Beth Crowley - My Version Of You Lyrics

I probably looked at you a thousand times
I never really saw you
I had a picture of you in my mind
I thought you could live up to
You drew a line between us in the sand
The tide came and washed it away
But God, it felt amazing when you held my hand
Like you heard everything I wasn’t brave enough to say

I put you on a pedestal
Gave you so far to fall
I came to see that knowing you
Wasn’t knowing you at all

So can we go back
To when I thought you were perfect
I want to believe
In your mystery
Because you’re the dream I
Had for so much of my life
Who will I become
If I give you up
So even if it’s not true
I want another moment
With my version of you

I saw you floating in a crystal sky
But you were always out of my reach
How come I never stopped to wonder why
It was okay you didn’t need me
Somewhere inside of me I think I know
We’re not the people that we were then
I watched you leave but I can’t let you go
In spite of everything it doesn’t feel like it’s the end

My paper thin arguments
Don’t hold weight anymore
The paths we chose will never lead
To the way things were before

You are a figment of my imagination
You are a being of my own creation
I wish you could exist
No other way than this

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