesus culture, Hill-song and now Bethel. In the prison ministry I was involved in a few years ago the speaker said, "Do I have to be this good looking to be a Christian?" which was a joke however I can't help but wonder if that is one of the deciding factors when these bands/churches select their front-men. Unless it relates to the topic of "Muscular Christianity" as in the time of Eric Liddell where the church put forward their best and brightest as spokespeople for the church as the best representatives.

    Paul Robinson

    NO - you would NOT - happiness is NOT based on looks - many supermodels and singers kill themselves to be rid of the misery they live in - many of the most popular Christian singers are homely as a hedgehog apart from their anointing of God - Your view seems a tad superficial.

  65. Ed Candelaria

    People, this is how we should worship the Lord our God!!!!!😀

  66. Michael Hartung

    I Love This Song❤️🙏🏽

  67. nick richert

    God used this song to let me know he was with me as I was listening to Pandora praying for God to show me he loved me and was with me in my spiritual battle. This song spoke exactly to what I was going through and I wrenched over praising him for his goodness that never fails. Praise be to the king of kings and prince of peace for he has brought me comfort.

  68. iliana sanchez

    Because even in my darkest nights I know you are there💕

    Tobiah Tovijjah Goodness Of G-d

    One single teardrop falls down
    I created the earth the oceans and the skies

  69. Luciana Kairupan

    Look how she dressed! This is so Bad!

  70. lizbeth johnson

    I don't doubt for a minute that the Lord is in the midst of Bethel church folks, but don't get caught out by people/church worship (idolatry)...just sayin'…...

  71. Matthew Papke

    I want to raise my daughter to love God that much.

  72. Kinja Hansen

    From Norway, Halleluja Jesus Kristus min frelser og pappa. Rens meg i ditt ord. Både i det som svir i ditt ord og det som smaker godt. Gi meg dine øyner og ører som åpner opp for ditt kall og trang etter din vilje!

  73. Becher Rod

    God is God of order. And the worshipper of God must wear a proper clothes. God don't need your worship song. The Lord have a lot of worshipper much better than you in His Kingdom. Always remember, to obey Him is better than your sacrifice. Holiness is better than your worship.

  74. Barbara Dadzie


  75. Durley Tatiana Mazo Quintero

    Listening in 2019

    CSAcitizen Feather

    Me too.

  76. Richard Martinus van Meeteren

    All hillsongs are great i like all hillsongs music

    Steve Harris

    Bethel, Northern California USA
    Hillsongs - Australia

    Richard Martinus van Meeteren

    Everthing all hillsongs in the world Amen

    Arie Korpershoek

    You're quiet right Richard!

  77. Albino Carlos

    nice song.. glory to Jesus

  78. Hans-Ulrich Buchardt

    Wonderful praise...

  79. Richard Martinus van Meeteren

    Great song

  80. james vanhalen

    Amazing song awesome

  81. Mladen Fabian

    Always great performance inspired by Holy Ghost and love of Christ,thank you Bethel music

  82. German Aguilar


  83. Rika Jooste

    One of my favorites ❤️

  84. Kentucky Dave

    I love you guys!
    Your spirit has helped me stay strong today!

  85. Michel Becker

    Bethel music..
    Brasil está queimando de amor por Jesus....😢🙌

  86. Damian Viera


  87. Jorge Trimboli

    Talented young fellows full of the Spirit of God!

  88. Victory omuk

    6.2M views, I feel like I am half of it. I keeping coming back for more

  89. Pep Massanet


  90. Melody Garikayi

    Who wouldn't flow in tongues with this prophetic song playing in the background, whilst healing, restoration and breakthroughs are taking place. ...being shifted in the spirit and launched to another dimension in the spirit...... Oh my my my words do not exist in such atmosphere!!!!!

  91. geimer 007 Boa

    Jenn Johnson
    Canta, se expresa, viste y se mueve como una cantante tipo Madonna, sensual y vulgar para llamarse cantante cristiana

  92. Christina McCrory

    I love this song so much!

  93. jay jay

    Jesus Christ is the only way!!

  94. Júniorteachor Teachor

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful songs with my family 👪

  95. Valter Lopes

    Glória ao meu DEUS!

  96. Júniorteachor Teachor

    Crisht live in me forever 😌

  97. Roupher Fernandes

    Come to me...I am The Lord your God...I go before you now.

  98. Jennifer Ferguson

    "You are my anchor in the wind and the waves! Jesus we come to you because you're all we need"! What beautiful lyrics! Thank you GOD for sending JESUS! GOD sure knew what HE was doing when HE sent JESUS! What would we do if we did not have JESUS to call on?!! I wish I had a voice like Jenn Johnson, your voice is so beautiful. Beautifully sung! BEAUTIFUL, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!