Beth Crowley - All I Know Lyrics

I've been burned too many times
I've made mistakes, but God knows I've tried
Now I think I've got it right with you

I can't say that I'm not scared
I'm terrified of how much I care
But I don't want to be anywhere
But here, with you

Who can say what tomorrow holds
Where I'll end up if I take this road
People come and people go
I love you, and that's all I know

You trusted your heart to me
I've guarded mine so carefully
But the time has come
To set it free for you

And I wish I knew how long we'll have
It's like you blink and so much time has passed
At the end when my heart beats its last
I will still want you

Who can say what tomorrow holds
Where I'll end up if I take this road
People come and people go
I love you, and that's all I know

Who can say what tomorrow holds
Where I'll end up if I take this road
People come and people go
I love you and that's all I know
I love you
That's all I need to know

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Beth Crowley All I Know Comments
  1. tiffany nathasingh

    hunny i knowb u sent this to me i love u i am scared to but ur the only thing i want and ur the only one i can say say that about for the longest time maybe over 15 years

  2. DarkxSweety

    I am the only One, who wants to stand in front of my Partner and just sing this Song ? 🙊❤

  3. CryBaby Kailey Creepypasta and my hero academia

    This is SO Magnificent 🥰😍🤩🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🖤♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💗💓💞💕❣️👍🌈

  4. Ceci L.

    Wow this song hits so different now. I've found myself hurt quite some times in life. But since two months I've been in a healthy loving relationship and this describes me and us perfectly. Was almost in tears just now. Thank you for your music Beth

  5. anica Gonzalez

    Sing this my school . bUT uh I have sing to. My brother and I not sing long time so sing and he like :) miss him AMD he come back

  6. Lacey Kent

    Beth, Thank you for doing what you're doing, I love each and every one of your songs. They are so inspiring and emotional and meaningful. Just, thank you so much.

  7. Samantha Harrison

    I was late to discovering your music, but I'm here now and I absolutely love this. I don't think of a specific person when I here this, maybe one day, but rn I am just thinking of my good friends who have had my back through it all. I love them, even if I don't say it to them, it's true.

  8. Payton P

    I want this played at every big event in my life. It’s truly beautiful.

  9. The Mandalorian Padawan

    This song reminds me of Sabine Wren....especially in season 4. From Star Wars Rebels.

  10. Alex James

    The first time I heard this song, I sent it to my fiancé. She's all I need and all I know is that I love her. <3

  11. Glorifaed

    Haha I'm not a mess

  12. tomboys rule

    I showed this song to someone I thought didn't like me the way I liked him and when I says "I love u and that's all I know" He told me he loved me to

  13. Shinyshine

    Adrien and Marinette at their wedding. Post reveal, obviously.

    Katia Nicholson

    most people wouldn't understand this reference, but I do! It's totally canon that they get married.

  14. Sparklingjm1

    Everyone is talking about how this song reminds them of romance but listening to it, all I can think about is my best friend and how I’m so afraid to get to close or show her to much because of everyone else who has left me. And knowing that it’s not fair that she has shared so much with me but I still remain guarded and That I will fiercely protect her but won’t allow her to do the same. I fear of being left all over again and this song really reminds me of that

  15. ~Titania~

    OH my gosh this is like Beautiful Creatures in a song!!!

  16. Sam Hernandez

    Can you please do one of the immortal rules by Julie Kagawa

  17. A court of clockwork hallows

    Great song. Was it based on any particular book?

  18. Persephone Kilker

    Makes me think of Maven from Red Queen

  19. Fallen Angel

    Love u beth

  20. Fallen Angel

    Hi beth your songs have meanings to me of my life and my fillings and as u can see my pic on my icon a fairy in the dark depressed its me and all night I all ways wanted to cut my self and ik one day I'll love beth

  21. flamerspace

    Beth thank you I've been trying to find a song that explains the emotion in my heart and yours has finally struck home thank you your music is beautiful and touches me on a deeper level than I thought possible

  22. Joslyn Giackino

    I love Beth Crowleys songs there so awesome

  23. T H

    Eragon and Arya anyone?

  24. Ema Hinata

    this reminds me of Misaki usui

  25. Lil Lovetta

    Can you do a song on Maximum Ride by James Patterson

  26. Bree Brunton

    This, in my mind, is totally Jon Snow and Ygritte's theme. Beautiful!

  27. Cha0tic Collector

    Clearsight and Darkstalker.

  28. Wolf Fang 95



    theNightFuryfan 95 what?

    Hailey Marriott

    theNightFuryfan 95 Who's song is it then??

    A J Grant

    This is the original artists channel! If Beth Crowley (the person who owns the channel you are on) did not make the song then who did?

  29. Tina Doyle

    Clexa feels right now lol

  30. SLK 2001

    This song reminds me of Harry Potter, I don't know why, but it does.

  31. Gaia Gioni

    this reminds me of harry and draco (any other drarry shipper?) during a passionate night where harry thinks all these things because he's just realized he loves draco

  32. Aenea Janssen

    What does it say that i have to listen to this song at least three times a day!


