Beth Orton - What We Begin Lyrics

I could see it in my dreaming
I could make it happen in my life
Follow you off the edge of the earth
When you decided it didn't feel quite right
But I know to respect and be weary
Of this communion
And the lesions that lay within

What we begin and never end
What we begin and never end

Well she says I've an instinct a tactic in war
Like the wings of an angel getting clipped being boned
Follow you to the end of the moon
And then decided all good things pass this way and have left too soon
Did you know you could mess up your intentions
When you ask too much of any question
It ain't never coming back and you can't change that
Perfect strangers to tell our secrets to the mad men

What we begin and never end
What we begin and never end

I could see it in my dreaming
I could make it happen in my life
I followed you off the edge of the earth
I never though that it might not feel right

It's what we begin and never end
It's what begins to never end

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Beth Orton What We Begin Comments
  1. Shawn McClearn

    Oh God, that voice. Thank you, Ms. Orton.

  2. Sinister But Happy

    Awesome Tim Buckley cover

  3. meturi

    Sounds like good old Big Beat!

  4. alabastermontague

    The last track from the Chemical Brothers album that doesn't exist.

  5. Pippa Casey

    damn ok this is a cover I never knew I needed

  6. Bill Droszcz

    Sounds like someone is removing her fingernails. Anyone else? Let the hate mail begin. Ala Phoebe "Smelly Cat".

  7. Ocherednyara


  8. Jason Patterson

    Is that a female Richard Shannon Hoon?

  9. Art Fredette

    It takes amazing confidence to cover Tim Buckley, and to do it well is even more impressive. Great version!!

  10. TwoZero ThreeZero

    OMFG! This is so beautiful!

  11. josh diaz

    Im getting some euphoric psychedelic vibes from this!

  12. Sausage Finger

    Lauren Laverne bought me here.... Thankyou X

    John Taylor

    Richard B And me

  13. Carlos Inserra

    This version sounds like Jane's Addiction if Perry Ferrell was a woman.

    Andrew Phipps Phillips

    Nice observations. Reminds me a lot of Perry's solo work, cos he flirted a lot with synths and tech sounds

  14. Jorge Segoviano


  15. Anthony Cabrera

    look like "surrender" sound

    TwoZero ThreeZero


    Fco Javier Vidaña Muñoz

    Rather like "Dig Your Own Hole", in reference to "Where Do I Begin", with a touch of "Surrender"

    Anthony Cabrera

    Veo toques de the sunshine underground

  16. Ryan Eyo

    Fingers crossed this could be an amazing chemical brothers album. And slightly more 90’s than their last couple of album

  17. dani zambra

    Hermosa canción , cover de tim buckley, me llegó hasta el alma y representa el momento que estoy viviendo, the chemical brothers el soundtrack de mi vida.

  18. A Quite Delicate But Bad Brain

    Will this be on Eddy's and Tommy's new lp?

    Ryan Eyo

    Spike Spiegel think so. EBW 12. Not sure when though. But can’t wait

  19. Yourveryowncarrot


  20. Dakota


  21. Moskva Kassiopeya


  22. Chris Mellor

    Alakazam out of nowhere this beaut’ arrives. Cheers Chems

  23. i0nne

    Thank you so much Beth! This is one amazing track!

  24. MyousicK T.T

    The two dislikers are my ex/girlfriend and her mother...sure.

    Béa Le.

    MyousicK T.T lol 😂

  25. John Whyte

    I didn't even know that this existed. Thank you, Beth. Alive Alone was one of the first songs that really made me enjoy music. This feels like a window back to that magical time.

  26. Fanny




  28. David Guerrero


  29. Navneet Singh

    Beth, thank you!

  30. Paolo Vites