Beth Crowley - Something Good Lyrics

No makeup in sweatpants
But you look at me like I'm wearing a ballgown
When I'm going under
You grab my hand and hold it so I don't drown
You know exactly who you are
It's a beautiful sight
I made a home inside your heart
Now you're living in mine

I think we got something good
I think we got something good
It feels the way that love should
Because we got something good

You walk into a room and
You light it up when you're not even trying
Sometimes we get angry
But you never let us go to bed still fighting
I like when I can make you laugh
It's never much of a challenge
We might be really different but
We keep the other one balanced

I think we got something good
I think we got something good
It feels the way that love should
Because we got something good

They told us that this would feel like work
But I love what we're doing
If I could go back and start again
You're still the one that I'm choosing

I think we got something good
I think we got something good
It feels the way that love should
Because we got something good

I think we got something good
I think we got something good
It feels the way that love should, yeah
Because we got something good

We got something good
We got something good, oh yeah
We got something good, good oh
We got something good

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Beth Crowley Something Good Comments
  1. Emina Rose Parrison

    Anyone know the chords to this song? I can't find it online and I want to play it to my fiancee 🙇

  2. The one kid that is obsessed with musicals

    😭 THIS is so touching thank you

  3. felix navarro

    This was absolutely adorable! Sorry, I'm so late to the party, but Beth? Them vocals? Hell yes!

  4. Maddie Mae

    OKAY I LITERALLY CAN'T STOP PLAYING THIS SONG!! haha! So cute and adorable! <3 This gives me old Taylor Swift vibes and I love every moment of it!

  5. Metalandrock4evermylife

    I'm actually wondering what the guitar chords are would love to be able to play this wonderfull song

    Maddie Mae

    Okay, so I play guitar but I can't really create guitar tabs (I taught myself) but I can do a little bit of piano so I sat down and figured out the notes! So bear with me! haha:) And hopefully, if you know a bit of piano, this might be helpful! Let me know if it is or isn't and I can try to explain again.. haha!

    The first chord is C#, the next chord is B flat minor or A sharp minor (Bbm or A#m), the next is F#, and the last chord progression is G#. If you need more help, just let me know! :) I seriously love this song so much. haha! <3

  6. picky ally

    Beth, thank you so much for your amazing songs 💕 My best friend and me are preparing a presentation about you for our music course 💕 And I'd really love to ask you some questions, unfortenately we couldn't find that many answers on the Internet. If you feel uncomfortable answering them just say it, that's completely okay. But, first question, what is your favourite song out of all you wrote? Where are you from? When have you been given birth? Who inspired you to get into music? 💕 Thank you 💕

  7. BSKD Jewels

    How did it take me six days to watch this video? It's so good. I like the touch of guitar. It's something new so it makes you wonder is this a product of Mr. Crowley's playing (which would be so cute considering the lyrics) or is this a product of Beth's guitar lessons (which shows her improvement as an artist)? Either way it is fantastic!

    Maddie Mae

    I love both of those visuals.. so adorable! haha! <3

  8. picky ally

    I just have to comment this under one of your videos. You've got such an amzing personality, you're so down to earth and all of your songs are master pieces, especially the lyrics 😍 You deserve so much more fame than half of the modern artists out there 😍

  9. Yeah

    Late but I love this

  10. Eloise Gardener

    Wow, this is an amazing song!

    So, sorry to ask again, but just in case, could you try to do Renegades by Marissa Meyer? It is an amazing book, and the sequel came out a month ago (the next one comes out in 11 months!) If no, could you maybe just read it? Not nearly enough people have read this book, even if they should.

  11. CaringBrit 7cups

    loved this song so much

  12. parker snow

    Beautiful song! Me and my boyfriend have now made this our theme song!

    Maddie Mae


  13. Cate Dexter

    Songs like this make me want to write super healthy pairings that make you want to actively ship them.

  14. S H

    I Think this song HAS something good,I LOVE it

  15. Yahwehs Enigmatic Beloved

    Awesome Song, Beth!!! ❤❤❤

  16. Arya Thergaonkar

    I'm thinking fiftieth person to comment ..and ur songs are always soooooo relatable

  17. Charles Ferguson

    I went from proving that I Am Not Nothing to now having Something couldnt get any better than this!!!

    Maddie Mae

    You're so cute! haha!

  18. Tree Kan

    Keith I received your song

  19. Afrin Juhi

    Awesome ❤️

  20. SSSein

    I really love your voice 💓 so amazing😍

  21. Gorezilla Yt

    I'm heart broken right now.... this is just making me sad...😭


    Don't be heart broken, we all love you here!

    Gorezilla Yt

    @Trapezoid thank you


    @Gorezilla Yt You're welcome, just stay strong!

  22. CJust 369

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how Beth is improving and her development through her songs?

    Maddie Mae

    MOMENT OF APPRECIATION. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    CJust 369

    @Maddie Mae I remember when she just had 30.000 subs and her last song was Reasons, I'm so proud of her right now🎶👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏✨

    Maddie Mae

    @CJust 369 OMGOSH SAME!!! Wow. It's awesome to meet others who have been listening to her for this long. haha! :) Reasons was real good. haha! I literally can just play all her old and newer music and it doesn't matter 'cause it was really good, even way back when. haha! :)

  23. Shadow cat

    I’m so used to your songs being sad!! But this is so pretty!! I love it!!

