Beth Crowley - Enough Lyrics

If you told me
We can never speak again
It's not how I
Ever thought that this would end

But if you told me
You are putting out the fire
I would step back
And I'd let the embers die
If that's what you needed

Cuz I get caught up in you
You're caught up in me
We're so tangled together that I
Just keep hurting you
You keep hurting me
We're stuck in this pattern
Let's try to break
For both your sake
And mine

You've been wondering
If you'll ever find your place
Years of searching
Trying to fill the empty space

And if you decide
There is no room left for us
You'll be somewhere
For me that would be enough
If that's what you needed

I keep hurting you
You keep hurting me
It's like we can't help it

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Beth Crowley Enough Comments
  1. Berry Underground Fox

    Me talking to myself

  2. Sir Lancelot

    This song is so relatable to my relationship

  3. Velinda Stevens

    Your naracsist keep going you just enjoy hurting people you never hurt just sickly laughing keep going

  4. Tiffany Hart

    Always annoys me she says for both your sake n mine smh would have been better if she just said for both our sake.. other than that I love it.

  5. Raliza Alet

    I clicked because of the thumbnail

    And I don't regret it ☺

  6. nitisha

    Most of the good artists are underrated

  7. Makayla Malinao

    Why can't I hear this on the radio?


    O M G! Your voice is AMAZING!

  9. Heidi Black rose

    Beautiful song what book did you write this for

  10. Sage Myro Onyx Bloom

    It's like they wrote a song from my mind

  11. tearfilledrum

    i went through a rough breakup and this song has helped me a lot through-out it. thank you for making wonderful songs that always resonate deep within me. <3

  12. Strongest Tiger

    Just bought this on Apple music!!!! Love it!!

  13. Following the Ancient Path - Torah With Natalie

    Has anyone ever experienced being quantum entanglement with another person? Like a psychic connectedness.

  14. Beckers Gielis

    Jou muzic is butiful❤ i love that jou are the best

  15. Alex Burress

    World wait a minute who is this I keep hurting never a soul so deserving I would never hurt a person their feelings are more than I could bear when it comes to my people I'm always there I'm sorry if I did and I'll leave you alone never would I want to heard a heart or break a home I'd rather be hit with the biggest Stone

  16. Niyongi Mashima_468101

    She is so underrated people be sleeping on talented people nowadays

  17. American Made In China

    Thank you for the amazing music Beth!!! Good luck with COPPA, and have a happy new year!!!!!!! You have really changed me with your style in music, and I really hope you can help people in the future with your awesome work!


  18. RachelB T

    Love your music. Have for years. I've been following you since back in 2013-2014. I'm sure someone has already told you about The Winner's Trilogy and you may have already read it. If you haven't, I would suggest it. It is a book trilogy that every time I re-read it as I get older and older I realize more things. (aka, it grows WITH you as you mature lol) Just an idea since I recently watched your 2018 vid about books you wouldn't be reading. Thanks for all the years of music!!

  19. Lotty Paria

    Hell starts on the second hell brake loose

  20. Shiarah Valliente

    It hurts, yet it feels good

  21. Suga Bunnie

    Good singers and songs with relatable lyrics are mostly underated.

  22. Emily Ann

    She told me we could never be friends....

    So we are done.

    Everything we had is done.

    No relationship.

    Not even a friendship.

    Albert Naffy

    Hoping you good with it and yah feel free


    That happened to me, my boyfriend dropped me out of the blue.

    Albert Naffy

    @Sarah happened to me some time back..she did it from nowhere and to make it worse t'was over the phone


    Albert Naffy same mine was also over the phone... it happened last Friday still don’t know what to do or how to feel about it!

    Albert Naffy

    @Sarah sorry to hear..
    Something's happy and all we have to do is accept the fact that it happened and not to question anything... can always feel free to talk to me when you felling low..

  23. Lynn Marie Anderson

    Oh God, this is how I feel about some of my relationships right now. Both with my parents and boyfriend. Very on and off again. And if I say enough I just have no one.

