Beth Crowley - Red Lyrics

Red is the new dawn
Red is the fall leaves
Red is the anger
At the lies you made me believe

And I said we're coming, we're coming
We're coming, we're coming
We're coming, we're coming
We're coming, we're coming

Cut me open and I still bleed red
Do your best to get inside my head
Cuz I'm gonna make you remember my name
And I'll be the last one you ever betray
Just wait
You'll be seeing red

I am the lightening
I am the rain storm
I am a soldier
And I am marching into war

And I said we're coming, we're coming
We're coming, we're coming
We're coming, we're coming
We're coming, we're coming

Cut me open and I still bleed red
Do your best to get inside my head
Cuz I'm gonna make you remember my name
And I'll be the last one you ever betray
Just wait

I have worn so many faces
Hiding in plain sight
Your downfall

Cut me open and I still bleed red
Do your best to get inside my head
Cuz I'm gonna make you remember my name
And I'll be the last one you ever betray
Just wait
You'll be seeing red

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Beth Crowley Red Comments
  1. Jenna Hedley

    how flipping nostalgic

  2. CryBaby Kailey Creepypasta and my hero academia

    I think I found my new theme song!

  3. Drv mhl

    You got in my head!

  4. Casey Hauck

    This is the theme song for red queen series.

  5. Stacy Taylor

    She's so good... Why is she not famous!!!!! I love everything about her song's.... 💯💯💯❣️❣️❣️

  6. Sleepy Goyle

    I’m here because of a red queen play list

  7. Cacao Wings

    'your DOWNFALL'

  8. Katalinn Ravenborne

    I love how this is so obviously Mare <3

  9. Helen DD

    Her music is exactly the way I feel! She’s great

  10. Raymond Zhou

    I'm angry at my homework 😠

  11. Little Nugget

    when i heard the "one so many faces" part I got book flash backs

  12. Елена Ященко

    My favorite song during a long time already

  13. Kids_Videos Hplover

    Mare’s not the only Red Queen. Gon Blodreina!

  14. Você provavelmente sabe quem é

    Why i've never saw it before?!

  15. Lillian Parker


  16. Beauty tutorials,D.I.Ys,and more

    Can you please read The Cruel Prince and write a song about it!!

  17. Kitty Ghoul

    I love this book series!! Omg this song fits so well! :O

  18. Isabella JOHNSTON

    Not too keen on the song, but LOVE THE LYRICS AND MEANING BEHIND THEM!!!!!!!!!

    RED QUEEN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (look at my picture).

  19. Adam Schmidt

    My daughter did a dance solo for this song and it was beautiful

  20. Aisha H. Coelho

    *Evangeline Samos (secretly) liked this*

  21. Sumayya


  22. Khokan Nandi

    This can be the soundtrack of the new scarlet witch show

  23. R John

    It's so relatable to the book.
    ♡ Red Queen Series
    'I believe in the cause and the Scarlet Guard '

  24. Martina Altavilla

    This is amazing, tank you very much!

  25. Katia Nicholson

    "Red is the new dawn" reference to what the rebels say "Rise, red as the dawn" "Do your best to get inside my head" is a reference to Queen Elara and her power etc.

  26. * Ekim

    i dont have a single idea why i'm listening to this before goind bed but its okay

  27. Savannah Verderber

    This reminds me of Cole from the Darkmind series.

  28. Apple Saucer

    Reminds me of mazikeen smith

  29. Rin

    Are you a professional singer?

    ...because you're my favorite singer...

  30. 100% Not Lena


  31. littlemix CZE

    I love Red Queen so much!!! And this song is just... Damn! I will fight with Mare!⚡ But I have to admit that those books are so hard for me to read because with every betrayal and each thing that didn't work out as I wanted I lose my nerves😂⚡🖤

  32. - Insertcreativename -

    We will rise, red as the dawn

  33. Markesia Evans

    I song this song in front of my classmates

  34. Ashdub101

    Mare: Have you seen Farley?
    Kilorn: I'll find her. (deep breath, then screams) Rise-
    Farley: ReD aS tHe DaWn MoThErFrIcKeR

    I would just like to say, i didn't make this. I think it's hilarious and more people need to know about it

  35. Francesca Chiru

    Anyone know any other song for the red queen series like this one? Pls

  36. yuki cross

    Your be seeing red mother who didn't care that I ran away or went to a gang of people I wont ever forgive you for not caring I only run away so you can think of me does it work probably not your so drunk or high you forget who you are I'll tell you who you are YOU ARE MY MOTHER

  37. Ramer Call

    Red is Anger, Red is Love, Red is...Determination!

  38. Isabella Boyd

    Rise, Red As Dawn

  39. Brian Selleck

    I love that Beth Crowley writes songs that hold a defence purpose but they never sound aggressive. It's a vary rare quality to find in a song, and I find it in this one especially.

  40. Psycho Wolf

    I pictured Aria Stark.

  41. Chloe Grossman

    Loki's song to Thanos when he comes back in Endgame.

  42. Ashdub101

    Honestly I think Maven can redeem himself. I just started Glass Sword yesterday, and I was legit crying when Maven betrayed Mare’s trust. He was my favorite character 😭😭

  43. Jess A

    I’m fan girling so hard rn

  44. Signe Shushi

    “Cut me open and I still bleed red”


  45. glimmer &

    I'm crying 😭😍😍😍


    This is the best song ever ❤️❤️❤️ yayyyyyyyy Im Happy as hell

  47. Emma Wiley

    This NEEDS to be the main song in a Red Queen movie! People don’t UNDERSTAND how MUCH I WANT IT.

