Beth Crowley - Standstill Lyrics

I guess it's my fault this time
I used to think that it was so
Important to be right
So I didn't call you
Say I'm sorry
You wouldn't have answered
The damage was done
I should give you up

But I've hit a standstill
A brick wall
I won't admit it
But I just keep collecting regrets
How did I make such a mess of this
I wasn't ready
To love you
Can't say it now
Though I want to
I have nothing but my pride
But it doesn't keep me warm at night

I heard you met someone else
I ask our friends about you
'Cause I just can't help myself
I push down the feeling
That I'm breaking
And smile when they tell me
It's not going to last
I just want you back

Are you lonely?
I get lonely too
Do you miss me?
Lately I've been missing you
Are you happy
Like I'm trying to be?
Have you moved on?
Or do you ever think of me?

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Beth Crowley Standstill Comments
  1. sandra Ferrington

    Don’t let go , ever

  2. Uchenm Talizu

    So relate to my situation right reflects me. 😊

  3. fatin sabrina

    are you lonely?
    i get lonely too
    Do you miss me?
    Lately ive been missing you
    are you happy
    like im trying to be?
    have you moved on?
    do you ever think of me?

  4. Black Siren

    Could you guys make a karaoke video about this song? Pls 👀

  5. LunariaGamez 39

    I think Beth deserves more respect and popularity

  6. Vicplirn_ 42



    Just hit this every time when it's almost over to have an loop of this beautiful song

  7. Madeleine Nystrom

    those 54 dislikes are from individuals who don't get loneliness

  8. Xx_Note_Worthy_xX_ 45 not lonely cause i know your hear..with me someway

  9. Xx_Note_Worthy_xX_ 45

    love how you mess with my mind...🖤

  10. Xx_Note_Worthy_xX_ 45

    yeah ......your my angel....dont care how you treat me my darkness

  11. Daniela Spuurtacz

    It reminds me of a guy I "left" 2 years ago. We were "together" for about 2 months, but he was quite a bit younger then me, I was changing environments and wanted to leave everything behind. Apparently he couldn't get over it for solid 8 months, now I feel I could've done it better. Tried to end it well. I was bullied a bit, so changing school I wanted to minimize the risk of that happening again. I thought that was a good decision, but even though now I have great friends I sometimes miss him. Maybe not as a boyfriend, but ending it differently we could've been friends.

    (I was 12.5 and he was 10, so that's why "left" and "together". I feel being 12 it's not a real relationship but I still miss a good friend.
    2.5 years is a big difference this age.)

  12. Tracy Fogle Olson

    Sounds like what someone said to Me,good luck

  13. Katarina Bellmonte

    0:00 - 2:53 Emma Carstairs when she had to force herself to tell Jules she didn't love him and say she loved Mark, his brother, just to keep him and his family safe....

    2:54 - 4:37 Jules watching Emma "dating" his older brother Mark, regretting ever making Emma his Parabatai.

  14. Cyber Melodic


  15. Sherry Lynn Rivera

    "Do u miss me?"
    Lately I've been missing you.

    Although i am currently in a relationship i have been feeling like i have so much faults in my relationship. My depression has become one of the biggest wall, the biggest problem we have. My depression has been affecting him. Now, i distant myself not only to him but to most people to avoid them getting hurt. 😭

    J.A.N _03

    Sherry Lynn Rivera I feel you, this is how I lost and keep losing my friends

    Sherry Lynn Rivera

    @J.A.N _03 same. My friends left me just recently just coz i wasnt the same like how they met me before and they said i have hurt them, and it accumulated until they had enough. :( and i wasn't even aware of it

  16. Sherry Lynn Rivera


  17. Deb _Souza

    The last verse as "I have nothing left but pride" "but now even that has died" would be my version of the song

  18. hannah parker

    This is sooo beautiful

  19. Bex Sings

    This song reminds me of 2 weeks ago where i lost everyone I loved or use to love... this song lyrics it's self makes me realize that I won't get them back.. "I won't admit it but I just keep collecting regrets, how could I make such a mess of this? I wasn't ready to love you, can't say it now though I want too!"🎼🎶🎵😭😭

  20. Shifty_Chara YT

    Why does this song remind me of Twilight

  21. Medha Shinghoroy

    It's beautiful... is it based on some book???... caz that would be awesome to .. plz if it's based on a book then give me its name

  22. kari lim

    I really love her songs!! Just a simple yet gives you so much impact. The emotion the way e sang and the lyrics of the song. So perfect. 💕
    I'm planning to make a short cover of this song haha. 💕😊

  23. Jordan Falkowski

    I love your music. J.Trx xvxx

  24. Ramer Call

    This song reminds me of my mother`s first love story.

