Beth Crowley - Close The Door Lyrics

I always heard about how cruel the world could be
Guess I had to see it for myself
Got too swept up in false ideas of destiny
Time to put this dream back on the shelf

But how do you reconcile
What you feel with what you know?
How do you force the heart
To simply let it go?

You take a step back
You take a breath in
Silently make your peace with
Having to start again
Capture this moment in your mind
Do your best not to cry
As you say goodbye
And you close the door

A curtain falls upon an empty darkened stage
No one to see my final bow
I walk the streets, the people seem to be the same
Yet everything has changed somehow

They told you not to mistake
What you want for what you need
Don't let them watch you deflate
When it turns out life agreed

Put on a brave face
Back to reality
Mask the shame inside so
Nobody else can see
Ignore the murmurings of
All the "I told you so"s
That's just how it goes
When you close the door

And I don't know what made me
Think I was different from
The millions of dreamers
Who share this yearning
My life not over and I'll
Find ways to move on
Can't be stuck in this moment
While the world keeps on turning
Please don't leave me behind
Please don't leave me behind

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