Beth Hart - My California Lyrics

Calling California is there anybody home
Hello California won't you please pick up the phone
I wanna say I love you but I'm a million miles away
And I am thinking of you I miss you and LA

For you and you alone I'll lay my monsters down
And we'll watch the sun come up over California
For you and you alone I'll find my way back home
And I'll love you like the sun loves California
You're my California

I have made you suffer left you waiting in the rain
While I was chasing demons in the deserts of my pain
You know me better than the poison in my veins
So my love remember when God forgets my name

For you and you alone I'll lay my monsters down
And I'll watch the sun come up over California
For you and you alone I'll find my way back home
And I'll love you like the sun loves California
My California

I wanna feel the ocean breeze
Let the waves wash over me
I'll leave my winters in the sand
Hey California... California

For you and you alone I'll lay my monsters down
And we'll watch the sun come up over California
For you and you alone I'll find my way back home
And I'll love you like the sun loves California
California... You're my California

My California... You're my California

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Beth Hart My California Comments
  1. Stanley Stifler

    #FuckKaren #FaithIsBae


    Californication season 6 the best 🙌

  3. Doug Beaulieu

    This song will break my heart forever.

  4. insaneguysssssss

    Beautiful x

  5. Abdulhakim osman

    2019 and still here cuz of Californication

  6. dudeN

    My new favourite new song. Thanks to Californication

  7. Marijn Timmer


  8. Sp1ky


  9. jorge Garcia

    Anyone here listening to this I'm rewatching Californication and this scene always makes me tear

  10. Пажылой Чучундрик

    Кто с Лёхи(itpedia)

  11. AUSS13KA0S

    Hank should've stayed with faith. She was the perfect woman, through and through.

    Stanley Stifler

    Agreed, fucking hate Karen.

  12. Bianca de Beer

    To my dear Barnie. I will love you forever. Thank you for giving me something that I will cherish forever. RIP. Barend Johannes Venter till we meet again dear friend xxxxx

  13. Ronin Roper

    Bring hank back!

  14. Robert

    This song is not for the masses, this song is for the fans. #TeamMoody #UncleRunks

  15. Cornelia Heine

    She wrote this Song for her husband, <3
    While she,'s touring through different countries.
    It' s a memory to a beautiful Day and Person i met once in my life

  16. Krishna Singh

    I've heard so much about the california sun in songs, movies, series, etc.
    Someday i will see it for myself untill then turning up the volume to this.

  17. Disaster

    I am totally fucked up because I have fucked up... I hope that I still am on season 6/season 7 episode one and have the time to fix it, before 07e12 comes...

  18. Ronin Roper

    I miss my buddy hank......even runkle

  19. george georgis

    Great song

  20. Thelegendhaha

    Love Beth Hart for her voice, honesty and incredible talent. Amazing songwriter and performer. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  21. Ronin Roper

    Hanks da man! This is a good song

  22. Kosh611

    this is such a beautiful song. "Go Hank get your only true Love". that song suits very good for Californication.

  23. Jerry Beltran

    Still wishing Hank stayed with Faith

  24. Big Dave Kilbride

    Beth Hart is the greatest woman singer around and this song is brilliant.

  25. Hank Moody

    Hank and Karen.

  26. JP Haldenwang

    I feel for anyone who's never had their California. I hope you find it.

  27. Hank Moody

    There's just some shows that can't be described that they're so amazing... LOST, Californication, Mr Robot (in some ways). Shows like these sort of get into your feelings and are just so powerful. They don't even feel like shows, they're something a lot greater

  28. ஐNaTashaஐ RUS


  29. Hank Moody

    Hank Moody.

  30. ॐ_Fuck_Nato

    Love California.

  31. amy atwood

    Wow, the lyrics have got me, the music, I may as well call this song my home for a couple days. My love, I'd love to have the talent to write and sing something so significant to you. I'm so glad that someone else has been able to do it for me.

  32. Sir Westicles

    I had a bird once...

  33. Joao Veloso

    I'm making california my home today. I hope to work hard hard to prosper, and make this land the dream land for my kids.

  34. Michael Diack

    Hank moody brought me here! Beautiful song.

  35. Chad Gourley

    Hank and Karen.

