Berner - Bad 4 Ur Health Lyrics

Just let me get high just let me get high
Just let me smoke
Just let me get high just let me get high
I need to smoke
Just let me get high just let me get high
Blow top shelf cuz mid grade is bad for your health [2x]

Who you know with better bags of smoke
Make a snake with the hash
Take a dab and choke
Been on for a while
All this cash and gold
Make sure the champagne in my glass is cold
All the packs I sold
All the late nights I bagged up blow
I jus wanna clap every single cat that told
Fuck snitches and renegade bitches
Half these rappers lie they only do dirt in their riddance
I done made the asian mob a few million
Tell the bitches spin around
Like the fan on my ceiling
My chain hang down to my louis buckle
These dudes don't ball
They jus brag when they move a couple
Let the cookie crumble
Make my drink a double
I got girls in Humbolt county that'll load a truck full
I got a plug in Laytonville that got weight for real
Always sit down like a man and never take a deal

Just let me get high just let me get high
Just let me smoke
Just let me get high just let me get high
I need to smoke
Just let me get high just let me get high
Blow top shelf cuz mid grade is bad for your health

My crew get higher then most
My stash fresh cut
On my table theres a pile of smoke
Roll sumthin round vegas ima ride in a ghost
Bottle wars in the club
Who can buy up the most
Yeah we light up and toast
White girls wanna line up the coke
Fuck a snitch put a knife in his throat
I used to trim finger hash had my eyes all low
I'm in a van full of work tryna duck 5-0
20 lights or more
New michael kors
Red j's fight club fuck the nike store
No trueys on me
I'm in my 501's
Its 2am and this night is young
Kiss it for me yeah I like the tongue
Oh she might get sprung
She said let me live
This type of life is fun
Ima buy a ton and flip it all
Ridin wit my top down
Chest full of cookies dog

Just let me get high just let me get high
Just let me smoke
Just let me get high just let me get high
I need to smoke
Just let me get high just let me get high
Blow top shelf cuz mid grade is bad for your health

I'm loaded loaded
That snowman got me loaded loaded
Yeah that Y got me loaded loaded
That cherry pie got me loaded
Cookie man put your motherfuckin hands up I'm loaded loaded that KK got me loaded loaded
That new wave got me loaded loaded
That sunset got me loaded
Cookie man put your motherfuckin hands up I'm loaded

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Berner Bad 4 Ur Health Comments
  1. Jaiquan Rivera

    Much love and support from North Philadelphia

  2. gringo livin



  3. christain Logansantizo

    2020 still shlappin 🤘🏽

  4. Angel Horta

    530 people smoking 💨 mid grade 👎

  5. zack johnson

    Shit stupid flame

  6. philly pharms

    Getting ready for 2020 still bumping this going hard on the streets Still got my chest Fulla cookies

  7. Jason McFeron

    Underrated. Can I say he passed up Wizzle?


    Still bumpin

  9. Gang land Lay

    I like listening to this while I was smoking weed that I just got from a lick

  10. J santana

    This shit underrated heavy

  11. Creative Genius - TV

    I drive around high as fck in Watch Dogs 2 sometimes like its real life blasting Berner tracks. Am I crazy or just awesome? 👍🤔😆

  12. Kouki

    who here still 2019

    Reshan Boni

    Going to his show tonight in PHX AZ!!!


    @Reshan Boni hell yeah dude! Have a blast of a time. Burn one for me 🤣

    Reshan Boni

    @Kouki definitely will!!! 🌬️🌬️💯👍

  13. M. Nazir

    End of 2019 and this shit still go hard

  14. timtechnics

    By da time dis track came out I had not even seen mid-grade in a couple years, LOL... Smokin top shelf ONLY when I blaze! Smokin on nugs from Da Bay in Tampa Bay

  15. Jack Sundvick

    20 lights or more 🔥

  16. JG Laboratory

    Nice to hear home refrenced slot in berns music. Humboldt county the mecca.never forget

  17. Garrett Leslie-Az

    Thank you Berner for the budz in Arizona.

