Berry, Chuck - Let's Boogie Lyrics

Come on over here, baby
Girl, I'm gonna give you a little kiss
You're gonna feel my hands all around you
Not a finger will you miss
After I turn you on, baby
I'm gonna blow your mind with some of this

Squeezed in that mauved dress you showed me
Child, that hemline's out of sight
With that foxy frame you're flaunting
It ain't no way it won't fit you right
We're going to a rock and roll revival
You know we're sure 'nuff gonna boogie tonight

They'd be playing them old and golden goodies
Used to blow my mind when I was a child
Back when I'd got my head together
I wouldn't walk a block, but I'd dance a mile
Girl, you better be in good shape tonight
'Cause we sure e'nuff gonna ball awhile

It's been a long, long time
Since I let me backbone bend
Oh, for them same sweet memories
When we didn't have nothing but time to spend
We'd boogie and ball all Saturday mornin'
Right back that night and ball again

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Berry, Chuck Let's Boogie Comments
  1. Cognac Young

    Hey nigga. lol. Nigga they snatch that snake?

  2. Cognac Young

    Enjoy "all" the music white people. lol.

  3. Francois Froge


  4. Michael Barnes

    Still got this Lp,perfect condition,my introduction to Chucks music.

  5. Francois Froge



    Bought this 45rpm, 1972
    R.I.P. CHUCK

  7. Francois Froge

    ◕‿♪ ღ♫ 🎸 ◕

  8. Francois Froge

    🎸 🎸 🎸