    It says that you are a good person who is making good choices in your life. ;)

  33. Shanzéa

    The chills and feels!!😍😍

  34. Rahma Zamir

    Empire of Storms Fans:
    I once imagined aelin singing this in her head the day before she got captured by Maeve and then singing it out loud in the coffin knowing that even if no one could hear her, Rowan could hear her through the bond.

    Rahma Zamir

    Now imagine her singing this (as caleana) when she's in the wagon being taken to endovier after sam's death
    Now start crying


    Rahma Zamir I finished Assassin’s Blade a couple years ago. You have made me cry. Sam was one of the best characters I cried so hard when he died 😭


    o my god you guys ... wow, I ... wow

    the feels

  35. River

    I absolutely love this song! I love everything about it

  36. Taylor Atwood

    I really love her voice. She has such a beautiful voice to go along with the beautiful music.

  37. Erica Rodriguez

    Please do a Throne of Glass song by Sarah J Maas!!!! Or A Court Of Thorns and Roses also by Sarah J Maas!!!

    Cassandra Lopez Warren

    She did-- Battle Cry.

  38. Courtney Carter

    This literally, painfully, reminds me of Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor, and I just realised this and now I'm definitely not crying...

  39. Jase Raubi

    can you make a karaoke version thank you the song is beautyful

  40. Sanjana Sateesha

    Beautiful ur voice!!!!

  41. CupofJo Also Known as Pix

    BETH geez your good

  42. Momina Ahmed

    OMG such a beautiful song with such powerful lyrics

  43. Deathly Melody

    All of her songs say something to me what is true, I love her voice she is an inspiration to me

  44. Sha Shalin

    hmmm the song say it all

  45. KiM ѕαяαh ѕฬαgıeღ

    This unbelievable voice! Like an angel voice! I really admire her!

  46. Shakiel Bloomer

    Hey! I doubt you will actually read this but just in case you do.... Your music really touches me, I listen to them all every day on Spotify. Cried at this song so many times too.The lyrics have a meaning and you're vocals are on point. Whenever I have a bad day and get bullied or something I listen to your music and just cry, this is like every day. I watch back your videos and push away all the depression and suicidal crap. I'd like to thank you for that, truly thank you. Also, I am obsessed with TMI and HP so perfect channel. This song and 'Red' make my year every day. I can't thank you enough. Thanks, Shakiel.

  47. Yarzi darzi

    Ailen and rowan anyone

  48. Tessa Carstairs

    Reminds me of the book Me Before You! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Astoria Greengrass

    I love all your songs. Some of them suit my characters quiet well.

  50. Cydney Priestley

    Favorite by far!!!

  51. Lainey Sellers

    I don't even have a boyfriend, but I am totally making plans to play this at my future wedding. XD

    Kjell McGuirk

    If I get a girlfriend, I'm totally gonna request dancing to this and it'll be super gay and cute.
    Also I approve of your plan as well.

  52. Madison Christie

    Such a beautiful song

    This song reminds me of Natsu and Lucy

    T H

    ... *shook*

  53. Jodie Peake

    This is so moving Beth it is such a lovely thing that when I can come home from school I listen to your music it us calming and makes a real diffrence


    I imagine eden covering this😂

    also this song legit made me cry sooooooo much... I'm a weeping mess rn😭😭😭👏

  55. Loriane Parent

    Reminds me of Dean Winchester and everyone he cares about.

    Jean Grey

    Loriane Parent 💚Cas and Dean💚


    Me as well

    Jacelyn Hutchison

    oof same

    Emily Ward

    Loriane Parent yyeeesss

    Emily Ward

    Jean Grey yeeesss

  56. allysia s.

    So beautiful keep up the work

  57. Caitlyn Fell

    it reminds me of harry potter and his path to defeat voldemort he wants to protect those he loves but he also want them by his side he's scared and doesn't know what will come but he perseveres

    Chayenne Oosterveld

    Oh my goodness, yes! I just heard the line ''people come and people go'' when I read this and this fits Harry SO MUCH! He makes so many friends throughout the books but also loses so many.

  58. Lucy Gaid

    when u write these songs ur listeners don't want to skip the song they actually want to know the ending. That's an awesome thing. I write my own songs Too. I actually wrote a whole album about the Lunar Chronicles. About Cinder, IKO, Scarlet, Cress, Winter, Kai, Wolf/Ze'ev, Thorne, Jacin, and i'm bout to write one about Levana, and one about all of them and Oh I also wrote Kai and Cinder's wedding song. Its a duet!!!!

    Lizzy Milani

    Where can I find them???

  59. Lucy Gaid

    All your songs have meaning I love that. PLZ keep making the LYRIC videos I die w/out the lyrics. thx. Love u Beth keep singin and writin from the heart girl.

    death the kid

    Lucy Gaid your so right

    Lucy Gaid

    My name's actually Anna, but thx.