    When she was young, she had a friend who had a crush on her, and she knew about it. One day he asked her if she will marry him. My mom answered that she`s not ready yet. He accepted her choice. Years passed, and my mom found out that he married someone else. Then she met my father. They married, I was born, but soon my mom realized - he is not who she needs, he`s not meant for her. They divorced. She has been trying to find him a replacement, but still didn`t.

    It hurts me to see that she`s lonely. When she told me this story, I was shocked. I know what meeting my father brought me to her, and she loves me. But...I wish she said "yes" back then. Maybe, if she did...she would be happy.

  25. Meagon Hardy

    This song gets me right in my feelings. Meagon

  26. Amaya Harig

    This reminds of Realm from the program series by Suzanne Young in so many ways 😭😭😭

  27. The Dangerous Ivy Vitale

    I've listened to this song so many times but it now sounds like Jealous by Labrinth

  28. Unstable bag

    Her: "doesnt keep me warm at night"

    Me: no a blanket does
    Also me: realises I honestly really like being single yet not 😂😭😂

  29. Punchy Snow

    Run and run hard and fast I still love u waiting that night still

  30. Rei Rii

    This is what I and my bestfriend have become...

  31. EggrollQueen02

    You posted this on my 16th birthday. The day I wanted nothing more than to give up. But your music inspires me to fight, and the notification for this broke my heart. It kept me clean, thank you. Even though I only just now got the guts to say something, thank you, for helping one girl fight on

  32. Ravenna Hallow

    @AsterinBlackbeak same literally

  33. Rachi Rose

    Please write a song about the 5th wave series... And also the book "Not if I save you first" by Ally Carter :)

  34. LlamaIsLove LlamaIsLife

    Love this song. All the lyrics really stand out to me

    Kirsten LePage

    I agree

  35. Luna

    I'm wasn't expecting to cry to this song but I am.

  36. Sophie Flying

    I keep coming back to this song

  37. Chr1st1na

    I have nothing but my pride
    It doesn't keep me warm at night
    = We all need to leave behind our ego and love someone

  38. Ankit Arya

    Its Beautiful beth 😍😍😍

  39. Lorelai Godin

    This song is amazing, I love it so much! Also, my Alto voice can actually sing this and not die, so Thanks!! XDXD

  40. Michelle Hostutler

    I only have regrets for how just about everyone I have ever know has abused me!! Therefore I have no other choice other than.. to cut people out of my life!! And yes it does at time.. get a bit lonely!! But it’s so much better than being stole from & severely abused.. by everyone I’ve ever known!! 😢😢

    Michelle Hostutler

    Zahra Mansley 🙏

    Michelle Hostutler

    Zahra Mansley You see I have been so very abused that.. it has actually made me not trust anyone & hate all people!! I am 50 yrs old now & I’ve so tried so very hard to change the way I feel about all people.. only to have no success!!

  41. dinalouise

    I dont see anything but that it's what happened to start

  42. Sarah

    This is me with my eating disorder. I wasn’t ready to love it, to attach to it, to not be ready to leave it. They all tell me that letting go won’t hurt forever but I never want to leave it

    Shaun Johnson

    You can through it

  43. Twilight Sparkle

    I wish she would do one for Aelin from the throne of glass series

    Monty Harrison

    She has one already it's Battle Cry:

  44. Learner De Curious Queeñ

    _Are you lonely?_
    Me : *No. I'm not.*
    _Do you miss me?_
    Me: *Yes I do. I **_miss_** you.*

  45. Shriya Palwankar

    Reminds me of Tamlin and Ferye in ACOTAR.

    Monty Harrison

    This one is based on the book series:

  46. tomboys rule

    Love this song I can relate to it so much

  47. Creativity Comin' Atcha

    why does this make me think of nessian? I absolutely love this song!

