Beth Hart - Take It Easy On Me Lyrics

God bless this God bless that God I miss you now
All the people left when the blue sky crashed
And I can't do this alone
I am scared to change and to stay the same
When I'm calling out your name

Take it easy on me
I will trust you I will let you
Hurt me carefully
Take it easy on me
I break easily and this steel butterfly
Will learn to fly eventually
God take it easy on me

When I talk like this when I tear me apart
When I raise my voice I break my heart
But if I gave it all let the wall come down
Would you take my hand would you show me how
I don't know my place I don't know my own face
Or all the lines I can't erase

Take it easy on me
I will trust you I will let you
Hurt me carefully
Take it easy on me
I break easily and this steel butterfly
Will learn to fly eventually
God take it easy on me

No I was never one to lean on
Fighting this war against the wind
When I find ground to rest my feet on
I will lay my weapons down

Take it easy on me
I will trust you I will let you
Hurt me carefully
Take it easy on me
I break easily and this steel butterfly
Will learn to fly eventually
God take it easy on me

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Beth Hart Take It Easy On Me Comments
  1. Ingrid Sand

    Thank you, Beth! ❤

  2. Warren Swarb

    I have seen over 300 concerts now and can honestly say she is the best voice and most stand up performer to give you everything she has with emotion every night. That's why fans of hers like me are so passionate about her. Her soul is on display and vulnerable every song she sings or plays. Would watch her everyday if i could. Her story is her music and that's the best part. She has overcomewhat has taken down many of our greatest talents in the music industry. BETH ROCKS with the deepest of SOUL!

  3. Алесандр Трофимов

    Beth у тебя огромное СЕРДЦЕ!!!

  4. Carrie layne

    absalute favorite

  5. Howard MacLachlan

    My sis lost her beautiful 38 year old daughter to breast cancer..she is one of the strongest women to walk this Earth, but from people saying dumb things, she rips them with her return comments and then feels horrible. This song is my sis. I told her to listen to this and she broke down crying, which I think she needed to release her emotions. Awesome job Beth.

  6. Solar Sailor

    How is she not THE star in music today?



  8. henk van der weide

    wat een prachtig en gevoelig nummer

  9. Eugen Porembschi

    Gourgeos .....Your Voice & piano&Lirics...I have no words...One of best song I ever Heard...Till now ...Thanks..!!!👏👏👏👏👏

  10. Donald Cook

    No artist today holds a candle to her ... Simply nobody!!!!

  11. Edward Hedges

    Beth Hart, just WOW, what an amazing individual you are. Real, powerful and from the heart !

  12. Галина Лысенко

    Мощь и нежность!😋😋😋🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇😇

  13. Dixie Pena

    So beautiful and heartfelt!

  14. Missy Ash

    Why does love hurt 😭💔

  15. Peter Eyles

    Just a beautiful song from an incredibly talented lady! Love you Beth!!!

  16. Krisie Karila

    Chills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a voice, songwriter, pianist and performer! Can't wait to see her again in concert!!!!!!

  17. Sergio Saini

    God bless you Beth ! We are blessed from your voice !

  18. Jambi

    Saw her live and can confirm that her energy on stage is consistent. What a powerful woman!

  19. HippiCat

    If there is such a thing as a "soul song" then this is it for me. It reaches down and touches the very core of my being. That's it, that's all I got, I just don't have the words to express how much this song means to me.

  20. Misty Martin

    Yes take it easy on me. I learned how to fly like a beautiful butterfly
    It's like you know how I feel inside 🎵

  21. Michelle Mattingly

    Such a Beautiful Soul!! Much Love & Respect!!

  22. Rick Foshie

    LOVE! <3

  23. Keri E. Krieglmeier


  24. Anja Treebusch

    Back to yourself Beth and loving it <3

  25. Brenda Mershon

    I’m in a bad place in my life right now, and I can’t get enough of Beth Hart!! She’s so good ❤️

  26. mila prljincevic

    Take it easy on us, Beth, you are killing with this song! You're amasing!