  60. Brittany Rose Rasnake

    Would love to get the instrumental of this to do a cover :)

    death the kid

    Rosethesinger89 you are a good good singer

    Brittany Rose Rasnake

    Jernie Roach aww thank you 😘

    death the kid

    Ur welcome

  61. Prisca Yulanda

    it's making me remember about fallen book by Lauren Kate

    death the kid

    Prisca Yulanda you read the books I'm not the only one

  62. Abby Cats

    Awesome wedding song! I listened to this after reading Me Before You. Seems to fit pretty darn well. Write one for that book!! Oh the tears will come

  63. Kaily Seman

    Amazing as always, great job!

  64. allysia s.

    Awesome I love it

  65. Stella

    After watching pride and prejudice for the billion time I got inspired to write a song based on the movie and remembered your song "warrior" about the mortal instruments that I loved so much! Look at you now having written so many other songs about books and movies :) maybe you'd like to write one about pride and prejudice too since mine sucks :D lol

  66. Tita Torazza

    it's so beautiful... literally... I'm crying.. :')

  67. Tita Torazza

    it's so beautiful... literally... I'm crying.. :')

  68. MaryJane Bergen

    Does anyone know what book series this is for? This makes me think of Will Herondale, Tessa, and Jem.

    Ammaarah Daya

    maryjane bergen No it's based off her wedding

    Raven Antari

    MaryJane Bergen I was also reminded of TID!

  69. Deanna Armenta

    is this based off a book too??

  70. Sofiya Khan

    i love your voice

  71. Maria Rita França

    Beth im from Brazil 😊

  72. Alanna Burns

    Beth you Rock!

  73. Annabeth Chase

    This reminds me of Beautiful Creatures

    Hayley Neal

    yes I know right

  74. Shauna XX

    I love this song it's so good just like all ur music 😋

  75. angie benavides

    amo esta cancion is beatiful

  76. angie benavides

    I love ia song

  77. Scarlett Giulietta

    Beth... Thank you. You have no idea how much meaning this song has in my life right now.. just...Thank you.

  78. Moony

    This song gives me chills XD

  79. Daniel Crowley

    This song is very Powerful and Beautiful (Like most of her's I am beginning to notice

  80. Henk Nanhu

    people come and people go, but please dont ever Let me go.

  81. Anna L

    This is So beautiful and true 😍 amazing... Just lovely 😍

  82. good night space kid

    This song reminds me of Magnus and Tessa and how they must view those they love.

    Linny Lou

    good night space kid how dare you

    Sophie Foster


  83. Lyra Steiner
    I tabbed Skin and Bones, if anyone wants to play it!

  84. Kate


    Wolf Fang 95

    Kate Anderson that's what 'bethj007' is doing! Stealing from the REAL artists!!!

    Ren Davis

    who's the real artist?

    Wolf Fang 95

    Ren Davis the REAL Beth Crowley. You dumbass.

    Ren Davis

    aight. no need to get hot. jeez, chill.

    Grace McLaren

    @Wolf Fang 95 uhm. Yeah, no. This IS thhe real Beth Crowley. Look at all her other videos, Dumbass

  85. felix navarro

    I'll admit that sometimes I can't see romance in my future. This song gave me hope again. Thank you, Beth!

  86. Scribbles McDraw

    Do one based on aphmaus minecraft diarys

  87. Dayana Wischral

    pleaseeeeee do a song about Throne of Glass. by Sarah J. Maas!!!! ❤❤❤

    Alyssa Goldfield

    This is sorta like the end of EoS.

    random fangirl

    she will! it comes out this month😭

    Olivia Reeves

    battle cry is based off of throne of glass

    Crystal Collins

    @random fangirl which song?

  88. Elsa Hoque

    Check out ELT02 covers

  89. Giselle Vazquez

    Me encanto el video mucho éxito

  90. Jenna G. S-J

    I love your songs Beth! This one is one of my favorites -- thanks for the lyric video!

  91. Hyri

    this song is more than perfect👌

  92. Miss Nobody

    Beth I get my books off you (the mortal instruments including which thanks! Best books ever!)

    Miss Nobody

    maryjane bergen no it's not

    MaryJane Bergen

    Kenzrocks 47 then do you know what it is...?

    Miss Nobody

    maryjane bergen it's just a song she wrote, not all her songs are based of books

    MaryJane Bergen

    Kenzrocks 47 Ah okay. A lot of them are so I was curious :)

    Desiree Smith

    @Miss Nobody why choose in a sense Luke is both also read The Infernal Devices if you haven't already you will meet more connections between the two

  93. Ana Estep

    this song holds so much truth in it, that it hurts.♡♡♡

  94. Lady Arisu

    This song is incredibly beautiful!

  95. Jen Simpson_1872

    This song was simply beautiful you really do have a true talent Beth xx

  96. Arta Sudaare

    all of your songs are just so amazing

  97. Amber Hendrickson

    can you make a song about the new Harry Potter book please

  98. Rain7 77

    could you please do a song based on throne of glass

    Trinity Kinnunen

    She's currently working on a song for Throne of Glass actually! I believe it's from Manon's POV, so it'll be sweet! If you have Instagram, that's where she stated her ToG song.