Beth Hart - As Long As I Have A Song Lyrics

Walk into the bar
And shake off my coat
Pull up a chair
And light up a smoke

Where did all those summers go?
Guess I’ll never know
So barkeep let’s give it a go

Pour me a dream
And play me a tune
And I’ll get along
Just as long
As I have a song

Sit by the church
And hear children sing
I like to pretend they’re
Singing for me

Memories of melodies
And words that made me cry
They have all abandoned me
Sit back and watch me die

Pour me a dream
And play me a tune
And I’ll get along
Just as long
As I have a song

The river is wide
And the ocean’s so deep
The harder I try
The faster I sink into the rich of the dark
The cheapest of tricks
I’ve lost the fire
Still I’m sharpening my wick
But it’s just smoke
And that’s all

So pour me a tune
As blue as the moon
And I’ll get along
Just as long
As I have a song
I’ll hum along
And that is how I’ll
Get along

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Beth Hart As Long As I Have A Song Comments
  1. ludlow saylor

    She's a great talent but so very unreliable.
    She cancelled on us last year and promised to make it up and a date was set for 4/25/2019 yesterday
    (Sold out for two years!) Four hours before the concert we get the texted
    Cancelled again!
    For the exact same reason.
    But! She's all better now to play a date in Nashville
    (Joe Bonnamassa's) home on the 27th.?
    Ironic I think NOT!
    It's an old saying.
    If you pay someone to much for a passion
    Eventually they take it for granted.

  2. Hussam Ali


  3. Лада Немцева

    Ни слова ни поняла, но вокализ - чудо!

  4. Rachael De La Vega

    Fabulous !!! sadly i missed this gig but saw her open up for Zac Brown at o2 few days later first time iv seen her live BLOWN AWAY !!!, first heard her music 20+ years ago

  5. Clark Anderson Art

    God..what a woman!

  6. Khushi Chopra

    You sing from your heart it is something I like the way your every song I ever listen

  7. Teodora Pandele


  8. Kra-kra Voh


  9. KellyGirl83

    Fantastic! A cappella Angel! Merry Christmas Beth 🌲🎄❄️🎅🏻🎁

  10. Tonya Sharting

    I pre ordered this DVD through Mascot music and Provogue Records and had my blue ray copy day of release. It's an awesome show. Best since Live at Paradiso, or Beth and Joe Bonamassa together. Beth live in New York is an intimate concert performance that is worth a purchase. Still, Live at Royal Albert Hall is the best thing I've seen in a while.

  11. Peter Gagnon

    For all the singers that think they got talent, she is the bar to reach

  12. Lynda Martin


  13. Khaiuzzaman Prince

    Awesome !!!

  14. Vanka Ledonik

    Amazing! Thank you, Beth!

  15. robin vollmer

    I LOVE BETH HART! I saw her in Tempe, Az. arouund 2011 or 2012 - not sure. She was amazing... I waited after the show for 2hrs til she finally emerged from her dressing rm. so i could tell her how amazing she was n how "Screaming for My Supper" was my favorite CD. It felt like that album was written to my soul. Every song is incredible. Her voice is so powerful - and effortless. She's one of a kind. I just love her!

  16. Maria Auxiliadora Medeiros Nascimento

    Maravilhosa 🌷

  17. Jeanette Wheaton

    Beautiful ❤