  24. Dee Leinefanny

    Drama. Those ppl and GOV using u for this for their own game. U cant run, just die

  25. MissParadoxGaming

    I dont know if you ever read this book but its the trylle trilogy by Amanda hocking the story in it i feel would be perfect for a song. Plus the three books are absolutely amazing and definitely not enough.

  26. CatCork

    “if you love someone let them go”
    i hope he finds happiness one day

  27. Lisa Reyes

    Every one of you know I'm dying and have cancer among other things and I don't understand shit nomore because of this DNA and u know every one takes and keeps taking advantage of me.ive been suffering threw this alone while u watch and listen and I know my daughter had this terrible fucked up DNA also just like her mama and every one of u thinks it fucken funny.i don't owe nobody shit I'm not the ones carrying lies and making them up day after day.everyone of you want me to die .other wise u wouldn't be hurting someone like me or anyone else for that matter like u have for all my life and continued with the last 9 months

  28. genesis ace bilang

    "self inflicted" pain...
    THOUGHT life discipline

  29. Jacqueline Honcoop

    😔❤️❤️We Hurt Each Other AGAIN AND AGAIN, WHY???

  30. Helen Terpstra

    Love this❤😭

  31. Christina Lubumad

    Wakakaka what I'm thinking ? Omg I don't know if I'm listening to the song or just having fun commentings 😂Hey hey hey I don't lie to myself.

  32. Julius Del rosario

    Have you ever read the Wings of Fire series? I find it enjoyable and I completed each book. If so, maybe try writing a song about the series? All of us Wings of Fire fans would love it so much! You made like, two songs that is very relatable to two different characters. Battle Cry: Sundew
    Gone: Scarlet. But still, if you actually made one song about any dragon or like the whole series, we all would appreciate it! It’s ok if you don’t make one though. :D

  33. misspandafoxfox2

    Ok I need an answer that logically explains why her and her music aren't more appreciated.

    Goodluck finding a logical reason... there isn't one

  34. 17892563

    Love it. So many true words. Sometimes its hard to say out loud.

  35. Ashley Jeffers

    Stupid stepdad sucks ass kicked me out after all I do is bust my ass so I relate to this he said he didn't give a fuck about me and my fucking kids night hi remind you KEVIN HINTONS WORDS NOTMINE

  36. Paul Burress

    I'm really trying not to hurt people I'm really trying to just be better for myself and for the ones I'm around to anyone it may concern on here if I hurt you I'm sorry and I will try to fix it in any way possible I promise let me know on a better note thank everyone who has helped me and been there for me

  37. SpokenPoetry

    This song made me..💔💔

    It has been 60 days I lost her in a car accident. It was pretty painful memory but even after she left me, she lives inside me; deep down in my heart, she smiles. She loved the ugly pictures of mine, she teased and bullied me but now I left talking pictures of me and I have no real teasing and bullies through my entire life. I miss her so badly, if I have a wish from god, I would ask him to kill me rather than getting her back bcz if we live on earth one day there must be an end for everything nah! But I don't think heaven has the same rule..💔

    Emilie Marciniak

    I'm so sorry for your loss...

    You know, God can actually help you through these hard days, He loves you more than you can imagine !
    In fact, He loves you so much that He left Heaven and all His glory, came down on earth to live as a simple man, and died the most horrible death you can imagine... Just for you ! He has accepted to bear the weight of all humanity's sin, he has been hurt deeper than anyone will ever be... So that you never have to be alone : He's just a prayer away, He's patiently waiting for you to open your heart and when you do, He'll come and heal your broken heart.
    He is all-powerful : He has triumphed over death so that you can one day live forever with Him... You just have to take the hand He's holding out to you.

  38. Kina

    Amazing emotional song 😭❤️

  39. Riley Smith

    he hurts me so much but I don’t wanna let go of him 🥺💔

    Mikayla Messina

    Riley Smith do it! My partner and I recently broke up. I thought the same as you. I was so unhappy I was always being hurt but I didn’t want to be without him. Eventually he left me and I’ll tell you I’ve never felt more free. I’m still hurting from the break up and remembering things from our relationship but that aside... I feel more me than I’ve felt in such a long time. It will be worth leaving in the end. If he’s hurting you.. he doesn’t love you. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t love you.. it’s not a nice experience. You got this.

