Beth Crowley - Please Take Me Lyrics

We know all of each other's moves
In this twisted dance we do
But we stubbornly refuse
To admit what this might be
'Cause I've been down this road before
Don't trust my instincts anymore
And it's easier to ignore
The fact that you unravel me

What do I do if you're no good for me
But I might be good for you
Why do I crave your love so desperately
When I don't even want to?

My defenses are down
I've lost all resistance
And when you're not touching me
I can feel your distance
So if you're gonna leave
Wherever you go please take me
At your side is where I'll be
Wherever you go please take me
Wherever you go please take me
Wherever you go please take me

You watch the world from on your throne
In a kingdom no one knows
'Cause you'd rather be alone
Than be caught without your shield
But I came banging on the walls
It's like I heard your heartbeat call
And if this castle ever falls
I won't be anywhere but here

What do I do if I'm no good for you
But you might be good for me
Why aren't I brave enough to make a move
Instead of second guessing?

My defenses are down
I've lost all resistance
And when you're not touching me
I can feel your distance
So if you're gonna leave
Wherever you go please take me
At your side is where I'll be
Wherever you go please take me
Wherever you go please take me
Wherever you go please take me

You are nothing that I wanted
But you are everything I needed
We know all of each other's moves

My defenses are down
I've lost all resistance
And when you're not touching me
I can feel your distance
So if you're gonna leave
Wherever you go please take me
At your side is where I'll be
Wherever you go please take me

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Beth Crowley Please Take Me Comments
  1. Jacqueline Honcoop


  2. allthe stars

    Remember when Rhys was about to go to Velaris and Feyre told him:<>???

  3. Jacqueline Honcoop


  4. Amanda Clark

    Please Do a Song Based on Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas The Same Author Who Did A Court Of Thorns And Roses

  5. Lucy D.

    "You are nothing that I wanted, but you're everything I needed"
    I love this line because it reminds me of Nova and Adrian from Renegades!

  6. Brenna McKinney

    Can you pretty please do a song based on the cruel prince by holly Black. It would be amazing❤️


    Im singing this at my schools talent show. And ill possibly upload it on my channel. I love this ..

  8. Bernadette Maia

    Love this I can relate to every word!!!

  9. Kjell McGuirk

    New life goal: Find a girl who would sing this to me sincerely and who I'd sing this to sincerely.

  10. Sherrilynne Wilson

    I love the CREATOR, who SAVED me..... this is beautifully & chaotically orchestrated....💙💙💙🤍

  11. Pokey Joe

    I'll take u darling Muuaahh!

  12. Pokey Joe

    Beautiful song

  13. Xx_Note_Worthy_xX_ 45

    i know your missing it!!!!!

  14. Xx_Note_Worthy_xX_ 45

    ill take that personality....till the one that hates me comes...😄

  15. Courtney Ann

    your songs frustrate me cause I can never listen to them less than twice in a row. one because they're fun to sing along to. the second because I feel bad for ruining the song and I have to listen to your voice do it right 😂

  16. Zaakirah Ali

    I know this is for a court of thorns and roses but I feel like this would also fit the shatter me series

  17. Sam Gill

    Haven't read the books, but this describes how I feel right now... It's a shame I had to find this when I did, and not sooner. It's perfect and I wish could have shown it to someone before they left me

  18. Maria Victoria Perez

    I love these books... and your song fits them perfectly!!!!!

  19. waywardxnina

    Please please do caraval

  20. Alissa Merrill

    This song reminds me a lot of Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl.

  21. Dan-Anh N

    You know, there’s a song that I’m pretty sure is called “Right Here Waiting.” My favorite part is that this song is the opposite - instead of waiting for a lover, Beth is begging whoever it is to take her with him.

  22. LilithVI

    Ok i take you

  23. Mae McCardle

    "To the stars that listen and the dreams that answer”
    “You rule from a throne in a kingdom nobody knows”
    “You’d rather be alone then let down your shield”
    Rhys and always shouldering burdens and never letting anybody help

  24. hannah parker

    Love this

  25. top story

    This is such a beautiful song, Beth you're so talented! Luv you girl!♥♥♥♥

  26. Spork Bitch

    This song reminds me of my sister and her bad dating habits

  27. FangirlAm

    This is about Rhysand and Feyre, right? LOVE THIS SO MUCH BTW 💞

  28. Kayla Dingess

    This song gave me straight up chills!!!!!!