  18. Jackson V


  19. Jackson V


  20. El Coyote710

    No one in 2019 dam 🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. Jackson V

    My Life Story In This Song

  22. Fjfkfkf Wkekdfkf

    A real artist.🔥🔥🔥from morocco

  23. Clay Grover

    2019 still slaps like the day it dropped💪💪

  24. Sindano Ipinge

    Blow top shelf, cause migrade is bad for your health

  25. Bruce Lee

    Mid grade is literally bad for your health I got sick doctors did some studying and he literally told me “smoke only the good weed” it makes sense everytime I puff some boo boo I get sick

    Federico F

    What kind of sick?

  26. Super amazing93

    amsterdam <3

  27. David Acevedo

    Tx .blowing them cookies all day pops !! Cheerz brotha

  28. Jose Montoya

    Me asf in the beginning 😂

  29. corey richardson

    saw my nigga dizzy wright in there

  30. mammoth mit

    2019 still bumpin

  31. mike rice

    Cant Believe Ive never heard this.....straight gas'n...Much Love to Berner aka The Humble, your interviews and videos you always humble breh, preciate you and everything youve done for both games green and rap, be blessed

  32. Get rich or die smoking

    smoking on this oh my god 🍋

  33. Romeo Ramirez

    Fuck a snitch put a knife in his throat!

  34. 5Gshoty


  35. Jesus Torres

    Slap music!

  36. pj catron


  37. Golden God

    I love smoking to this song while watching my cannabis plants grow. Pretty blissful.

  38. Curtis O.

    tie a plastic bag to the smoke detector to prevent that from happening, easiest way to deal with it. Also I hope people making money off weed or profit comes to an end one day and the shit is way cheaper... Because people are getting ripped off but it it what it is.... It's not like it was legal before. Weed should be the same price as tomatoes. everyone's gonna grow weed and there's gonna be no food lol . Cash crop.

  39. Daniel Gonzalez

    That passion better be those Instagram models....

  40. DiabloManiaco 1

    12/03/18 Who In This Mf 👌💨💰🔥💯💯💯🐐

  41. Golden God

    Such a good smoking song.

  42. Sykes BDS


  43. Michael Crespi

    Up to 456 people who don’t care about their health 👎🏼

  44. Hill Family Farm

    452 assholes smoke mids

  45. jyjygjy yjfyjygj


  46. Redrum Ceballos

    Remember guys I was never here

  47. Enrique Zarmiento

    Aye that’s sherbinski

  48. Riley F.

    Living in Canada has many perks, one, top shelf everyday. 👍

    M. E.

    and free healthcare once u have fried all ur braincells and eaten so much mc ds that u weigh alf a ton


    @M. E. thanks for your autobiography

    M. E.

    im 6ft tall, 145lbs of lean, mean, killing machine. im future world champ. mark my words.

    mike carrillo

    In the bay we created top shelf you know where grandma hides the cooks no rooks. Around here we make a 6ft yuppy feel 5 '2

    M. E.

    whats a yuppy? I come from the slums of Tondo. Come visit if you got heart.

  49. Steven Dawosn

    keep laytonville out ya mouf we dont want no more wooks coming

  50. person 11

    Lmao Mona Lisa smoking a fat ass doobie.. That's why it looks like she aint got no expression that chronic just kicked in berner solved a mystery that's centuries way to go dawg 👊

  51. Abe Shudug

    dad d af. zg. 1

  52. StanginNbangin YouTube Account


  53. Barwan wolf

    I'm still loving this

  54. Rivera G

    Black van dodging five o [email protected]

  55. Rivera G

    Aim towards my angle

  56. BDThug

    Come back to the Netherlands. Light it up!

  57. Julzthahotspitta

    I can hear the dipset who am I cadence 😏

  58. smokey mcbongwater

    209triangel Herald.wilton galt redwood trees, with, pineapples bigroot,soil, stay, irie jah,bless,.all

  59. SmokingBeats

    2018 I'm loaded

  60. Ivan A

    That Mona Lisa with the joint is fire 🔥

  61. urge251980

    415 top shelferzzzz

  62. Bur Berry

    H Town sent

    Bur Berry

    Vibe Higher

    Bur Berry

    No one lets me smoke like Minir feels satazzz not Tonight thosssser I’m boizin’

    Bur Berry

    Woah I’m creeped out 😂😤💙

    Bur Berry

    I h8 iPhones

    Bur Berry

    Mmmmmn I need to numb I’m from the Bay but I would rather chill In the Area Far ALONE WoahhhshoDro!

