Beth Crowley - Seventeen Lyrics

I can go for days, even months
without thinking of you, not even once
then like a wave you come crashing into my dreams

I'm sitting with you in your beat up car
laughing and looking up at the stars
a shadow falls over your face as you turn to me

You say I won't be happy til I give you the world
Don't you know you'll always be my girl
and I wake up with your words echoing through my head

Are you thinking of me where you are now?
Are you happy with how your life's turning out?
I know we were kids back then
but it's not fair to downplay it

Too many years have since gone by
to confess what's been haunting me all of this time
That a part of me is seventeen
and still in love with you

I leave my eyes closed so I can keep
slow dancing with your memory
But the image that once burned brightly starts to fade

I know I romanticize all that we were
at the end of the day you and I didn't work
Yet so much of who I am I owe to you


If I knew back then what I know now
Could have foretold the end somehow
I still don't think I would change a thing
about how I felt at seventeen


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Beth Crowley Seventeen Comments
  1. JustJensen

    can you make a karoake version to this song

  2. ahbing qing

    *is yet to experience any type of romance... is yet to turn seventeen*

  3. Sajia Saaz

    I listened all ur songs😍😍 So amazing and inspirational 👏👏 Good luck for ur life. Want u to be famous very soon 😊😊😊

  4. Turn Le Paige

    This reminds me of my ex best friend/boyfriend. Oh God I'm still stuck on that, from almost a year ago. God I hate myself.

  5. IDIC

    Yes i am thinking of you. You spoke call words to me in this

  6. Ima Kiwi

    Can you do a song based on escaping peril from wings of fire?

  7. Lyra Steiner
    I tabbed this if anyone wants to play it on guitar!

  8. Tropical Bananas

    I definitely want to use this song for a contemporary solo when I'm 17

  9. Tropical Bananas

    Oh my gosh... why am I crying... I don't know😭💕

  10. anushka navetia

    eleanor and park

  11. Ilanit Dorani

    I am seventeen and holding on.

  12. Sam

    ¿Como estás? Estoy cansada. ¿Sabes te amo? Porque te amo.


    Me haces falta, pero es lo qué es.

  13. iviz gutierrez

    This sound like "Where she went"

  14. Maplepaw Mapel

    LeafxCrow any1?

  15. June Iparis

    Why does this song makes me cry?

    Marieke Elzer

    that happens to all her songs


    June iparis because I think the poor girl lost her love it made me cry too) :

  16. Raven Storm

    I literally found this song the very day an old ex and best friend came back into my life and it was so hilarious because with him this song covers alot of my feelings. and it is so beautifully written. I wish you luck on all your future songs beth.

    Marieke Elzer

    is your ex your best friend or........

    Raven Storm

    marieke Elzer he is my best friend

  17. Kayla Marie

    This reminds me so much of Eleanor & park



    Cassie Lopez

    Oh HELL YES.

  18. Mirianna Scala

    Love. Love. Love all the way u.u

  19. Hayley Neal

    hi Beth you should write song based on If I stay

    Ellie Traves

    Omg YES!!

    C. K.

    omfl yesss

  20. Patries Pool

    singing a song of Beth at school for a note..I hope it will work out..Beth's music is always beautiful! ♡

  21. Patries Pool

    singing a song of Beth at school for a note..I hope it will work out..Beth's music is always beautiful! ♡

  22. Sneha Prior

    I feel this song means a lot to you for some certain reasons... It's so beautiful :)

  23. Keaira Copeland

    I don't know about anyone else but I cried. This is beautiful and sad. And beautiful

  24. Makiah

    Your voice is amazing. I'm in love with all your songs. ♥

  25. Marieke

    Your songs are so perfect

  26. *stephanie*

    I'm so glad I found ur channel


    +Stephanie G same XD

  27. kazvmii

    you make such amazing music Love you -Ana Rita <3

  28. Justine Taves

    Wow! Such an enchanting, gorgeous song! I love it!!! <3

  29. Sio

    Woah ❤

  30. Ceci L.

    So beautiful. Can't wait for even more new amazing music of you

  31. Murleve Roberts

    this is lovely in every way possible

  32. Judith Berger

    Beth I love you!!! You are sooo good and beautiful. please record other songs soon!!!! I hope I will be like you when I'm growing up. Loveee you. I hope you will read this....

  33. Amy Pinfold

    Amazing as always xxxx

  34. Isobel Brady

    This is so amazing!!

  35. Tannenbaum

    Kinda heartbreaking... Beth, you're great!

  36. 111peaceandlove111

    This song was released on spotify on my seventeenth birthday 😱

    PatchPaw Art & Cat Rescue

    111peaceandlove111 that is pretty fricking special


    Seventeen means victory in one of my views of that language.

    Emily Moxham

    111peaceandlove111 😂

  37. Equine Addiction

    Amazing as always Beth!! This is Amazing!

  38. Agnes A

    I love this song! Thanks for uploading it on Spotify too(;

  39. Lil' Lina

    Fantastic melody. Congrats, Beth!

  40. Lyn Wijaya


  41. Maya Sinay

    This song gives me the feels! <3 <3 <3

  42. Steph Piano

    Beautiful as always Beth!

  43. Sierra Taylor

    I've been waiting for this!!! Beautifully crafted and created as usual! Thank you so much!

    Lil' Lina

    Me too!!!