    Monty Harrison

    This is based on ACOTAR Series

  48. Gabby Bartholomew

    YouTube needs a love button- just for this song ❤

  49. Matthew Ball

    You should make a song based off of Looking for Alaska 💯

  50. Joey Gifford

    This is my English teacher’s wife and he told us to listen to her music

  51. maria jacobs

    I did hit brick wall with regrets I love still but I can't have him.. He doesn't want to love me like I do. ♥️

    Shriya Palwankar

    I understand. I have the same situation. I sometimes wonder if I should write this song on a paper and give it to him on his birthday.

  52. Moons WolfPack

    OMG I feel bad having to catch up I’m normally always caught up with your music cuz it really helps

  53. Havana C

    My new favorite song.

  54. Allie Zhang

    Idk why but I love that high note in "like I'm trying to *be*". To me, it really hits the overall tone of this song...Maybe it's just me?

  55. Arnab Mandal

    This song is so damn true with regrd to how people view love as in this world now

  56. Vinaya

    Hey, can u make a vid on how not to die while listening to your songs please?

  57. Twilight Sparkle

    I love the line

    I have nothing but my pride it doesn’t keep me warm at night

  58. Brystal Olsen-Roth

    This song is beautiful, I love every single one of your songs. Please keep up the work. Never give up on your beautiful voice or anything you believe in. I believe in you😊 😄

  59. saraa

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  60. Sophia Blohowiak

    7 heartless people...

  61. Sophia Blohowiak

    13rw Clay singing to Hannah

  62. Celestia Shimmer

    Beth I advice and actually want more energetic songs from you for example like "warrior" (I more like this song from ur all songs) You can do more energetic from that too. I hope you see my comment and make more energetic songs ;)
    But I really like you're voice and some videos like in "wild heart" may be "please take me".

  63. Amber

    Hey Beth!

    I really love your songs! Ever heard of The Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings? Maybe you can write a song about it!❤

  64. Becca Angel

    I really really love all of your music. And I really can relate to most of the lyrics. And o love your voice!
    "I have nothing but my pride, it doesn't keep me warm at night" ♥️♥️

  65. Artika Vaish

    You're a fabulous artist. :)

  66. Anna schneider

    The three people that disliked this are idiots

  67. Engxty Piksy

    Beautiful song

  68. Jdfnaf


  69. Elena x Hastings

    Thank you sm for this song, I relate to it so bad... I met a boy and I loved him so much but I was scared that he didn’t like me back, I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough for him so I pushed him away. One day he started ignoring me and I’ve done everything i could for him to answer me, and at this day he’s still ignoring me. I miss him so bad, I wish I could just move on but I just can’t, I always think of him and of what I should have done. Every boy I meet reminds me of him and I wish I would’ve told him this...

    Dat Salty Person

    I have a similar story. I met my best friend in grade 1 and instantly felt like he stood out from the rest. But, I was shy and didn’t really talk to him. We slowly became friends, though and by grade 3, we were best friends. We were really close. We both liked the same things and helped each other when we were down. In grade 5, I was in a really dark place and he was the only one who came and fished me out. I fell in love with him the summer before grade 6 and confessed near the end of the year at the school dance. It’s . . . really painful because he told me that he had liked me earlier in the year.

    I’m an eighth grader now and we’ve drifted apart quite a bit. He doesn’t talk to me like he used to. And, he doesn’t smile like he used to. I’m full of regret because I had missed him by only a few months. He thinks of me as a friend, I think of him as more, and I think it’s going to stay that way.

    Elena x Hastings

    Dat Salty Person I’m so sorry, I know it’s hard... i don’t feel like I’m gonna move on any time soon

  70. Laura Webber

    This is so relatable for me on so many levels

  71. I Love Loki

    First seconds already made me cry😭💔

  72. Casey Bond


  73. marilou Hellec

    This song😍✋

  74. Rhiannon Hofer

    Al I heard was the piano when I liked and knew this was gonna be good

  75. Jule Walker

    I'm so sad.

  76. Yoshie Augestya

    The first time I heard your song "monster" i think you're a great singer and i love your songs... Keep it up pal

  77. The Real Water Sheep

    How did you get so good at singing

  78. Mary Sanders

    Already added it to my playlist of you on Spotify!