  29. TheElvenSystem

    I don't know if you've read the book "Identity Thief" by Anna Davies but it's an AMAZING book, and I think you'd enjoy it :)

  30. Audrey Gunawan


  31. Kimmy Luv

    Goddess and may I add extremely difficult to not listen to on repeat... You are absolutely stunning and your voice omg blew me away ...xoxo Xs a trillion ... 😰😍😁😒😏😈😳😳😳😳😳😳🧐😝😜 I'M SPEECHLESS 💖💞❤️💜🖤

  32. Angel Pickett

    OMG! I screamed when I found this song. It is my favorite series!

  33. Natalia.

    Siema Jestem marek

  34. Martha Taylor

    Please, Game of Thrones

  35. Jordan Falkowski

    LoVe iT<3

  36. Rainbow Dinosaur

    You are amazing!! Your songs inspire me and hit me in the feels. I can relate to them so much! :)

  37. DappleLegends

    Is it just me or does Beth look like Summer Glau?

  38. Jess A

    My friend said she hated ACOTAR then she got hit by a train.

    I went to jail for pushing a girl onto a train track :)

  39. Jess A

    Can you please do a song on the darkest minds by Alexandra Bracken!!!

  40. Tasha Soto

    I love this song! And you sing it so beautifully 😍 it inspired a chapter in a book I’m writing ❤️ keep up with the music, you’re amazing

  41. Karam Jomah


  42. Snakey Slimes

    Why does this TOTALLY remind me of Cress from the Lunar Chronicles? No? Ok, I'll just be weird XD

  43. Madeleine Strandberg

    can you do a song on the unwanteds please?

  44. neslihan çelen

    I think you must play The originals (sorry for my english)

  45. 8stardustphoenix8

    Please, never stop writing. never stop singing. I cannot get enough of your magnificent lyricism and ethereal voice.

  46. Rachel Fewkes

    OH MY HECKING GODS!!!!!! I love this soooooo much! Feysand is endgame. This song reminds me of them so much! I have literally been listening to this on loop for the past four hours....

    No regrets about it

  47. Tarina Sparks

    I Love You Beth!

  48. Rajashekhar karajagi

    I'm ready to take you where ever I go I love you!

  49. Sydney Largen

    Anyone else really REALLY wanting to see what this lovely human could do with Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo? because I need this.

  50. B0hemian Rage

    Feyre: "Wherever you're going, whatever you're doing-take me along. I'll stay out of trouble. Just... Please"

    I just realised this was the line where she starts really changing her mind. I'm impressed you pulled that out. A beautiful song about a great (and healthy!) couple/relationship.

  51. Kassie Gruel

    OMG!!!! When I heard this song before I didnt realize what it was based off of!! Omg I'm so happy now 😍😍😍

  52. Lunar Gacha

    A f*cking Throne of glass quote.
    New song to die of fan girl-ism
    Me actually dying.
    A beautiful song as my headphones fall out and my phone is at full volume.

    *the sounds that everyone heard on my bus when I first found this on YouTube autoplay*

    The quote is from heir of fire or The throne of glass my memory is a little fuzzy and I am dieing.

  53. raghu vinayk


  54. ItzCrystalPlayz

    This is so beautiful,I love this song so much!


    Could you make either a song about the Guardians of Childhood or the Chronicles of Narnia? They're my favorite besides Harry Potter and Hunger Games

  56. Ruby Jones

    The cool thing is, I always imagined this is how you look. I like the way you project emotion into your videos, too. You don't oversell it, but you know exactly how much emotion to put into it. Well done! I'm a big fan!

  57. Amber Reid

    OMG Beth I love this my next favorite to "Always", "Gone", "Red", "Monster", and "Battle Cry".

  58. Abby Herondale

    What song did Beth write for Twilight?

  59. saraa

    Hi! I fell in love with you and your songs every since "Warrior", and I would like to recommend a book series to you :)
    It's called Wings of Fire, and at first glance and the first few books it seems quite childish, but as the second arc begins there's quite a bit of conflict. I understand if you don't want to do it, but I've been desperate ever since you said no to Percy Jackson lol
    Have a great day! <3

  60. Paige

    this is such a beautiful song.. <3

  61. Lunar Gacha

    A court of thorns and roses song , quotes throne of glass crown of midnight in the first line, a fan girl dying from feels.

    These are the three things my friends hear when I first found this song.

    Love ya Beth, keep doing what you love girl and keep your book shelf well stocked

  62. Ashly Brophy

    This song speaks to me 💖 thank you.