    Maddie Mae

    haha! But for real, tho!

  24. Caitlin Basham

    So cute! It's the simpleness of it that I like. A real love song just needs words and one instrument. This is great

  25. Carrie L Brewer

    Beth, I'm crying as I listen to this. I'm almost a year into the best relationship I could have wished for. This song describes us. Thank you.

  26. XxMagicItselfxX

    This is just perfect ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. clove

    this is the best birthday present ive gotten so far, you're so talented ♥️

  28. Lizzie Bee

    Goodness Beth, I’ve raved for years about your book based songs but this song made my heart flutter like butterflies I’m gonna keep this on repeat today 😁 #searchingforalovelikethis

    Maddie Mae

    Can I join your search party? #singleandreadytomingle

  29. Imgunnagetyou

    pretty song 💞

  30. doughnutforlife


  31. Jemm Masters

    It's perfect as always, ahh

  32. brooklynn fleming

    This song is amazing like always

  33. rose cookie

    So, uhh, is there anywhere to download the image or buy it to download it? It's actually amazing!


    I added a link to the image artist in the description!

    Maddie Mae

    @bethjcrowley HALLELUJAH!! haha! Your song is amazing!

  34. Bond, James Bond

    This song its so cute! As always,you made a beutifull song,combined to your perfect voice! I wish to you all the sucess you deserve!
    A big hug from Brazil! ❤

  35. Laura K

    Love it <3
    Heyy, could you do a song about Heartless from Marissa Meyer? Loved your Lunar Chronicles one, so it would be sooo amazing *.* Or Miss Peregrin's Peculiar Children :D
    Greetings from Germany!

    Emina Rose Parrison

    Laura K yes yes Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children please!

  36. Blazeslayer

    Love this! Thank you Beth!

  37. Amber

    Hey Beth!

    I'm really a fan of your songs! I love them so much😍. Did you ever heard about Lord of the Rings, Thr Hobbit and Fantastic Beasts? If you know one of them, and you like it, maybr you can make a song about it, IF YOU WANT😊😘.

    Much of love from me!💕

  38. Aleyna Byrum

    I love this... it's so happy❤

  39. Ceci L.

    Woah girl you can't just drop songs out of nowhere unanounced. I wasn't mentally prepared yet. It's so cute and nice and feel good. Love how acoustic it is, that really works for this song. It just sounds so sweet. Love the background as well, giving me some Amsterdam vibes with the houses and the water.


    Honestly I thought I had it scheduled for Wednesday so it was a bit of a surprise for me this morning as well, lol!

    Ceci L.

    @bethjcrowley Hahaha well I must say I've had way worse surprises ;)

  40. Icy Fleckz

    This is really nice! ^^

  41. Marieke Elzer

    This makes me whole again so great and so happy

  42. Shadowhunter ARMY

    1:59 - 2:14 I love it ❤

  43. Faithfu1 Dani

    Yes!! Love it! As always!

  44. kamaljeet sandhu

    I 💜 you, Beth😊🌈
    This song is truly amazing!!😁😘😍

  45. Subah Samaun

    I haven't heard this song yet but I'm here to comment and already liked the video.
    I just wanna know how can you speak myself? How? Freaking how?

    I love your songs
    I love you idol
    Never fall apart

    Writing this comment I heard your song. This is amazing.

  46. Chloe Sim


  47. LoneWolf67544

    I think it's cute that it's a happy love song with guitar in the background because, if I'm not mistaken, Beth's husband plays the guitar :D this was so cute!

    Devanshi Saxena

    But I think Beth was learning to play the guitar but it's still pretty cute ❤

    Lexi N

    Her husband does play the guitar, but I'm pretty sure he didn't do the instrumental for this (she mentioned something about it in the video where she talked about the stories behind all her songs this year)


    @Lexi N Oh sorry I didn't mean that in a way that suggested he'd played it, I just assumed since he knew how to play the guitar that he obviously favors it, so it was cute that she put a guitar in it. I could see how one would misinterpret that as such, though, so I apologize for not being more clear.

    Lexi N

    @LoneWolf67544 I agree, it is pretty cute. I kind of hope she does a live version with her husband playing the instrumental

  48. Petra The Unknown Shadowhunter

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. ❤💙💜💗💝💓💟💞💖

  49. andena parke

    Can you please write a song based on all the bright places by Jennifer Niven? :)


    Ooohh yes please!

  50. Zoe Browning

    So good!!!

  51. Evelin Kivi


  52. booiscaredyou

    you are so cute omg its amazing good job!!

  53. Regina cook

    Lovevvvvvv itttttttt!!!! She is AMAZING

  54. Duthi Ch

    Pure talent is all I see; it reminds me of a fantastic relationship where you don’t want to change anything.

  55. Vour Essence

    Never been this early before

  56. Vour Essence

    1st comment! Omg

  57. Night

    Yesss I was waiting for this :) Thanks!

    EDIT: I think I was thinking about a different song, I don't actually recognize this song??? -- it's very good though! <3