  27. P E


  28. MargaretAnn Stewart

    Wow! So beautiful.

  29. MUDDOBBER Mud Dobber




  31. marco meury

    One of the best voices on the planet...

  32. tina barker

    Speaks to me thank you

  33. The Last Sumasrul

    Scotty is better... :-)!

  34. Rolf Jentsch


  35. Rabia

    Bu şarkıyı bize bahşettiğin için teşekkür ederiz,güzel kadın.

  36. Juustja

    What a privilege must it be to be in that hall.

  37. Martha Matthews

    What a talent what beautiful music!

  38. Richard Sew - Atjon

    Angel voice from Heaven..... Beautiful

    Peter Eyles

    Beth. Is one beautifully talented lady! May God Bless Her!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👋♥️🇦🇺

  39. Susan Perkins

    She is so incredible. Love you Beth.

  40. Dannie k

    Beth, Sweetie, I needed this. Thank You Love💕💞💜

  41. twitch-remaininq

    I hope u will come to Istanbul 🙄

  42. Brian Murphy

    found this lady in 2018 so glad i did love the passion

  43. piandey

    quelle voix....!!! quelle superbe voix ....!!!! quelle splendide voix ....!!!! quelle merveilleuse voix .....!!!!! gratitude ...

  44. frederique peyraud

    Merci Beth pour cette magnifique chanson et pour votre grand talent ,vous etes une grande artiste

  45. Rudi,Albert Lehnert

    great sound with many emotions , thanks Beth for all music <33

  46. Marisha Ann Huskey

    Dear God Woman!!
    That song is incredible.
    💔😥 🙏✨
    Slowly fitting the pieces back together again.

  47. Donna Marie

    A true artist..lays her soul open for all...beautiful!

    Peter Eyles

    Amen to that Donna!!!!

  48. Vanka Ledonik

    OMG! This song is so beautifull and powerfull, but also so gentle. Greetings from Slowenia ♥

  49. Gina Always a VIP!

    One of my favorites from Beth! What a voice we are blessed to hear!

  50. Axel Energy

    Beth Beth you don't know at what point I'm so so so so crazy for your singing and I love your style .you are really really really the one .

  51. Bob Dylan

    Whatever you sing, you make something special out of it. We all love you !!!

  52. Jo Black

    Very moving

  53. Brenda Phillips

    Love it.....come to Raleigh NC or Durham NC pleazzze

  54. Pat. Scott Yeargin


  55. Joao Domingos

    Beautiful ❤️️🎼🎹🎶👏👍

  56. Shirley Moore

    Damn, that was amazing! Applause!

  57. Everything Random

    I am on my 4th replay and not stopping anytime soon... My absolute favorite version now of this achingly beautiful song. ❤

  58. Tannani Mahjoub


  59. Dan Schneider

    Just beautiful

  60. MsJanet2352


  61. John Devis

    Волшебница. Повелительница душ. Богиня.

  62. panos taf

    cant wait to see her in greece this summer <3

  63. Alexander Mantchev

    This song can ruin even the coldest heart!...

  64. Tammie Almany


  65. Дима Шабашов

    НОРМ. BETH!!!

  66. ThePamelapfr

    One of my favorites! Bless!! <3

  67. Frank Stidham

    Beautiful music Beth. Thanks

  68. Lynda Martin

    🍃SWeet 🍃🍒🍃TuNe❤Beth🎵🎶 🎵🎶🎤😴💧TaKe🎵🎶 it 🎶🎵eaSy ❤N🎶🎵 ME💧😢💧💖⛅🐦⛅💖

  69. chatstoyou

    You can feel every emotion and drews you into her every word so easy xx

  70. lecknertal

    I'm deeply touched.

  71. yusif hesenzade

    Take it easy on me. Brilliant

    Tony Reina