Beth Crowley - Battle Cry Lyrics

I have no heart, just ice and stone
Made up of nails and teeth and bone
And I know exactly what I'm for
To hurt and destroy and nothing more

And if it's true that I was made
I still don't know if I can change

But something has stirred
A beast has awakened
Opened a door
There's no mistaking
Waging a war
It's fighting inside of me

So hear my battle cry
I'm out for blood to claim what's mine
Finally questioning
If I am my own worst
I am my own worst
I am my own worst enemy

I never thought that I could love
Strangers at night were good enough
But love's not a thing you get to choose
Try to resist you'll always lose

I made a deal to sell my soul
But lately I have dared to hope

That something has stirred
A beast has awakened
Opened a door
There's no mistaking
Waging a war
It's fighting inside of me

So hear my battle cry
I'm out for blood to claim what's mine
If I am my own worst
I am my own worst
I am my own worst enemy

Tell my secrets to the wind
Flying I feel infinite

'Cause something has stirred
A beast has awakened
Opened a door
There's no mistaking
Waging a war
It's fighting inside of me

So hear my battle cry
I'm out for blood to claim what's mine
If I am my own worst
I am my own worst
I am my own worst enemy

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Beth Crowley Battle Cry Comments
  1. Anna Camilleri

    What series is this one based off of? I really want to read it!

  2. Kona Kara

    This is a song could be about Throne of Glass

  3. queen arya

    I know this is about Throne of Glass but it reminds me of Daenerys

  4. xBlancEditsx

    This kind of reminds me of Feyre in acomaf where she struggling with her new powers and trying resist Rhysand, also that beast inside her that she’s struggling to control

  5. Slytherinjess .24

    This song is perfect for my writing, thank you

  6. Ibot Cibers

    Beautiful music 2019.

  7. ShadowhunterWarlock

    Jace Herondale vibes

  8. Lorelai Nunez

    I get strong Klaus Mikaelson energy from this! Anyone just me...okay I'll leave.

  9. MadHatter

    I hear this and I think - A girl who undergoes a process which gives her limited immortality and strength greater than any man, joins the all- female teen private army of a ruling warlord, becoming his most trusted aid. she runs missions for him, but on one, meets and falls in love with a boy who has developed a tech which can remove self - will. She leaves to help him destroy it amidst fervour.


    That's cool

  10. ScissorLuv


  11. Starfeather136

    Honestly this **perfectly** describes Violet Evergarden..

  12. Annabel Lee

    OMG! I have listened to this song a while ago and I think this song fits perfectly to Manon, but I've just finished Sorcery of Thorns and I can stop thinking that it fits Silas too

  13. Vyom Raval

    "Completely Me"

  14. J ay

    I have listened to this song a million time and never noticed a certain line in it, I was gonna sing this song as a audition song because it’s me but then I picked up on the line “I never thought that I could love” ok true but “strangers a night were good enough”... I am 14 I don’t think my music teacher or school would be very.... whats the word.... impressed

    ScissorLuv neither

  15. Maryann Krahn

    This song is awesome writing inspiration. I love it, and it has reminded me that Throne Of Glass is still on my reading list. Beth your songs are amazing :)

  16. Maia Manda

    I write a Harry Potter fanfiction. One Malfoy and a half Potter. Alya Mary Potter. In the year 2 she finds out she is the daughter of Severus Snape and Mary Potter, the twin sister of James. She is born in a day when the stars collide and the moon is brighter than forever. That's why she has bright silver hair. And that's why she has wings and superpowers too.
    She is in love with Draco Malfoy. And, if someone knows, the Death Eaters can fly too.
    At the end of the book, she flys with Draco, in the power of the moon. And she is looks like a angel and he looks like a demon.
    This is the song she sings in that scene. 💚💚💚💚💚

  17. Grace Ayers

    Anyone know where I can find the piano or keyboard notes and keys to this song

  18. Aliyah Anibas

    Can I just say at my school there is no one who has read this book and I need someone to talk to! To many emotions💕😭

  19. anna earley

    Use me as a "this hit me on a personal level" button 😁

  20. Mirraculas Lady bug chat story's plus more

    I'm in tears because this reminds me of Bucky

  21. Kaitlyn Bealer

    I honestly think this song relates to the last Pegasus book, because Emily has changed and she thinks she has nothing, and thinks she was made from the Flame, until Joel makes up with her and then Yird tells her about her metamorphosis, and she feels she was made for more then the Flame. She wants to fight for whats hers by defeating the titans. She literally says her mothers name and then "open the door and let me become a Xan!" And then she completes her last form and she becomes Xan and defeats the Titans. Many of you have probably never read the Pegasus series, but its just what i think.

