Berry, Chuck - I Want To Be Your Driver Lyrics

I want to be your driver
I want to be your driver
I would love to ride you
I would love to ride you way 'round
Would be ready when you want me
To drive you on downtown

Yeah, I want to drive your
Your long and beautiful
Your round and wide
Built to roll limousine
Never had the thrill of drivin'
Such a wonderful machine

I rode all 'round the mountains
Right down in the valley
I would travel all over
Would drive you home with ease
You will enjoy every journey
It will be my aim to please

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Berry, Chuck I Want To Be Your Driver Comments
  1. Munsey

    Are we all just going to ignore the fact that this song is about him asking someone if he can ride them XD

  2. kai mitchell

    amazing talent..will never be forgotton and inspired endless more awsome music ...and he punched keith richards in the face for touching his guitar...fucking LEGEND!!!

  3. Monotone

    Go listen to Chauffeur Blues by Memphis Minnie, that's what this was based on.

  4. Njiakin Andre

    repose en paix mon grand tu resteras excellent

  5. Боряна Начева

    RIP, Chuck.

  6. MrGandharva108

    Hey...he copied The Beatles.

    Camila Del Guercio

    @MrGandharva108 do your homework boy.


    @Camila Del Guercio Hi Camila, It was just a joke...sarcasm.

    Gryphon Segur

    hey this was before the beatles
    they copied him

  7. TheRealWolfmaniac

    I love Chuck, but I like more the woman i'd like to be the driver.

  8. NorionGames

    LOL That remembers me to spongebob when he want to drive the training boat.

  9. Alsurf89

    I really like Chuck, great ;)

  10. shane henning

    great song