Berner - Smokers Lyrics

La Música de Harry Fraud

[Hook - Berner:]
Yeah I drink, and I smoke
If I can't blow my weed in this club
Then I'm a get ghost
I'm in it with the smokers (smokers, smokers, smokers)
I'm always with the smokers (smokers, smokers, smokers)
I party with the smokers (smokers, smokers, smokers)
If I can't blow my weed in this club
Then I'm a get ghost

[Verse 1 - Berner:]
You know I fuck with you, if you fuck with the smokers
Three pre-rolleds, a little more up than a quarter
Smoke in the club, Wax hits in my hoopty
I'm stucked on the couch, gettin' stoned like a loser
Bern don't touch no bud rot either
White pouder molds you can go ahead and keep it
And glass tips make the J taste cleaner
Me Big Snoop, B-Real and Khalifa
Can't forget about spitta and all my other people
We smoke everywhere we goin', treat herb like it's legal
Roll Sherbet, not really into Diesel
Smoke out in London, France and Ibiza
Raw wide roller big time stoner
Growin' 5 millions [?] shout out to the goons
I'm a smoker, smoker, smoker
Two hits off the Snow Man, Wax and it's over

[Hook - Berner]

[Verse 2 - B-Real:]
Shout out to my growers and all stoners
What you smokin' on, OG Kush flowers
If you look up in the sky, see a smoke signal
It's a Westside [?] it's so simple
Pull a place [?] we own this game for you [?]
Say you ridin' high but you a low level
We got them strains, [?] medals
Ain't nobody up who got a Rollie Twist
Now and they takin' shot and they missin'
But green shinin' like the ice on your wrist
So much sugar on the cookie got you blind to this shit
Medication on deck seem better
Candy flavoured on the [?] King Shatter
You fuckin' with the most higher make a toast
Cheese to the [?] homie never [?]

[Hook - Berner]

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Berner Smokers Comments
  1. David Dy Aka Chino Ching

    Slapin this track go hard yeeeeeeeeee wake N bake in the morning to get my morning to make me feel and get better snowMan cookies Strain taste good🍪 candy flavor Like Berryes yeeeeeeeeee

  2. manny 1999

    B real killed it

  3. Brandon Cameron

    Shout out to to gsc and wedding cake strain

    206 guy

    I just hit some platinum gsc dabs and had to slap this in my p71

  4. Young DC


  5. chamako 81


  6. chamako 81


  7. Giesell Garcia

    always w the smokers

  8. Jovan Hensley

    this song slap i fw this😎💯💯💯

  9. bryan vasquez

    this song is dope

  10. User115783478

    check out my smoking playlist (:

  11. the Nigeria typer nointernetskills

    the 209 triangle Harold Wilton galt

  12. Jonny Orman

    408 SANJO

  13. Matthew Molina

    Listen to Jay ThIIIrd- Ganas(Want) Prod By: LoA Beats by 7BE Ent #np on #SoundCloud

  14. Albert Angel


  15. Shawn Stout

    you know I fuck with you if you fuck with the smokers

  16. Rebecca Elizarraraz

    209 all day I'll burn one with you Berner

    Dab Master

    Rebecca Elizarraraz 209 keepin it lit

    Alicia Sanchez

    shit burn it from lodi

    Dab Master

    Alicia Sanchez 209 whats good

    andrew alonzo

    209 all day im buyin some dank from his c shop out east

    Mauri C

    @Mauricio Camacho we have the same first name. I knew there had to be another Mauricio lol

  17. Diaz

    Stockton 209 kush blowers

    Mauricio Camacho

    Stockton in this bitch!

  18. Adam Gutierrez

    trance mixed with light beats n rap koo

  19. Alex D

    This should have been a party/club song not a stoner song… would have been a hit fasho. Shoulda just rapped about money and fuckin bitches and all that ignorant shit people like to get wild to and i bet this shit woulda been in every club

    Tre G.

    Could be both

    Danny Warner

    +Aye Deezy or they can put out music that represents their lifestyles and not everyone elses :P Their music should reflect their lifestyle

  20. darren thompson

    still smokin to this album!

    Joseph Pawlus

    +darren thompson me too bro some of that hardcore tonight

  21. darren thompson

    still smokin to this album!

  22. EpicTaco177

    this beat tho!!

  23. Tyler Clizbe

    Amazing song love the movement

  24. Chris Young

    this shit is so hard.. i burnt my first joint to cypress hill for real

    206 guy

    Did you get that line from "I'm so faded"??

  25. Drlovekek

    That fucking beat gots me crazy

  26. Glau Cotography

    I'm I Can't Blow Did Weed Inda Club
    Then IMA Get Ghost :))))

  27. Eric Benfelagi

    that beat and chorus man.. remake pls!

  28. SmokingBeats

    Need A Video For This !!!

  29. Mr.Funnyguy

    This song is the bomb!

  30. gabriel durocher

    smoking some freezeland in la malbaie

  31. Carlos Borjas

    Banger 🔥

  32. Jesus Marin

    This shit go 😎

  33. dtjrealmc

    shits sick, could have sicker production than copy cat snares.

  34. Eric Diaz

    Best fucking rap song ever

  35. Jon Ramos

    Slapper...Str8 from 209 Mode$to you beeezies!!!!


    Nice, you ever need tree or wax hmu 350 for QP (weed) and 25 per gram for shatter. (:

    Chavez 530

    +V I Z I O N A R Y alright, thanks! 👍 likwise


    @Chavez 530 You're welcome (:


    Coming from The Tec. 209 represent. Smoking on that Super Glue.

    this guy David R

    530 forever mothafucker

  36. Royce Heater

    smoke good weed or die!! its bad for your health

  37. Andreo V.O.

    Harry fraud could've made a better beat imo

  38. Derrick Mathis

    White powder mold go ahead and keep it

  39. Héctor Ortego

    only B REAL

  40. Wolfgang TheHigherPilot

    B real killin it, this beat bang.