Berry, Chuck - Lonely School Days Lyrics

I saw you when you came in this morning
All chummy with somebody new
And I was all alone this morning
In sorrow still loving you

I know it shows, I'm broken hearted
This feelin' just won't go away
I've been so lonesome since we parted
And I'll be blue again in school today

Lonely school days do I have when you
Come to school with someone new
In my deepest sorrow over losing you
Lonely school days keep me blue

I saw you eating in the lunch room
Right where we used to sit and dine
With someone snugged up close beside you
Enjoying pleasures that were mine

You talk to them along the hallways
You walk with them to classes too
You leave and go with them of evenings
And I go home alone and blue

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Berry, Chuck Lonely School Days Comments
  1. Monstah Jones

    Damn it where was the internet a dozen yrs ago.. to long between plays

    thanks =)

  2. sid langley

    Haven*t heard this for years Great stuff

  3. sid langley

    Surprised to find this - a rare classic


    An over looked gem.Finally made cd a few years back!

  5. ExpatBlues

    CLASSIC !! Classic album, too: 'San Francisco Dues' (album=Chess, 1971)