  36. Kelly Glover

    I've never been able to go to your concerts. That would be a dream to me!!!!

  37. Kelly Glover

    Hi Beth I'm here in California. Come home 🙂❤

  38. Wholesale Clothing Aspirado Trading

    California will always be in my heart no matter where I travel to

  39. Igor Aquino

    Californication ends with that song. delete the 7 season from the history or create a new 7 season

  40. MrRamses08

    Кто здесь после просмотра Блудливой Калифорнии?))

  41. KurtfromLaQuinta

    I love California since '54. My parents did since '27 and '30.
    The politics not so much.

  42. VerDinsane

    damn i hate californication, makin me sad in some weird way

  43. earl mcgrath

    Hank Moody's life reminds me of my own in a way

  44. Balahura Daniel

    fucking 2k17 drunk as fucking fuck.

  45. Raj Dutta

    Hank Moody Brought Me Here...


    California ♥ 2017

    Hank Moody

    I did, I remember

    QiiQ Healthcare

    I'd credit Tom Kapinos in my case.

  46. Schmiergoll


  47. Henry Neumann

    I,am in dark and cold Germany

  48. Arber Dumani

    I tear up every single time ! Thank you Beth for this masterpiece !

  49. William Sanacore

    I was born in California too, Beth and still live here. I love the sun and the ocean too! Thank you for writing this beautiful song and expressing your love through it.

  50. PepeTheFrog

    I love California❤. Its the best place on earth. But sadly im not allowed to live in this beautiful country....

    I want to become an American citizen to be able to live there.


    who's listening in 2016?

    Abdelkader Malika

    Ken & Azeroth meeeeeee

    Jeff Davidson

    Me too.....and 2017 is only days away!


    Ken & Azeroth was about to thumbs up but forgot it was 2017 😂

  52. Marcela Ramalho

    6 season -Hank will knock on the door of true love!


    Marcela Ramalho true love was Faith!

  53. Wolf and Raven Pictures

    This song has such a deep meaning for me! Currently living abroad, it reminds me of my true home and family and how much I love and miss them with every fleeting moment we're apart. Beth Hart is simply an amazing artist!

  54. Jonathan Guerra

    love this californication..Missing hank moody and charlie runkle :(

    Shovelhead H. D.

    Me too, Jonathan...

    Michael Mark

    Found the song last night through Californication... What an episode... I don't want to watch the last season because I don't want it to end...

    Jonathan Guerra

    Hehe its normal..I.m gonna watch it again!

    Daniel Littlemore

    I'm watching it right now. I've watched it 5 times. I still tear up. It is the greatest story ever told

    Marijn Timmer

    Always thought they should've ended the series with that last episode of season 6. Just keep everyone in suspense, not sure of hank and karen got back together. But no...there came season 7..

  55. Stacey Means

    This doesn't suck, but I'm wondering how the fuck it got on to the My Mix list when I never heard of it, nor watched a single episode of Californication. Anyone by the name of Petersen want to help me out with that?

  56. euro990


  57. Ed Keene

    Taylor Swift and Ariana
    grande. this is what a gift from God sounds like. not the god awful music you two put out

  58. Frank Sabados

    I love you like the Sun loves California , for you and you alone , we ll watch the sun come in California . My California , I wanna feel the Ocean breeze , California My California and I will find my way back home

  59. yusef21595

    I wouldn't consider listening to rock if it wasn't for californication

  60. Rob Gleason

    hank moody  californication

  61. Bass Cover/\Guitar Cover And My Songs

    simply SUBLIME


    Says the word California 16 times.....So what state was this about again?

    Adrian v

    What's the name of the song numbnuts?


    Its called sarcasm moron

  63. Muhlum24

    Despite all the bs in the show Californication really does have an amazing soundtrack.

  64. Les Fullarton

    She's incredible!

  65. Ciprian Ionut

    Love is peaceful, compassionate, soothing, just like this song!

  66. Spencer Swart

    I saw Beth Hart last night in the HMH in Amsterdam, and during the encore she played this song. She said she wrote it for her man and she told us he is best man this world has ever seen.
    After she played this song her husband ran up to her piano and kissed her, the crowd went wild!
    Imagine being in a relationship with a woman who writes a song of this kaliber just to let you know she loves you, that must be awesome.