  63. φονιάς 666

    I'm crying....your music says so much and It makes me cry.....I love you and your music thank you.

  64. Arwen of Rivendell

    The song fits the book, Perfectly. Love it !!!

  65. Octavia Ray

    Dude, you are QUEEN! I have fallen in love with your music and you. I usually like hard rock and screamo and stuff but your stuff brings me back a little bit, 😂😂. I seriously love it!

  66. Audrey Riddle

    Beth is so beautiful.

  67. Salma Yassin


  68. Paige

    Your songs are so beautiful and well-made 💜

  69. Katka Mužíková

    I love her songs 💖💖💖.

  70. Sarah Cline

    I love your voice would love to hear a song about beauty and the all your songs. I cam tell you put out whole heart in every song

  71. Jessica Whitlatch

    Nice song 👍 love your songs

  72. Sarah Cline

    This made me cry this is how I feel about my marriage in not good for him but he is good for me

  73. jodi Brazel

    I’m confused what’s this about??

  74. Alison Jin

    OMG gives me feels since I love the books :)))

  75. Kelsey

    First watched this after only reading book one, so I was like, it’s catchy but I don’t see it... Now I’m like OHHHH the perfection 😍

  76. LoneWolf67544

    OH I just realized! SPOILERS- I thought this was about Tamlin, but it's about Rhys! I listened to this before I knew of the book series, after reading book one, and now 3/4ths through the second book. But it's about Rhys! Hence the "I've been down this road before" and the "please take me", because she doesn't want to be left behind like Tamlin always did. "You watch the world from on your throne, in a kingdom no one know." Velaris. Easy. Is the glitter perhaps the stuff on Starfall? That's a tad bit of a stretch. "You are nothing that I wanted." Well, any lines like that can be summed up by the fact that she REALLY hated Rhys in the first book. Also sorry if I missed more (like things referencing the mating bond that the internet spoiled for me), as I am only 3/4ths of the way through ACOMAF. No spoilers :)

    spider spiral

    Yeah same I thought it was adout tamlin to then I finished the series and was like wait a second

    birdie trax

    I love this song i think it is perfect for fayre and rhysand 😍 lol i thought it was about her and tamlin too before i actually knew the series too😅

  77. draylax

    I can't say anymore how often I listened to that song. Just love it :)

  78. Isabella Black Salvatore

    it's about Fer and Rhys but somehow... I can hear Fer and Tam too.. I don't know why...

  79. Mandy Anderson

    is this based on feyre and tamlin or feyre and Rhys

    Mandy Anderson

    ahh never mind when she said "a kingdom where no one knows" I was like yup thats Rhys

  80. Myrtel Lou

    This is a powerful song....sang by a beautiful powerful girl. Love your voice and your songs 💕

  81. jasmin graham

    I was reminded of a scene from ACOTAR by the song ‘don’t think, just run’ where Feyre had to go through the first trial

  82. Teodora Daskalova

    This is wonderful!

  83. Gemstone Explosion

    Woah! Best official lyric video I’ve ever seen!

  84. Alishia Dunbar

    A true inspiration. Thank you for being you.

  85. Shanzéa

    You are so beautiful!😍

  86. DaiXi Mindyuk

    XD I love this. This song is just awesome. And it's also adorable and cute how awkward you are in the video. Keep the awesome music coming.

  87. Syd

    Has anyone told you that you look almost exactly like Clary Fray with black hair? It's scarily similar!

  88. Jazmyn Groat

    this awesome!! I relate to basically all of your songs

  89. aZephyx

    I recommend the 'Cahill Witch Chronicles' by Jessica Spotswood!!

  90. R Cantwell

    Arghhh I was about to watch this but I just started the first book

  91. Shellie Walker

    This is incredible. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

  92. Kyla Petra Rose

    Beth. J. Crowley. This is amazing!! HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?!?!?! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

  93. Brandi Umila

    Based on anything is dangerous, but this was beautiful. Easy new obsession song

  94. Taylor Sexton

    I fall in love with this beautiful woman’s music over and over again. It’s like every time I need it she happens to release a lovely song that makes me feel everything <3

  95. Gianluca Devoto

    "My defenses are down, I've lost all resistance"
    Words everyone wants to whisper to his/her partner <3

  96. Evodie EBOULABEKA

    I definitely am in love with the lyrics, the melody !

  97. Shadowhunter ARMY

    Loooooooove it !!!❤❤❤
    It's one of your best songs !