Berner - Dizzy Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
S63, AMG
Pretty bitches, pay a fee, broke not the thing to be
A few really play the streets, cats tell them fairy tales
Brown paper bags full of hundreds, haters pray I fail
Baby on my phone, she talkin' money, and she ready
Shit I made a hundred thousand already
Used to blow pelly, used to move truckloads of the reggie
Now we toast when we close deals over ten milli
My bags speak for me, I don't talk much
456 with the bag, get it off uhh
Coffee colored leather, yeah my smoke's much better
Tell a broke boy choke, you don't checks no cheddar
Your bitch wanna ride, chose my letter
Toast, keep the wetter, Joe Blow, might sweat her
Ralph Lauren or I rock my own sweater
Oh you fresh? But you soft as a feather, pussy

Bag full of cash, new hundreds so crispy
Hand count 8 stacks, snowman, got me dizzy
White light, blue cookie so pissy
Fishtailin' out the lot, drunk drivin' got me dizzy
She can suck me off but not kiss me
I'm the man in my city, pray every bullet miss me
I'ma make a hundred mil' like 50
Smokin' kill, on the wheel, yeah these pills got me dizzy

[Verse 2:]
Yeah I'm doin' 160
How the fuck I'ma spend all this money 'fore they kill me?
18 karat gold, I think it compliments my skin
I'm a shark in the water, come and swim
Hundred grand on the Benz
Hundred grand on my hand
Hit the store, all I buy is rubber bands, I'm the man
Cop heavy, your plug's not ready
Porsche Cayenne, gold watch frezzi
Smoke with the best, I'm Wiz, Spitta Andretti
Ain't shit you can tell me, yeah these dudes blow reggie
My whole crew's on power
One hour, move 300 sour


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Berner Dizzy Comments
  1. Michael Barnhart

    PITTSBURGH LETS GO!!! 412 state of mind#FREE BYNGI shits not the same without ya bro

  2. Young MMDC

    Dam another slapper 💯💨💨💨

  3. YoungCaliforniaKennels

    2019 you beeezy


    Love the sample👍👍👍👍👍

  5. ruben villa

    The Strongest in the game COOKIES choices Big BERNER415 TAYLOR GANG JET 4LiFE style Hustle work etc.

  6. Wli Timbez

    Great work Bern.

  7. LV BLVD

    Love the sample .. what is your name is the song from the moments 👌🏿

  8. David Salazar

    The Moments - What's Your Name (sample song)

  9. James Bradford

    S63 AMG, pretty bitches pay a fee broke not the thing to be.... the shit I sing every fuckin day working at Mercedes! 😉😁👍

  10. Tristo Holmes

    Say ,Dam Ja 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Dom Jones


  12. MM G

    Uncle bern!

  13. Brandon Bakin'

    Still bumpin in 2018, song underrated.

    Tomi Kushlòv

    maan Bernn have so many underrated songs its unbelievable, whole Vibes album with Styles P is totally underrated

  14. terps Only

    bangs hard as always much Washington state growers love you respect from us up North 0

  15. Chris Thompson

    This shit still slappin hard everywhere i go im bumpin this shit, thanks bern! Respect from vancity

  16. VertRnsk

    Been jammin this for 2 years! ...almost to 250,000 views LES GO!!!!

  17. JMGavin3rd

    My plug actually supplied berner with the super kill here in tucson, az. West coast!!

  18. DiZZi Da G

    I like this song If you ain't Dizzy like me D,Z

  19. Brandon Johnson

    i with u my nigga berner..

  20. Nicolas Cantu

    I look up to the homie Berner

  21. P Tone

    "Used to move truck loads of the Reggie. " real shit.

  22. alex gonsch

    this jam go's

  23. jesus lucas

    slapper 🔥🔥 shout out from utah

  24. Jose Flores

    daam the homeboy berner spits dope. his lyrics are legit not like other fake ass rappers

  25. Princess Peach

    your bitch wanna ride

  26. Terrell Hunt

    getting high

  27. LiveResin420 PS4. DBD

    I wanna talk to you!

  28. LiveResin420 PS4. DBD


  29. Diaz Diablo

    Porsche Cayenne gheea

  30. Darius Washington

    she can suck me off but not kiss me #facts

  31. Perez Dpyro

    "How the fuck ima spend all this money before they kill me"

  32. Steeeve Maaadden

    Def should make a video for dizzy

  33. Rilla Mane

    Does anyone have this instrumental?

    David Salazar

    The Moments - What's Your Name (sample song)

  34. Rilla Mane

    Where's that instro?? Deeeeezzzzamnn


    Rilla Mane he sampled it from the group call the moments . The name of the song is called what is your name you can look it up

  35. LiVe LaUgH LoVe

    ughh thatt basssseeee

  36. Ben Kahaly

    Shot out to Burn for dis one!

  37. Juli Leandro


  38. Gary Stephens

    This guy is going to be everywhere, he's already dropped back to back albums and they are both so fire you gonna need a fireman to put this shit out.


    @Gary Stephens what was the album b4 this? n why homie aint got a wiki page yet?


    @2Muchpjp prohibiton, drugstore cowboy, urban farmer, white album. he just came out with prohibiton 2 with b real


    @Anthony Firestone and weekend at bernies

    Young MMDC

    Shit this year he dropped I think 4 or 5 albums in one year fire asffff

  39. TopShelf

    That boy burn goes hard! I've got this album on repeat.

  40. George Cole

    This go

  41. hamNOburger559

    Slap in d trunk

  42. Gaylord Steambag

    Good for smoking