  22. Ronja Leitgeb

    When i hear the song i think of the shatter me series

  23. Piggy Coco

    This soooo Manon Blackbeak!!

    Monty Harrison

    Piggy Coco if you like tog songs try Victoria Carbol’s “Song of The Witch Kingdom”

    Monty Harrison <——— Link

    Piggy Coco

    Oh yeah I’ve seen that one! She makes all kinds of ToG songs

  24. Quincy Bourell

    Now I want to go back and read all of the Manon chapters and skip everything else. Because who doesn't want to read about bloodthirsty witches that have iron teeth and nails and can most definitely rip your throat out if you piss them off. Yay!!!

    Monty Harrison

    Quincy Bourell <——— Link listen to this then

  25. Jemm Masters

    I was just chilling, listening to this song for the 1000th time and without realizing, started singing along

  26. Lucky McClain

    I'm an aspiring author and your music is giving me so many ideas for new stories that i am so excited for

  27. Alpna

    why didnt i find this song sooner!!!!

  28. Nocturnal

    Right now actually I have had a lot of things happen to me, negative things. Because of the stress I've become much colder and more harsh then I used to be. I am trying to get control of myself so that karma doesn't strike down too hard and that I can be a better person. I fell in love with this song because I feel like I can relate my emotions to the lyrics and I would like to thank you for creating this wonderful peace and sharing it for the whole world to hear. :)

  29. Petr a


  30. Winging It

    "Hello, Princeling."

    "Hello, witchling."

    imu uana


    Jasmyn Burch

    hello winging it

  31. Gina Caparotta

    This such a good song! Does anyone know if this song is base on a book?

  32. Mae McCardle

    Hello your Majesty
    You rule from the Throne of Book Songs
    okay ill stop with my book puns

  33. Lina Baldea

    This song is about her fighting a king and her lover dies bye the dragon and in the “Im out for Blood” means she will hunt for the king and in the part of “A beast awakens” means the king awoke and started the war and death

  34. iz rai

    this reminds me of Adelina from the book (series) ‘The Young Elites’ by Marie Lu ;-;

  35. Nobody

    Tis reminds me a little of katniss everdeen, anyone else

  36. 『 chris hemsworth's arse 』


  37. Zelda Rocks

    “ Sell my soul”

  38. yuyo yuki

    A song for Aelin,Rowan and Manon.

  39. Belle L.

    The Black Widow comes to mind

  40. The Nightingale

    My heart really ached when listening to this and I really cried :''''( such an amazing song and magical voice <33333333

  41. MegRaven

    I know this song is about Throne of Glass but after the season 8 of Game of Thrones, I feel like some lines apply to Daenerys as well (especially the chorus)

    Becca Arnold

    Yes I see it too especially the part where beth sings I'm out for blood to claim what's mine

  42. kabelo mafoko

    this song merged with Daenerys pictures and videos :-( ;-(

  43. Audrey Gunawan

    theme song of Manon Blackbeak

  44. Misty Demorrow

    Dark Heart x Christy.

  45. FryeetoChips

    Anyone else getting Tally Youngblood (from the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld) vibes from this song?

  46. Olivia Chernutan

    This song is so great for writing. Especially since the character is weakening herself without even knowing it.

  47. Sunndy 2

    This is perfection! ❤️

  48. Dear Diary

    I know exactly what I am for..
    To hurt and destroy and nothing more..
    And i still don't know if I can change

  49. edenswatcher

    ok yeah it fits throne if glass (love that series) but: violet evergarden.


    your songs have such a impact on me and my life Thankyou!!

  51. Bambi Kittencat

    Dorian or Manon or Aelin? xd

  52. MMAA

    This song sounds like its made for Nesta. (I know that it isnt but still)

  53. kenzie chan

    Good songs and sings

  54. Jess A

    Mannon’s been through a lot the poor thing

    Aliyah Anibas

    Yea... the poor cinnamon roll 😭😭

  55. SniperXP ¹

    I dedicate this to my depression and my family

  56. Leggy Ruby

    I now have half of the throne of glass novels because of this song.