    Tiba Ali

    I was in a 2 year relationship, it was very toxic for me but I still didn’t want to let go either. But they will hurt you and keep hurting you and end up leaving you or even moving on before you. I really thought he loved me until I realized he really doesn’t and the things I seen in him it was just me in my head because if someone loves you they will make you happy! Because everyone deserves to be happy with that one person and if your in a place where your not happy with someone and they’re hurting you, it’s so not worth it :(

    Benjamyn D'Arc

    Please believe me: It is worth it to find someone who wants you not to hurt. It should be the simplest part of a relationship - the most basic, fundamental part - that they want you to be protected, and healthy. If he actually loved you then he would want you to leave and find a time/place/person who didn't hurt you or even allow you to be hurt if they can protect you, because *that is what love is*: it's wanting someone to be their happiest, healthiest, best self... even if you're not around for it. If he is worth having, then this is his ideal outcome. If not, then he is not only unsafe, but he doesn't love you, no matter what he claims, and no matter how helpless he pretends to be when he hurts you.
    If not for you, then leave him so you won't be propagating a culture where it's normal to stay with people who hurt you, and let them get away with disrespect/negligence/outright abuse. Someday you will look inot the eyes of another person in your situation, and I really think you will want to be able to tell them "I know, but I've been there, and you really will be safer and happier when you get out of this situation" instead of "well, I have no room to talk..."
    I know it's hard. It may be the hardest thing you do in your life. But genuinely it will not feel like it is your life until you're free of someone who is constantly hurting you. You both need space. You must know this isn't good for you. Take the plunge. You can do it. You are a really strong person.

  40. LadyAnne

    Let's break the pattern. I can't bear it anylonger.........the monster is worse then ever....God forgive me...wish he was dead.

    Scottish Allen

    Some in bad faith that's why

    Scottish Allen

    She is the best mom u can get if I new she needed more love I'd gladly give it

    Scottish Allen

    Look at the e people blame them

    Scottish Allen

    Come see b I just got caddy. Swea one to I'll get u

  41. Sheep hakari

    Book suggestion for reading and maybe a song. Rangers Apprentice series. They are amazing books.

    Vamp Opi

    What's it about?

    Sheep hakari

    @Vamp Opi its set it the past. Horses r transport no cars etc. And its about an orphan boy who is take. Into the house of a ranger( basically the fbi) and taught how to become the greatest reanger by the greatest ranger. The firat 11 bools follows his journey the last one follows his apprentice and him as they train.

  42. Bloody Mystic Rosé

    Aaaaaaa I love every single one of your songs! 💕💕💕💕💕

    Would you consider uploading your book based songs again? 😊

  43. Toria Gat

    I’ve known the love of my life since 7th grade. I’m now 18 and it hurts me because we haven’t changed one bit. He’s closed off while I’m fighting to know him and trying to know him almost fully. We’re such opposites and we keep hurting each other and I love him so much. I know we should break up and we’d probably both be better off but every single time we go a day or so without talking, I’m in pain.

  44. nicki Parsley

    The only way I would ever do that is if I get a front row seat to the karma these bitches deserve I am not happy right now and won't be for a while the only way I will compromise is if these karmics go to jail they need their karma back then take all this shit back that you did to me if not count me bye bye

  45. Balinda Dodds

    If you just told me. I would of moved on but we keep hurting. I don't want to let go. I just want us back.