  79. Prashanth Reddy

    I like the way of your *Attitude*

  80. Starseeker Wolf

    This is such a beautiful song, like everything you write!

  81. Nacshathra R

    Damn. It's beautiful.

  82. Grace McLaren


  83. Arrow The Quickest

    This is absolutely perfect. You’ve come such a far way since some of your early songs like Warrior!

  84. Zany Awesome

    Nesta to cassian eventually in the spin off acotar series

    Shriya Palwankar

    I thought it sounded like Tamlin to Ferye.

  85. Horse_Lover389

    Ugh I relate so much. Thank you for sharing your voice and your songs with the rest of the world ♥️

  86. Arra Sails

    Wow this song really spoke to me since my friend isn't talking to me anymore after I did one little thing that I thought was helpful but she didn't think so and I'm wondering if she doesn't regret her decision to not speak or look or interact with me and I'm thinking this is her this song it just hit me thank you for posting and creating this song

    Piper O.

    I have a friend like that... It sucks

    Little Black Star

    I can totally relate to your situation, something similar happened to me almost a year ago... It was tough, and without my other friend I wouldn't make it. But I'm here, at the place I want to be, just with the right people

  87. Tina Doyle

    You did it again!! Wow this song is so beautiful and relatable in so many ways! You’re a wonderful talented singer and writer! ❤️ can’t wait to hear more!

  88. Anne Blake

    Beth you have such a beautiful voice. I love hearing it, this will become an iconic part of my childhood

  89. Wolf Gamer

    I love all your music. It realtes to my reality and helps me cope with it

  90. Cassie Rexroad

    Wow! Great job! Love your music!

  91. Sophie Acorn

    Gale is that you?😖

  92. Strangeness Everywhere

    When ever i hear this, I imagine I died, and only when I was in heaven did I realize that people cared about me. It sort of helps me with my depression.

    Michelle Hostutler

    Strangeness everywhere Yep I just tried commenting suicide & I almost died!! I had a really bad seizure!! I swallowed my vomit and it turned into pneumonia!! Also caused me to have staff infection!! I was in ICU for 3 weeks in a coma!! I got to come home from the hospital this Christmas Eve!!

    Jocelyn Vincent

    To me it reminds me of the guy I loved who passed a few months ago when I was saying wait because he lived in town and I lived in the country and it was hard and we both loved each other and we were on a break till I moved to town but we had a fight right before he passed

    Benjamyn D'Arc

    It was only once I came out the other side of my depression the I was able to see how bereft my whole family - and everyone who knew me - would have been. Before then I had to take it on faith, because I could hear it but I couldn't... feel it. Not really.
    It was one of the strangest feelings to look back and realize how bad I had gotten, and how desperately I had wanted out. I'm not saying I don't have hard days now but... I had only a few good moments/days then, and couldn't imagine a life where they just kind of kept going continually. I couldn't really picture having enough energy each day, or not being in pain even when I'm in pain (if that makes any sense). I couldn't picture truly understanding that I was a plus instead of a negative in life.
    For what it's worth... when I waited it out, I ended up coming out the other side of it. My sister once told me "you're in a battle, and all it takes to win is not to lose, and all it takes to lose is to not give up." She wasn't wrong. I don't know if it helps but... It got me through it.

  93. ItzCrystalPlayz

    This is so beautiful!! I wish I could sing like you. But the only songs I can sing are 'The Hanging Tree' and 'Deep In The Meadow' from the hunger games. I do try to make my own songs but I'm really bad at singing.

  94. Ceci L.

    Why is it everytime you put out a new song, I feel like it's my new favourite. That is, until the next one comes out.
    I seriously do really love this one though, nice slow and emotional with painfully relatable lyrics.

  95. IRony Maiden

    I love your songs but this one is like story of my heart. I fucked it all and now I missed him so much but this song helps me. Thank you. ❤️

  96. XxMagicItselfxX

    I love this so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  97. jafftell der Feuersturm

    Wow What a wonderfull song with so much deepnees♥♥♥ don't stop making things like this♥- sorry for this awful english but i'm not quite good at it because i'm german and 15 Years old- i defently speak it better than write😂 but i love this song

    Nike Katinka

    Ich auch, nur bin ich (fast) 14 Jahre alt🤗


    Finally found THE ONE who keeps defining me...