  57. Valda Pierre

    That reminded me of the film troy ,specially Archilles😔😓😓

  58. Arthur Watts

    Theme song of shad from aphmau's mcd role play

  59. Annette Sjöskog

    I get chills when I hear this song. It is so spot on on a character I have in one of my fantasy worlds that I often make larps of

  60. earl grey tea

    I'm trying to cover this for my friend who loves this song. Can someone please tell me the notes?

  61. Zainab Wajid

    This is so Klaus Mikaelson

  62. Galaxy, the hybrid youtuber

    I’m writing a book, and this fits one of my characters perfectly.

  63. Ashlyn Burke


  64. TheMichellemo

    Live, Manon :(

  65. What am i doing with my life

    Underrated singer I adore ty

  66. Wolf Wing

    I have never read Throne of Glass, but now I will. This kind of relates to me, like "Something has stirred. A beast has awaken" and " Here my Battle Cry" and " a war is ranging in me".

  67. DragonViper the Sandwing

    This is my theme song, totally my theme, everything this song says describes me, "a beast has awaken" is talking about this dark side I have, and it describes my life and emotions perfectly

  68. LOL Science

    1.25 speed is amazing!

  69. LOL Science

    All her songs are PERFECT!!!

  70. elif x

    Underrated and deserves to be on the top.!

  71. Shattered Ripple

    Love this artist..beautiful songs ❤

  72. The Mandalorian Padawan

    This song reminds me of Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels. She was raised a Mandalorian and she knew exactly what she was for - to hurt and destroy and nothing more. She created a weapon to be used against her own people and she discovered that she was her own worst enemy. Then she felt something rebellious inside and she left the Empire to join the rebels and now she uses her skills to fight the Empire she once served and she lets everyone hear her battle cry. Great song!

  73. sophiraSam

    wolverine :)

  74. Michelle Buswell

    Listen at 1:25 speed
    Thank me later

  75. Anne Schöffler

    Which book?

  76. MySelfEsteemIsLowerThanTikTok

    Manon <3

  77. Laetitia Ranneberg

    beautiful 💘

  78. Bethany Klein

    If Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series becomes a series...this song should be the intro.

  79. Linn Inger J

    I know it’s based on Throne of Glass but it fits perfectly to Diabolic 😍

  80. David mang

    You can change your self in JESUS CHRIST

  81. Kayla Swartz

    I can relate this to do many characters. Love it

  82. Dragontrainer 123

    Reminds me of Juliette from Shatter Me

  83. Angelle Bailey

    dorian & abraxos <3

  84. Her Majesty The Bookworm

    Question: Where does it say the song is Throne of Glass themed?

    Her Majesty The Bookworm

    @SpaceTravel37 Thanks!

  85. MM Hawkins

    This is a beautiful song😀

  86. TreasureTV Jackson this is my mom's song, it sound great! You'll love it!

  87. Lucy Gray

    I don't know about anybody else, but I'm some low-key Clace vibes from this.

  88. D Michelle

    This fits my character Jax so well. She's a mess but so in love with Gilda. 💕

  89. Lidia L

    I hated the books, but song is great

  90. M Fanto

    This is literally Bucky Barnes theme song

  91. Annabel Lee

    I came here after KOA. THIS SONG HURTS!! I love the growth of all the characters and I think this song fits more to Manon than Celaena. My poor Manon 😭😭😭😭

  92. Kinda Krazy Fangirl

    I've never read the series that this was about.... but is it bad that I feel it represents another character from a different fandom entirely?

  93. Drowning in Fandoms

    "We are the Thirteen, from now on until the darkness claims us"

    "Live Manon"

    Drowning in Fandoms

    @Roxana Rahgoshay I know, I balled my eyes out

  94. Mirraculas Lady bug chat story's plus more

    Does anyone else think this song kinda reminds them of Bucky?

  95. Anna Maria Vaou

    i love the melody it calms me down
    whoever made it congratulations

  96. Twilight Sparkle

    Oh my gosh I love this song and I love the throne of glass series and I didn’t realize that she wrote it based off the book!! I love it even more now if that’s possible!!