Beth Crowley - Runaway Train Lyrics

I saw the writing on the wall
In fact you painted me a picture
And I don't know why I cared
Enough to mold myself to fit you

My heart is a runaway train
Speeds so fast that I can't catch it
Is the pleasure worth the pain?
When did I become so reckless?

I've never been that good at love
I tell myself that I don't need it
But I just can't stay away
I want so badly to believe it

My heart is a runaway train
Speeds so fast that I can't catch it
Is the pleasure worth the pain?
When did I become so reckless?

Another note in the middle of the night
Saying "I can't stay but I promise you I tried
...You're gonna be fine"
So I take your things and I shove them in a closet
Swear I'm done but I always break my promise
In case this one's it

My heart is a runaway train
Speeds so fast that I can't catch it
Is the pleasure worth the pain?
When did I become so reckless?
When did I become so reckless?

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Beth Crowley Runaway Train Comments
  1. Emily O'Neal

    This came out over a year ago? I remember walking through the hall of my school when it came out... ps- the second verse through the end reminds me of Fang and Max from Maximum Ride.

  2. Meagon Hardy

    This is one of my new favorite songs by beth crowley. 😍😍😍. She is an amazing singer and song writer. Meagon

  3. tomboys rule

    How can I relate some much to your songs?

  4. Aly

    How can someone like you be so talented😍💜

  5. Aly


  6. Emily Moxham

    Can you do one on Ivypool from warriors by Erin Hunter?

  7. Kshreya Sundar

    " painted me a picture" Julian and Emma. TDA

  8. Amy

    This song kinda reminded me of Papertowns lol, when margo wrote the message on the wall and q followed her ;n;

  9. Lakshmi Manoj

    So, who else immediately thought of Andreil after seeing the name of the song?

  10. Vlasta Vysvobozená

    Beth, could you please make a list of your songs and write there, on which series there are based? I would really appreciate it!

  11. Saeed ur rehman

    I came, I saw and I (was) conquered. I just finished listening to all of your songs, even though I found your channel a week ago. You create incredible music. I wish you the bestest of luck.

  12. Alexander Xiong

    Makes me think of the movie unstoppable

  13. BadassCow JK

    I love your music. I know a lot of people say that, but you truly are my favorite artist. Your songs are so original and have a lot of meaning. Thank you for making amazing music, it really speaks to me and I really appreciate your talent. 💙

  14. Duthi Ch

    I love the song🤩.Who else does?

  15. CAS Smith

    love your music! please do i song on "the enchantment of ravens" it is one of my fave books!

  16. Books4life 263

    I love you and your songs so much. In a book I am writing I named one of the main characters Beth

  17. Queenienoirs Speededits

    Those 5 who disliked this are idiots...

    Marieke Elzer

    6 now...

  18. Lavínia Martins

    Beth I'm brazilian singer and I really really love your songs! ❤

  19. Ari marie

    I love this song

  20. Andrea Greuel

    Why is this so perfect?

  21. Jonathan Gough

    Been here since warrior

  22. Jonathan Gough

    Bethj007 looking good in this music video and love your voice and writing and I like how you write your songs for books I think that's cool cuz I can't even write a song for a book

  23. chloe mitchell

    i love this so much and good job

  24. Savannah Price

    I am obsessed with all of ur songs tbh ♥️♥️♥️ you should do beautiful creatures!! It's an amazing book series and has a movie but the movie isn't very good

  25. Sara Harrison

    I remember when you first started making songs. I still think you deserve so many more subs! Amazing as always!

  26. Rosalie de beus

    Also, I know you get a lot of these but I thought it'd be worth a short anyways. I recently finished 'Glitter' by Aprilynne Pike, a book which's sequel will be published February 12th. It's absolutely amazing.
    It's a combination of science fiction, historical fiction and fantasy, and I really think you'll like it!!
    Much love from a fan <3

  27. Rosalie de beus

    Absolutely love this!

  28. ShadowAGT

    She is so underrated

  29. HufflepuffKiwi 8

    Please write a Song about the Black Magicians trilogy! Preferably about Dannyl and Tayend... :)

  30. Diana LoL LOL

    I love your songs! They are so inspiring! Know in 2018 almost all songs are just created just for parties and for people who think that the inspiring songs are fullish! Your songs make me forget about this big issue! I also really like to sing and write songs! A lot of people know a days don’t understand why I like these types of music! They just can’t and this makes me feel different... but somehow in a good way! Continue with your great work !!!!!!!

  31. Randall Sizemore

    omg this is beautiful❤ you deserve so much more recognition because you are amazing❤❤❤

  32. Piper McLean

    Something like Divergent don't guys think???

  33. Cassie Lopez

    This reminds me of Every Day by David Levithan.

  34. amelia j

    Someone call the voice, screw the next season, I found the winner

  35. Teegan Hill

    I love your music so much. <3 So wonderful. <3

  36. Katie Green

    Was she singing about a book? Or just a song she though of?

    Marieke Elzer

    Just aa song from her heart

  37. Aleyna Byrum

    So talented!!

  38. T H

    Everyone, clap for de queen. *cluck cluck cluck*

  39. Kiwi

    What is this based off of?

  40. Casey Ouellette

    This song reminds me of your other song Warrior, which is my favorite!

    Tiffany Warner

    Casey Ouellette I LOVE WARRIOR!!!!

    Jaylan Perocho

    Warrior is my favourite song of hers!! TMI fans represent!!

  41. Skyler Musick

    alyssa and james? end of the f***ing world anyone?