    Ismael Angelus

    @Spencer Swart Felling chills here right now... =)

    Spencer Swart

    @sentient07 Still a beautiful show though

  67. nyadrn

    I would love to hear Beth and Adam Levine sing this song!!

  68. Alison Postma

    Oh my. Thank you so much Californication for introducing me to my new favorite song. (:

    Valarie Carriere

    my new fav as well two years after you. haha..

    Ruturaj Deshmukh

    Still favorite????

  69. Михаил Валеткин

    great album

  70. József Kovács

    Californication baby

  71. mindxcircus

    "You know me better than the poisons in my veins. My love remembers when God forgets my name"

    Beautiful. And her voice is rare and strong! Love this song at first listen!

  72. Mic

    Not Beth's best offering.  Quick, Beth,  Turnaround,  Creation made U for the blues!!!

  73. sammy

    to be the person this song was about

  74. sammy

    loving this tune beth has the voice of an angel

  75. Cynthia Langdon

    beautiful voice

    Cynthia Langdon


    Cynthia Langdon


  76. Thedarakht nono


  77. Cannelle Demeyer

    I have seen you during the Jazz at Juan-les-pins , This song is very beautiful, and her story too

  78. Nick Lorentzen

    Californication <3
    Awesome show. Sad it had to end. Sad season 7 was so bad. Davids performance was the only thing that kept me watching.

  79. nyadrn

    For you and you alone I'll lay my monsters down..  beautiful song


    Just finished watching Season 7 of Californication. I'm sad :(

    The Human Crayon

    I think we'd all like to forget about season 7...

  81. Renee Harlan

    This song I lov soo much its my song to a friend I should have married sorry ture lov never ends !

  82. Bearcat Şándor

    My first impression was "huh. If Chris Daughtry had a sex change, this is what he would sound like." Then i thought "Wow. What a duet they could make of this song!"

    Tressa Roberts

    Best comment ever!

    ryan pittman

    this comment wins you the interwebs

  83. Mihai Andrei

    Hank you're stupid...Faith is the one !


    I can relate. Once you find it in matter the chaos, faults or things unspoken. all roads eventually lead back home. people search their whole lives looking for that gut wrenching, sublime-love for someone and never find it. we've lost a few battles her and I, but I don't think either one of us would ever give up on the war.

  84. Jozsef Vigh

    koszonom a jókivánságokat szeretek mindenkit!

  85. casablanca

    Already done with season 6 with californication.

  86. Lone Ranger

    From the final episode of season 6 of "Californication". This is one of my favorite songs by Beth Hart. An absolutely beautiful song!

  87. andrew quinn

    Californication (: u know that's y u here

  88. World5

    Wonderful song!! Great song and great voice it!

  89. MaxJackpot

    …..this youtube page is open on my mac for 2 weeks… I must have listened to the song about a thousand times straight…. 

  90. Pedro dó

    God bless the old fashion Singers!

  91. Stefano Benatti

    I'm raping replay button...


    AMEN! absolutely loving this song, had it on repeat. Every time I listen to it it makes me go into deep, philosophical thought its so happy/sad at the same time :S

    Luigi Falorni detto Gigi.

    Ragazzi su ovvia.. non battete la boccata !!!

  92. emil frydendal

    i wanna marrry her ;)

  93. Rudy Nielson

    God will never ever forget your name, Beth 
    not with a voice and a song like this - it´s awesome !
    My tears running - and I know exactly what you´re talking about!
    All the best to you and the ones you love!
    Greetings from Berlin/Germany 
    Rudy Nielson 

  94. Michael V Andersen

    Hank GO GET HER :P

    Santo elias

    Michael V Andersen "I had a bird once, love of my life she was... I fucked up of course, I thought there'd be time you know, turns out there's just roads... long and paved potholes.... I read that once in a book" Krull - rock and roll butler

  95. Dimo Kirev

    Shiver !
    So much soul.
    Thank you......

  96. Richard Olsson

    Hanks go chase her !

  97. samer Algharabli


  98. NicoLa Viande

    En espérant qu'elle ne soit pas avec un autre mec chez elle ;)