  46. snow White dz

    omg that was soooo goodd

  47. Stargame Studio

    Love this

  48. Sarah0zPawz YT

    69th comment

  49. Female Germany

    She literally has a song for my love life my boyfriend that I loved devoted to said he needed space and that he needs to find himself as a person but before he told me that’s how he felt he would hurt me and be distant and I agreed and now we’re not together and I’m a train reck
    Edit:now he has another girlfriend and she called me a bitch and he told her to stop and we were walking today and she was walking with us too and she asked my name I gave it and then she grabbed him and said mine and it took everything in me not to blow up

    Scottish Allen

    He plays one more song about killin my kid. That is die fory son

    Scottish Allen

    I'm a good guy and dad she nos that not one gift for her son in 5 years

  50. Christina Lubumad

    Nice song thanks . If things aren't right than how should it will end. I don't know and I don't even care. 😆

    Scottish Allen

    I don't drink 12 years now. I miss you

    Scottish Allen

    But I'm gonna go out

  51. Liliac almars

    its not there her voice is bad is soo amazing i love it but I've noticed all her songs have different meaning all her rhythms are the same i wish she could produce something more different like warrior it was so powerful and is unlike all her songs i love them but there too similar if you aren't really paying attention to the lyrics IN MY OPINION. No hate to her her voice was my childhood i love her songs they bring so many happy memories. but i do wish shed change her style once in a while.

  52. Bibba Book Girl

    Thank you for your music <3
    Could you do a song on the Akarnae series by Lynette Noni? :D:)

  53. BSKD Jewels

    This concept is always so hard for people including myself to understand. It's a beautiful song that really needed to be written.

  54. Kristy Lewis

    Do you compose your own chords? Do you write your beautiful lyrics... bc you are amazing, you have a beautiful voice.. never give up... I write music just can't get the sound behind it...

  55. A Random Bi Fangirl

    This song is super peaceful and I think I needed it

  56. Saryla Rogers

    Beth Crowley is so underrated.

  57. Arry B

    This song is perfect and very much needed right now. My friend sent a long message filled with apologies which dont really sound genuine. And i haven't replied as I don't know what to say and how to. This song is perfect motivation for me to start formulating an answer.

  58. Chantall Vegt

    Wish everyone a goodday who is reading this!

    #hug if u want and need!♡

    Larry Mann

    Thank you. You too. This song is tugging tears.

    Frozen Fire

    *hugs you back*

  59. Casey Ouellette

    This resonates so deeply with me. But then again, all of your music is great!

  60. Morgan James

    You are such and inspiration to me!! ❤❤

  61. Bernard Quisumbing

    I love your music

  62. NVM

    *Why are people like her are so Underated?!*

    Mykayla Myers

    Right like I love this

    O K

    Because the music industry only like happy love songs/ derogatory songs, not songs like this, they’ve probably make her do sappy love songs instead of the real music about real stuff she does now, about pain and stuff people actually go through cause life is not perfect and she touches that topic

    Solar Eclipse11

    O K Well, damn.


    She deserves more

    Andrew James

    Perhaps it would be better if she just called me directly. Avoid all the confusion right?

  63. AzfarRain _

    I'm from Malaysia. I love this song. ❤️

  64. Aminur Rahman sk


  65. fangirl forlife

    It is amazing!!!!!

  66. Katka Mužíková

    WaaaaaaaW ❤️❤️❤️.♉.

  67. StayTrueStayYou

    beautiful beautuful beautiful. Beth never fails to impress me 😻😻😻

  68. forte f

    Hi! You are amazing. I'm so sorry but... Could you please make a karaoke? I wanna singing this ❤...

  69. DragonViper the Sandwing

    This is beautiful, I feel like I can relate to this not only cuz it fits my favourite Marvel Characters but it fits me and my friends. We fight and hurt each other, sometimes we just have 2 days apart then come back but it happens so much and plus my school hates me and I have only my friends

  70. brandy hazlett

    Beautiful song Beth Crowley

  71. Taylor MTM

    Whoever hit the dislike button had their phone upside down, so the speaker was louder to hear this fabulous song.

    Catnoir 123

    I agree this is a buttieful song and it's sad as well and this is how I feel

    Lisa Reyes

    Yep I'm so sick of Every one hurting me and lying and twisting everything on me when it's not me it's all of you each one of you

    Solar Eclipse11

    Catnoir 123 beautiful*

  72. Sandra

    thank you ❤

  73. Get The Beat

    Bravo Beth 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😎❤️

  74. The Dangerous Ivy Vitale

    I LOVE YO,U u r amazing
    This song is exactly what I needed because I’ve been going through a really rough time lately

  75. Hannah Nelson

    I'm glad I'm not the only person who relates this song to a best friendship break up. We kept hurting each other. I kept apologizing and trying to talk it out. She kept her secrets and pushed me away. I let her. I'm finding personal growth through this. I never thought our friendship would break but I'm learning about my toxic tendencies and boundaries I need to set. I still love her and want the best for her but I need to give us both space.