  63. Bur Berry


  64. El Connoisseur

    Berner one of the realist husssalahs

  65. Jonathan Vasquez

    Utube home remedies Google play games app pro care .com


    The 389 people who disliked this are Bad for my health 💪🥃🔥

  67. Juan Correa

    This song raw ASF

  68. Savage Sal

    2018 🔥

  69. Johnny Tran

    Its cookies. Aint from the L's but yup frisco will stay Crackin 247 365

  70. SativaUser

    375 people can only get shitty shwag bud that looks brown and is dry af

  71. Paul Allen

    Set off motel room alarm w dabs once was like oh fuck, this supposed to be a non smoking room :D

  72. kenneth bryant

    dopey here keep it light dude

  73. Woodward06

    Swing Swing is a calmer version of Taking Back Sunday. lol. Say It With Your Chest is like Devil Driver.. but you forgot the "Flap Your Wings" like the late & great Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence!!

  74. Naveena Badmocasin

    I love you berner

  75. I Was Here

    Fire 🔥

  76. Will Kerr

    I rocked with Berner the moment I heard his shit

  77. Tyler Gullick

    berner goes hard

  78. David Silva

    down here in tx its hard to find some really good dro but after I heard this song 4 years ago I realized how much better medical does for you that Reggie shit just fucks up your throght

  79. Davidyjess Oseg

    gotta give it up for berner

  80. Jesse Lopez

    I done made the Asian mob a few million #berner

    Mr Nonstop24

    Jesse Lopez I believe him

  81. Michael SJ408

    Berner the legend! Bay area all day everyday! 408!

  82. 38 100

    4202017!!!!! hippie hill!

  83. Craig Dorsey

    still one of my fave

  84. JG Laboratory

    I got a plug Laytonvil that got weight for real. Yee. humboldt and mendo County plugn erybody lol

  85. George W. Kush

    still a slap, 2017!!

  86. knok nkak

    who could dislike this fuck all them haterz

  87. AskingMaaike

    is this filmed in Amsterdam?

    Vincent Lachman

    AskingMaaike I believe so they mentioned it in the beginning

  88. JG Laboratory

    humboldt native here.707

  89. Boom Bux

    So raw papers are the best way to smoke ?

    Manolo 717

    theyre totally different papers though raws are more on the thicker paper tasting side for me personally, didnt know raw made them though

    bhomberz terpin aint easy

    Mike Picker they are rice papers thats why he made them for his dad n ppl liked them so he made it so everyone can enjoy them


    bong hıts

    Manolo 717

    bhomberz terpin aint easy ever smoke out of some corn leafs loL

    bhomberz terpin aint easy

    Mike Picker BHOMBERZ OF COURSE @bhombing_oxnard is my ig u can see all the dank i smoke


    this shit is cold bro !!!!

  91. Al big

    Rip Kimbo Slice!!! Forever a legend

  92. Eder Hernandez

    Look up my freestyle videos on my page new and need help with getting out there send me feed back n I'll even do same back likes n favs I'll be doing little lotto type drawings for bad ass gifts from gift cards to eBay n amazon items under the prize that you will receive for just watching ,posting comments n liking my shit to putting my videos on other sites that will get more views but remember this is a exclusive event I call it pot luck with sticydabz for the individuals with an outstanding ability to promote my video to views ,likes ,favorited ,n commenting by simply telling n showing you friends this if you are able to show me that you are posting n spamming me on fb, Twitter,Google or any other social media site I'll send you my thanks with free prizes that range from cash$$$$$$!!!' To gift cards n other (S.P.B.D.O.T.P.) SPOKEN PHILOSOPHY BRINGS DAMAGE OVER TIME PRODUCTIONS ......,

  93. Leandro Garcia

    Cali kush all day