  42. Anna Geier

    Dam it's only been about 8 months since I've found you and yet it feels like forever. Honestly I wish I had found you sooner but man you always seem to amaze me every time.

  43. Smriti Reads

    Can you do another about Harry Potter??

    Piper McLean

    Smriti Reads she has🙃

    Smriti Reads

    Piper McLean Which One???????

  44. Xtainted heartsX

    You know those songs where you find your ownself and your story within the lyrics?? Yeh this is one of them!!
    This is amazing bebe 👏👏❤❤

  45. Savannah Comp

    312 likes 0 dislikes, clearly people love this song, AMAXING, your voice is beautiful, and this is a really good song😭😘

  46. isabelle

    You sing like a beautiful angel!

  47. Leaf [Nightcore & AMV]

    I love your book related songs and what I am going to write is an idea that crossed my mind like literally in that moment when I scrolled through your playlist of book related songs: Have you read any series from Julie Kagawa? If the answer is yes and you liked it - could you imagine to write a song about that series? I'd be satisfied with only one song about only one series. But - and this is only a more than crazy fantasy of mine, which I don't believe to become true - I'd also love a song about every series. But like I said - that depends on the series you read, if you read any series from Julie Kagawa at all, and if you liked it 😊
    I hope I didn't weird someone out 😅 It's just that Julie Kagawa's books are like a drug to me and that's why that idea popped up in my mind 😅😂
    Greetings from Germany 💕

    Jolie Ma

    Lol. Iron Fey is a great series.

  48. Fandom Edits

    Do Newt from The Maze Runner series!!! Especislly The Death Cure! PLEEEEEAASSEEE

  49. booklover76543

    I love this song so much! Your songs are beautiful.

  50. Isabel Likes Puppies


  51. Courtney Dundon

    IN LOVE!!!!

  52. Ollie

    Your songs are amazing my sister and I are addicted

  53. Emma Carstairs

    What inspired you to this lyrics i love them but what are they about?
    Ps:i'm hearing ut about for the 10 time in past hour

  54. Emma Carstairs

    I'm in love whit it that's so amazing , i love your voice i live the lyrics and the melody it's just stunning you are such a big inspiration to me

  55. s v/d s

    amazing voice with an amazing song!!! it is so wonderful.

  56. Renegade Hero

    This is very nice, really relatable. Keep up the great work.

  57. capri _oh

    There's not a song of yours that I don't love ♥

  58. Elizabeth Brown

    The entire is song is absolutely phenomenal, but it's the chorus that gets to me; so heavenly and you can hear the feeling put into the words.

  59. Emily-Mae Bashford

    I love this song so much❤️❤️, I can't help but think of Jace, he loves Clary so much that it actually hurts him,


    Yesss ☺😍

    Books4life 263

    Emily-Mae Bashford so true, same with Will and Tess.

  60. Indy D

    I'm not crying, you're crying, why would you say I'm crying...

  61. Mimnim Petite


  62. Sruthi Pyda

    Congrats on 50k!!! You'll have a million in no time. You deserve every single subscriber, some crazy talent you have there!!!

  63. Ceci L.

    I like the fact that you still kept it mostly just a piano instead of adding all kinds of instruments and effects :) i love your other songs too with violins and stuff but this is nice too

  64. Dark Warrior

    I don't know what to say, because this song is so good and the lyrics are so true. I love your all songs and I hope for more ;)

  65. victoria rezende

    Oh I love it! Why you don't write something about Star Wars the Last Jedi? I suspect you will ship Reylo As me!

  66. tvd lover

    I am on love with All your songs

    Fantasy World

    Beth im seriously in love with u and your voice 😙😘😚😍

  67. tvd lover

    You are m'y n'est singer ever

  68. tvd lover


  69. rulith liuna

    Wonderfull like ever.

  70. a.dreamer

    Your songs are so amazing!! Could you maybe do a song for Newt in "The Death Cure"? I just finished the series and Newt means so much to me. I would be more than happy if you considered this! Have a nice day! ❤

    Mariah Ronan

    OMG and Death Cure comes out Friday!!


    All Things Taylor Do you think I should watch it? I was a bit disappointed of "The Scorch Trials" and afraid they will mess TDC up.

    Mariah Ronan

    AccioAnja I am, just because it's the last movie and since I've seen the other 2...and I kinda want to see how the do page 250. I think you should though 😊


    All Things Taylor Yeah, you're right, I probably will 😊

    Emily O'Neal

    I'm way late, but YES TO THIS AMAZING COMMENT YESSSSS!!!!!

  71. Josy Lippolt

    Love it😍😍😍

  72. IzzyisaMaiREADING

    Ahhh the “oh’s” are just heavenly! 😍 I’ve got chills... although that may be cause we’re going through a heat wave in Aus and I’m forever under the blasting aircon 😂

    Briana J Hale

    IzzyisaMaiREADING 😂😂 best comment i’ve read tonight😂

  73. Aenea Janssen

    I listened like one minute by now and i already feel like i need to cry right now💕it’s so beautiful

    Elizabeth Ratnik

    Aenea Janssen me too, I literally cried through the whole song, it spoke to some very personal traumas #metoo

  74. Rebekah Chapman

    I love it. reminds me of doing something that scares the hell out of me when I have an anxiety disorder.

  75. Marieke Elzer

    This is amazing, I relate so much

  76. Manvi Barasia

    Bless you. Legit your music is the best thing that ever happened to me ❤️❤️ I love youuu 💞 Your voice is amazing :)

  77. Ellie Dixon

    Omg good job

  78. Alex

    Been waiting for this

  79. • grace