  48. Vinaya

    From auto glow's pov

  49. Izzy sunshine

    I'm on the third book of the red queen I love the series.😃💖


    Red like meh leg when I skidded across the gravel

    That hurt
    Edit: I found a scar

  51. RebelDevilAngel

    Rise, red as the dawn.

  52. DevonDeviant

    Heard it before I read the books. Hearing the references now is super surreal XD

  53. Shriya Palwankar

    Has Beth written a song on the Twilight Saga? If not please do Beth. I would really be happy.

  54. Kassariah

    This is the song that got me into the Red Queen series and I absolutely love both!!

  55. Lilly Tano

    Is there any chance you could do War Storm by Victoria Aveyard?

  56. Arlett Foxwell

    I feel like this song could also fit Throne of Glass.

    Maddie Mae

    Ooh, good idea!

  57. Anni the Book Princess

    I just LOVE clicking through all these videos and finding out they were inspired by such awesome books, keep it up!!

  58. bruna honey

    I love the book and now i love the song! Awesome

  59. Emrys Woodward

    I heard this song before I read the book, and I just started Glass Sword yesterday, I am loving this series and the song is epic

  60. Kiiro Videos

    Using this song for a Tomb Raider GMV and it's works out so amazingly! I love this song! :3

  61. raffay Q roblox

    Am I only one that think Beth voice is similar to dove cameron voice

  62. LlamaIsLove LlamaIsLife

    It would be great if you did a Enders game song or Percy Jackson! Your songs are incredible. Maybe Beautiful Creatures

  63. Imgunnagetyou

    gosh this is amazing and so is the book. 10/10 would recommend

  64. Tarina Sparks

    I Love You,Beth!❤ This is my favorite song! Thank you so much for inspiring me!💖 Love and Blessings!!!❤😇🙏

  65. Ayesha Iqbal

    It just fits the book the red queen series by Victoria Aveyard its actually made for it good job and thanks

  66. Stephanie Inman

    She should do a song inspired by Crowley from Supernatural

  67. Madeleine Strandberg

    i haven't read any of the red queen books but i still adore this song

  68. Rajashekhar karajagi

    Progression of the red symbolises that the betraying happy-to-bleed woman shall end up agonisingly blead-to-death! Song is a wonderful warning to the sluts bitching and betraying around!!

  69. Zuzka Míglová

    I love it

  70. Kady U


    Omg I love that series so much and the last book shook me

  71. Beth Powers

    Omg first of all my name is Beth and second of all Red Queen is my favorite book!!!

  72. Tarina Sparks

    I Love,Love,Love This!!!❤💘💖

  73. little psycho

    my favorite song

  74. Izzie Frosdick

    Am I the only one who is totally in love with this song and can't stop replaying it

  75. QueenMoonElle

    I loved ALL the books in the series, except the last one. I felt that she twisted the characters to make them into something that they weren't. It felt rushed to me as well. :I

  76. Gemstone Explosion

    Heard this song a year ago, thought it was cool, but hadn't read the book. Today, I listen to it again and totally get it because I read the book. Just wanted to say that.

  77. little psycho

    my favorite song❤

  78. Bobby Bobington

    I love this woman. The Shatter Me series and the Red Queen series! My favorite books!!!!!

  79. SilentInLife

    Put it on 1.25 speed....ITS AWESOME

  80. Jasmin Hall

    Honestly, I wanna know how long it took to make this song

  81. Laura Webber

    I just finished reading Red Queen, and this song makes so much more sense now!

  82. Sondra angle worrior Madrigal

    The lies u made me believe a song to satan were comming

  83. Ella KZ

    ive watched this so many times and just now realised that the background "bleeds" red

  84. Val Lokey

    I love those books!!!!!

  85. sarah mosaad

    RED AS THE DAWN!!!!!

  86. Tea Time with Tori

    First heard this song and it reminded me of red queen and war storm

  87. Abi's Whatever

    0:10 3:30

  88. Z-star *

    Can you do one based off of Mysticons moonboon?

  89. kawaii potato


  90. Lea Preugschat

    By beth CROWLEY? King of HELL, NO!😂

  91. Hemant NavKumar

    she hates me like she loves me..

  92. Jadzia Rhyann

    I have read the series and this fits so well. I wish they would make the series a movie

  93. Eri R.

    Can you make a song about the crown’s game

  94. steverain

    am i the only one thought of Hamilton the musical??

  95. Nicole Torres

    I love your music so much! I was wondering if you ever read the second born series? Its an amazing book series with similar concepts to your songs that I think you’d love/write a wonderful song about. 😁 keep up the great work, I’ll listen to anything you sing!

  96. skeleton

    I swear if this isnt in the movie im gonna rage xD

    Maddie Mae

    haha! This is probs the best comment in this whole comment section. 😂

    Maddie Mae


  97. Rita Bobbi

    Showed in my suggestions and I’m totally reading this book!!!!! 😍❤️

  98. Khusshi Sharma

    Obsessed af

  99. elly

    Revenge is such a sweet plate, just as a tomatoe -what

    (Amazing song!)