  76. Pokey Joe

    I don't want to lose u ever bby n I don't mean to hurt u darling n ur not hurting me. U keep me wanting to b with u n love u so much more

  77. ntburri

    I really love your new song!🖤
    It is just beautiful and touching!🖤

  78. Bubs C

    Good join your good at singing keep up the great work

  79. Kenzie Blevins

    Can you make a song about Keeper Of The Lost Cities by Shannon messenger. Please


    That’s one of my favorite book series!

  80. Alivia Slate


  81. Amber Crombie

    The chorus of this song resonates with me because my mom and I have this kind of relationship and it's sad. We love each other but it's just not healthy for us to be around each other for long periods of time. Love this song. Have been playing it on repeat.

    Amber Crombie

    @mmyxtres16 I'm sorry that you are in a similar situation. I hope you and your daughter are able to find healing as well.

    Jessica Willette

    This is the exact way my mom and I are. It's terribly sad at times.

    BaldIsCoolToo 2

    I have the same issue with my mom. Part of the problem is that she will only watch the 24/7 news channels and I am not able to handle that input nonstop

    Eily Noname

    Me with my dad

    Camila Valderrama

    I feel you sweetie, but everything will be ok, life has rough moments but then it will appear some good things. And it would make the things better! Don’t give up child, I’m with you!! <<33

  82. Tabi Kat7


  83. Lay Sad


  84. Diana Baklanova

    Love your songs 💕

  85. Vesky

    Very beautiful! :)

  86. RoseSparks207

    This has nothing to do with something I dealt with IRL BUT this song is basically my character’s point of view of his significant other! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH BETH!


    Lucky you :(

  87. Wejdan Consicence

    Beautiful song, it's like a good reply to Shinedown for my sake! 👌🏻

  88. XxMagicItselfxX


  89. Lavínia Martins

    Perfect! ❤️🇧🇷

  90. Kjell McGuirk

    This is pretty much what happened to me over the summer. We kept hurting each other, not knowing how to fix things. I kept trying to do something, but I didn't even know how she felt, so I couldn't figure out what to do, and she kept lying to me about things since she apparently didn't trust me anymore, so I was also getting misinformation.
    Thank you, Beth Crowley, for another lovely song <3

  91. Impeding Disaster

    all her songs are so good i loveeee

  92. Camila Valderrama

    Perfect timing, honestly... yesterday My friends just ended our friendship. So, yeah. I loved this song! Keep going! ^^

    Camila Valderrama

    Kim SeokJin You got a point there, TnT.
    At least today I ended my final exams and I’m going to have vacations, so I won’t see them for a long time. I hope-

    I’ll be lying if I told that I don’t screm and felt genuinely happy when I read the first sentence. :’D

    Kim SeokJin

    @Camila Valderrama Awww well you seem like a nice friend I honestly don't know why they would leave you like that!

    Camila Valderrama

    Kim SeokJin I don’t know why either, and they didn’t told me...-n-. Maybe it was that I was worried the majority of the time about them or maybe I was a lil protective? We will never know TvT

    Camila Valderrama

    @Kim SeokJin


    And thanks for everything! TTWTT

    Luv you all <<33 🌿🌸

    Camila Valderrama

    Happy new year to all of you!

  93. Donna Schofield

    Beautiful. True emotion and from the heart. Much love for you Beth. ❤️

  94. winters love

    It is amazing......i love it so much......u have so much talent......♥️♥️♥️

  95. RED

    Hits home. Love your music.

  96. Ceci L.

    It sounds just as beautiful and powerful as I expected. Really love this song, great lyrics as always

  97. JeRry Vanchhawng

    (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

    ( ˘ ³˘)♥